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Femdom Stories / Veronica's World of Infinite Possibilities (Repost) ch4
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Chapter 4

Hours passed, the occasional giggle from Veronica and scrunch of Jacks prone body under his
mothers nylon clad toes kept him eager and in heaven beneath her toes. But after a few hours he
noticed some movement, he was released from his encasement beneath her toes and Veronica's pump
was moved on to the desktop. Jack peered out from the dark pump to find his mother watching him
in the toe area with a delighted grin on her face. "I've had an enlightening experience reading
through your fantasies and dirty videos, sweetie. I think we can make the next few weeks really
fun for the both of us" Veronica absolutely squealed with delight as she said this. She up-ended
the pump to drop her son on to the desktop. "I can't believe you liked that pump so much, it
utterly stinks in there, I can smell my shoes from a few feet away and with you increased sense
of smell it must have been terrible! Poor, poor slave, oh well at least we know you're so happy
beneath my feet now. You probably like it as smelly as possible, the way I'll make it from now
on, pet. Maybe this will be a permanent arrangement after all, but for now I'm thinking that
we'll have a bit of a rest, it's getting late after all and we have work tomorrow and then a
long weekend ahead of us" Veronica left him sitting on his table while she went out the door
and a few moments later came back with her slippers.

"Well as much as I love the thought of you dying of asphyxiation in my work pumps, there can be
too much of a good thing. I'll give you a tiny break from them for a while just to let you
re hydrate a little, I have a little surprise for you actually sweetie. I won't ruin it but
you'll have lots of water to drink in a little while since I don't want to kill you really, I
want you to be my slave for as long as you enjoy it" Veronica said, her smile curled up into an
evil grin as she though of a life of servitude. "Now in you go slave, enjoy the smell while
you're under my feet again as these are 5 year old slippers that reek more than anything I've
got in my shoe closet. Just think, they're nice and soft and maybe they can be your bed when
you're a good pet" With that Veronica picked me up in her perfectly manicured hands, her long
nails grasping at me carefully and dropping me into the sole of her old worn pink slipper.

Jack once again was in darkness with a little light peeking in from the opening of her slippers,
they were ankle high pink ugg slippers that had always smelled out the whole room when they
were taken off. Jack had to admit that he'd always gotten turned on by the smell as his mother
took them off. He watched as her black stocking clad foot came towards his once again prone
body and flattened him against the soft insole. Veronica squished Jack into the insole,
embedding him into the soft, smelly sheepskin and making sure that he was firmly trapped
between her foot sole and her insole. "I really could never get sick of you beneath my feet,
it's so cute that you like being my insole and pet. I might even keep you like this if you
start to hate it, too. After all what better way is there for you to live your life than as my
pet?" Veronica loved the thought of her son serving her with his life, every thought that he
would have would be of how to please her. She thought for a brief moment of how painful she
could make this for him with the touch of a button but thought against it. Perhaps it would be
better to condition him to enjoy his mothers feet and she could keep him as her pet for years
or even a lifetime.

The smell inside the slipper was beyond strong for Jack, he had smelt a small portion of what
he was smelling before as she'd taken off her slippers in the past. Nothing like what he was
smelling now. The smell was so strong that he could actually taste it, the taste of vinegar,
corn chips and her sweaty feet. It was overpowering and he found that as strong as it was,
making his eyes water, he loved it. Secretly he was hoping that perhaps his mother would keep
him this way. For the rest of his days he could remain a content happy pet for her. He'd never
felt this way before, his fantasies were coming true and he couldn't let that ever end.

Veronica started to walk towards the living room, enjoying every satisfying step as Jack was
squashed beneath her foot she felt more powerful and strong with every step. Jack on the other
hand was starting to feel like he was going to cum again, the nylon sole rubbing against him
and he was encapsulated with the wonderful aroma of her feet, every breath he took he could
taste her delightful scent and he savoured every bit of it. Veronica had a bit of a walk
outside to get the mail which she had forgotten in her excitement, just wanting to spend a bit
more time with her son beneath her feet being squashed and slowly moulded into a perfect foot

Veronica saw her neighbour out on the driveway of her house, watering her garden and decided to
have a little chat to tease her slave with. How delightful it is to have a living insole after
all. She occasionally felt little kisses from her son beneath her feet, being her loyal and
eager slave wanting to please her and it made her happy to know that she wasn't the only one
enjoying this arrangement. Veronica and her neighbour and close friend, Donna made a little
small talk and somehow the whereabouts of her son came up. "He's around here somewhere"
answered Veronica while stifling a giggle. "I found out he's got a thing for feet and I'm still
wondering what to do about it if I'm honest. Just keep it to yourself" Veronica mentioned as
she felt her son suddenly straighten up and stiffen up, feeling worried and stressed she'd
imagined. It was wonderful tormenting him even more though and she just couldn't resist the
temptation. She knew she could trust Donna and might even let her son worship her, too. Of
course not as much as he worships his mom but a little maybe. "That's cute! Has he been in your
shoe closet or anything?" Donna asked with a smile and a laugh. "Well he has been sniffing
these slippers now and then, I know that, I should maybe show you what I've done to him so far
for his perversions, after work tomorrow you should drop by and I think you'll be pleasantly
surprised!" Even with all of this talk and embarrassment Veronica could still feel her son
planting kisses on her soles, on her toes when he wasn't squashing him or grinding him into the
insole of her slipper and was so proud of her son. "Oh I like the sound of that Veronica, I'll
be there with bells on ha ha" Donna replied. They finished up with a little small talk and Jack
could feel Veronica slowly making her way back he guessed inside the house. Veronica loved
being cruel to her slave, with whatever she made him do he just complied and thanked him for
it. It just felt right to make his dreams come true after all.

She had gotten back in to the house, still feeling the kisses on her soles more passionately
now. Veronica then retrieved her foot spa from the closet, taking it to the sink and filling it
with warm water then placing it in front of the couch. She wanted to watch a little TV and
unwind for a while after a heavy reading session on Jack's computer. "I think you should be
kissing my feet down there for every step I am thoughtful enough to crush you with, wouldn't
that be fun, sweetie?" Veronica beamed as she said this to her foot toy. Of course Jack had
been in his own world at this point, loving every single step his mother took on him, being
squashed beneath her feet but feeling no pain, only the pleasure of her silky smooth feet
rubbing on him and her wonderful aroma permeating every bit of the air he breathed. Jack
couldn't help but get more excited when he heard Veronica's latest order and of course
passionately planted kisses all over her feet, tickling her as she felt little kisses over her
sole. "Stop that! I said one kiss, you don't want me to trip or fall because I'm getting too
ticklish my little foot toy!" Veronica said as she grinded him into the ground thoroughly to
get her point across. "I think we'll have to have you under my soles at all times, I just wish
there were two of you, one for each foot. It's so nice to have a living insole able to worship
me as I should be!"

Veronica thought she'd better take off her outfit before she relaxed and get into her pyjamas,
ready to unwind with her foot spa before bed. She slipped out of her skirt suit, making sure
that she kept her slippers on to keep her toy engulfed in her scent. Every moment he was down
there she knew that he was being conditioned just a little more to love her scent. For every
second she had him under her spell and under her soles she knew it cemented his role as a slave
more and made sure that she'd have a slave forever. It was cruel, she knew. Taking advantage of
a poor innocent boy who likes feet but after so many years of disappointment it was nice to
have him worship and respect her as she'd deserved. Veronica slipped into a long red satin
slip, and a matching gown. The red making her feel more regal, more powerful, as if she was a
queen. She made her way down to the couch, loving the kisses she felt with every step, a little
tiny sweet peck that her son was giving her foot sole after being squished beneath her big
powerful feet. She would grind him into the ground like a cigarette every few steps to give him
something to be extra thankful for and await the eager long kisses he gave her feet.

Veronica sat down on the couch, her foot spa was waiting in front of it and bubbling away
awaiting her perfect feet. At the end of a hard day of work she loved to wind down with her
feet in a warm foot spa. There was really nothing better. Now that she had a loyal pet to
service her feet of course she could probably come up with some much more appropriate ways to
wind down at the end of the day. After forcing him into the deep end with her toe jam she
thought it would be nice to let him enjoy himself a little more and return to a slightly bigger
size. Veronica slipped her feet out of her slippers, Jack feeling the foot leaving her slipper
kissed her sole passionately as it left, making Veronica smile and perfectly content with what
she was making of her son. Veronica peered into the slipper, seeing her son's disappointed face
at having her feet taken from him. His eyes were glazed over as if he'd been lovesick for her
toes giving him so much pleasure. "Okay now my little pet, you're going to become a little
larger, I'm doing you a big favour letting you out and giving you a bit of freedom to be bigger
again. You had better thank me for this by being a very loyal pet to my feet of course,
sweetie." with that Veronica shook her toy out from the old, worn slipper onto the floor
carefully, she pressed a few buttons on her smart phone making him what must have been 1.5-2
feet tall. "I didn't say you'd return to your former height, I just love having a cute little
foot boy to play with after all" Veronica said punctuating her words with laughter.

Veronica slipped out of her stockings, unclipping her stockings from her garter belt one at a time, watching her son's fascination with her feet and stockings with joy as she did so.
Veronica then slipped her feet into the foot spa, watching her son's eyes follow her precious
feet into the bubbling warmth of the spa. It was fascinating watching him so quickly become
attached to her feet, flattering her more than words could ever express to see the devotion of
his gaze. "So what I want you to do for now is keep your face buried in my slipper for 10
minutes while I get a little 'me' time and watch some TV, after that I've got your special
drink for the day. I think you'll really like it given your utter adoration for mommies toes,
my special foot boy." Jack complied as soon as Veronica's words trailed off, much to the
amusement of his mother. She never ceased to be amazed by his love of her feet. It's nice to be
adored like this. Jack couldn't believe he was so lucky, as soon as he'd left the warm and
wonderful inside of her slipper he'd been wanting to go back. He buried his head into the
opening of the slippers, his whole face fitting perfectly into the opening of her fluffy,
smelly and warm slippers allowing him to breathe in her feet with every breath.

10 minutes passed for Jack in an instant, he was in heaven burying his face in her slipper,
he'd love to change to her other slipper in case he was missing out on more of her scent but it
would possibly anger his mother to see her toy take his face out of the slipper so what choice
did he have but to stay in the one slipper? After the heavenly ten minutes had passed, his
mother placed one of her feet on the edge of the foot spa. "Come on out, sweetie. It's time for
you to have a little treat, you deserve it for being such a good and eager boy". Jack removed
his head from the slipper to see her perfect sole waiting on the edge of the foot spa, he
couldn't help but be eager for her. "May I please lick your feet, Veronica?" Jack promptly
asked. This surprised Veronica, he was taking her needs in to account before she'd asked him
to. "Go ahead my eager little puppy, lick away as it's what I was planning on having you do
after all!" responded Veronica after her surprise had passed and turned in to a smile of
contentment. Jack started to lick her foot from bottom to top, not wanting to miss a drop of
the water that had graced her feet, wanting to savour every drop. He licked her soles and the
top of her feet dry, then made his way to her toes, taking every one in to his mouth, his mouth
in his diminutive size being filled by her big toe and his tongue making it's way over every
bit of her toe before moving on to the other toes. He finished with licking between every one
her toes eagerly and desperately, wanting more of her sweet water to fill his mouth.

Veronica could not help but again smile and laugh at her pet's antics. Wondering just how much
she could make him do this eagerly. No matter what he's asked he complies and loves every minute
of serving his mother. "The way you adore me makes me so happy my pet, I think given the way
you adore me maybe we should come up with another title though, you shouldn't be referring to
me by name after all. You're just my slave. A special slave who makes me happy, but a slave
none the less. So from now on I think I'm going to be your Princess. You won't call me anything
but Princess no matter where we are. In public, on the phone, at home or if you ever get to see
your friends again when you're with them you'll always call me Princess, as you know I'm a true
Princess to you, always above my little slave!" Veronica loved the thought as the words escaped
her lips, she could feel herself get worked up being his Princess and having a loyal pet to
cater to her every whim. Likewise Jack could not be happier serving her and knowing that she is
his Princess. "Yes my wonderful Princess, I will do as you ask and you will of course always be
my Princess" Jack replied eagerly between kissing and licking her perfect foot.

"I should really get you to start on my other foot, after all my slave should be getting all
the water he can while it's given to him. I don't know how you'll be just surviving on my foot
treats yet so this is the next best thing." said Veronica as she snapped out of the daze she
was in, feeling contentment beyond words at her little foot slave. Veronica dried her
thoroughly cleaned foot by stroking it through her slave's hair, leaving her foot resting on
his head as she brought out her other foot from the foot spa. "Lick away, slave!" Veronica
giggled as she slapped his face with her foot playfully. Jack spent just as much time, care and
effort making sure his Princess was happy with his worship of her other foot. In no time at
all, too soon for Jack he found that he had finished cleaning every inch of her foot again.
Veronica looked at her pet, smiled and looked down at her foot spa. She turned off the spa,
letting the bubbles settle and stop and then looked back at her slave. Her face lit up and she
smiled as he looked down at her spa with a look of need and a desire to serve. Her newly
cleaned foot also rested upon his head now.

Veronica had a thought, he couldn't survive on such a small amount of water, surely. We need a
few litres of water a day and it's always healthy to drink a lot, so why not have a little fun
making sure her slave was having healthy habits? With that Veronica used her feet on his head
to force his head into the water, at first there was a little resistance as Jack didn't know
what was expected of him, but in an instant he knew. He dropped his face into the foot spa,
letting her grind her feet over his hair and force him into the water soaked in her foot scent
and sweat. "What a good boy! You know I never would have guessed that you could make me so
happy with your desires, slave. I think you know what is expected of you, now. You're not going
to breathe much until you drink all that water up. I'd put it into a dog dish to make you feel
more at home but this will do for now, slave." said Veronica dreamily. It was her dreams and
desires that were coming true one by one. Her slave's servitude was making her feel as she'd
never felt. Jack drank for his life once he realised that he'd be down there until he's
finished all of her water. He took large mouthfuls, once again tasting her feet as he had all
night. In a couple of minutes, he could once again breathe as he was nearing the bottom of her
foot spa. He wondered for a second how to have the rest, as did Veronica, watching him
curiously trying to slurp away at the small amount of water left. Jack started to lick and lap
away at the depths of her spa, he lapped away like an eager little puppy at his water bowl.
Veronica could get used to this, being surprised so much by the eager servitude her slave was
always showing her.

"Oh my, you are an eager little slave, aren't you! It's so cute seeing you lap away at that
dirty foot spa for me, my pet!" Veronica giggled and shifted her feet around on his head as she
forced his face into the bottom of the foot spa, guiding his head around it to the little water
that remained. Jack finished up lapping away at her spa and felt her feet move to his
shoulders, pushing him back into a kneeling position before his Princess. "Well I think it's
time for bed, since you've been such a good boy to me, I think it's appropriate that you get to
sleep in comfort tonight. Not your bed, though slave. I think we need to get you back into my
worn smelly slippers for the night. I hope you liked being bigger again, you did thank me with
your service and have made me a very happy Princess. But all good things must come to an end
for you, slave. You're going to be a smaller man for me again" Veronica said, out of breath
from her excitement over her slave. She pressed a button on her smart phone, returning him to
his previous diminutive 1 inch size. Veronica then dropped her slave into her slipper once
again, using it to take him to her bedroom where she dropped him in her slipper in to her shoe
closet. It was full of her shoes, lots of her smelly shoes that he could smell so well with his
increased senses. She was sure he could taste the scent of her toes in here. He looked up from
inside of her slipper, watching her face come closer to the opening of the slipper. "Thank you
for being such a good slave, sweetie. I don't want you to get a cold tonight so here you go"
Veronica said as she placed her worn, smelly stockings into her slipper, trapping him in there
and filling her slipper with even more of her wonderful scent.

Veronica laughed as she heard a small, quiet voice emit a "Thank you Princess" as she stuffed
her stockings into her slipper, forcing him into the smelly toe area and covering him in her
scent. Jack could not be happier. Perhaps this is what he is meant to do with his life. He has
never found this sort of happiness.
Femdom Stories / Veronica's World of Infinite Possibilities (Repost) ch3
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Chapter 3

Jack struggled to start worshipping her toes as he was tormented under his mom's feet. Every few minutes it seemed like she would crumple, scrunch and crush him under her toes, giggling when she'd do it. He'd been down under her toes for 30 minutes now and there was no sign of the torment stopping any time soon. Jack had been hard every moment that he'd been trapped under her toes, he couldn't help it and had been trying to stop himself from touching her toes and following her orders by cleaning her feet since he didn't want to feel even more dirty. He knew deep down that if he didn't start cleaning soon that he would be in even more trouble and he was sure that there were worse things that could happen to him as his mother's slave so he thought that now was a good time to start cleaning away at his mothers toes.

Jack started to scrape away the thick, dark and smelly toe jam between his mother's toes. He could pick up handfuls of it with his tiny hands and as he tasted the first mouthful of it he could feel his mouth instantly dry up quite a bit as he struggled to chew through the smelly mess. Jack knew what he had to do given the lack of water down there to help him through the meal that his mother had ordered him to have, he had to drink her foot sweat to help him consume all of his mother's filthy foot grime. He could cup his hands on the insole of her pumps and pick up lots of her foot sweat to drink, he took a mouthful tentatively at first. Jack was surprised that it wasn't too bad, the taste was a little salty but he was starting to feel so turned on by the act he was doing that he didn't care. He took mouthful after mouthful of foot sweat to keep his mouth wet as he made his way through consuming all of her toe jam and after what seemed like half an hour had eaten all of her toe jam.

He looked up above her toes, to the gaps under her toenails and realised that he's still got to eat the gunk under her toenails, too. Between his mother's scrunching and squeezing fun with her foot toy he dragged himself up and towards her toenails. Jack used his hands to scrape what he could find from underneath her big toe to start. The smell coming off the gunk he found was horrendous. It smelt like vinegar and corn chips but far more pronounced. He could never eat something like this normally but he was so turned on right now that he could not resist but obey his mother's every single whim so he ate a mouthful at first, with a few mouthfuls of foot sweat to wash it down, honestly it wasn't too bad. After another 20 minutes he had finished off all of her toenail gunk and spend the rest of his time at her feet being scrunched between her toes happily while he lapped at her toes as if he were an eager puppy.

He could taste her foot odour after his 'meal', and with the sweat and odour in his mom's work pumps and all over her feet he felt like he was covered in her odour. Jack was loving every minute of being her loyal foot slave, wondering whether he'd ever like for it to end. Sure it was cruel and nasty doing what he'd been forced to do, but he found whatever depths his mother forced him to go to he'd gladly do it and was beginning to realise just how much he wanted this deep down. Jack was now proudly marked as her foot slave, with her odour firmly all over his small form. His skin must have smelt just like her wonderful foot scent.

What seemed like hours passed, he'd been crushed, scrunched and played with so much that he could scarcely feel like he'd ever like to leave her toes ever again. Veronica slipped her now pristine foot out of her pump, and found Jack hugging her 2nd toe like a little toe ring. Jack saw his mother's face light up as she noticed her new eager toe ring. Veronica giggled a few times and then mentioned that she'd have to put on some stockings. "I want you to feel how it feels to be under my hose in my work shoes tonight, too. I'm in stockings or pantyhose every day at work so you should get used to it, piggy. I'm sure you'll love it if your little show of devotion to my feet is any indication! You're going to have to wait in my pump for now until I give you a little time beneath my hose clad foot, sweetie. I don't want you to miss out on a single second of my perfect foot smell, piggy. You deserve the full treatment from mommy!" With that Veronica lowered me into her pump again, picking me away from her toe to which I was hugging on to for dear life and to show my mother how devoted I am to her feet. I was lowered once again into her pump, and she prodded me into the toe area with her hands perfectly manicured long, slender nails. "Give my finger a kiss for thinking of my slave while it's down there, your kissing and
licking of my feet ticked me so much and felt so nice after all"

I couldn't help but obey and kissed her finger a few times passionately for letting me stay in her pump while she changed into her stockings. After all I was starting to love the smell of her feet. Mom giggled a few times raucously as I kissed all over the finger that prodded me back into the pump's toe area. Then I was left in there as I saw her gigantic figure pick up her stockings and start to put them on.

A few minutes later I was greeted by a nylon clad foot coming towards me and I positioned myself lying down once again where her toes would be. "Get ready sweetie, you are going to love this, these are so silky and smooth. I won't be too angry if you cum under them, I'm sure it will be hard to prevent it happening actually. It's really quite flattering that you've been hard this entire time now. I know I shouldn't be encouraging your perversions but it's so much fun playing with my new foot slave!" Veronica mentioned excitedly.

With that I felt her nylon clad foot lower onto my prone body. I was covered with the smell of her feet from head to toe. I knew at that moment that these were the stockings she must have worn to work that day, maybe even for a few days the way they smelt but I loved every single second of being her insole. As Veronica scrunched her toes over me I now felt as if my whole body was being rubbed against a silky soft cushion full of her sweet scent. I couldn't believe it but I was getting even harder. "I'll give you a little attention since you did such a good job, my toe jam muncher!" Veronica giggled out as she started scrunching and rubbing my body under and between her nylon clad toes. A few short minutes of this and I had cum, my body slumped under her toes and I kissed the undersides of her toes passionately for being so kind to me. I felt no guilt being her foot servant and her son, if anything I was proud to be her little pet.

Femdom Stories / Veronica's World of Infinite Possibilities (Repost) ch2
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Chapter 2

*Click click click* Jack could hear the heels hitting the hard wood floor drawing closer to him, he couldn't turn his head to see who it was. After what seemed like an eternity because of the suspense he was feeling, Veronica appeared in Jack's line of sight. "Hi sweetie, you look like the cat that ate the canary!" Veronica stifled to say in between giggles. "Don't worry Jack, we're going to have LOTS of fun over the next few days or even weeks! You'll live out every one of your fantasies including what's playing on your dirty computer right now sweetie! If you're not cured of your desires after this then I don't know if you'll ever go back to being free. Maybe you don't even want to be free though, right Jack?" Veronica was really struggling to keep a straight face and not giggle constantly at this point. She slipped out her smartphone and pressed a few buttons on it which allowed Jack to move again, but just his mouth.

"Please let me go mom, I swear I won't look at anything like this again, I'll stay away
from feet and femdom stuff I swear! Please you can't do this to me, I'm your son" Jack said as soon as he realised that his mouth was once again mobile. "I know you won't stay away from this filth, trust me sweetie, I just wanted to see what you'd do if you were given a little freedom and the begging really is cute! I'm sure I'll hear a lot of begging from you from now on though. There is absolutely no way my new slave will be free for a while now, you are going to be doing everything I've seen in your videos with your mother, and you'd better do it all eagerly just like the guys in your stories and videos otherwise things will get so much worse for you. You see I can do anything to you with my nanobots in you, I can turn you in to my insole if I wanted to and you'd be able to realise just where you are and smell my feet all day long. I shouldn't say that I *could* do that since you absolutely *will* be my insole among other things. You will never look at feet the same way again and you will learn to hate feet or suffer for the rest of your poor slave life if you don't hate them" Veronica replied with a sweet smile. She tapped a few buttons on her smartphone which stopped him from talking. Jack tried as hard as he could but when he tried to speak just a small squeak came out, then nothing. No longer could he speak and he was just as immobile and trapped as before.

Jack was desperate for this to be just a bad dream but he knew it wasn't. Veronica on the other hand was starting to enjoy this. She knew it's her son and it's a little wrong but every woman should have a man completely under her control like this. Veronica could take out every frustration about men and her exes on Jack if she wanted and honestly she felt like she'd love to do that over the next few weeks with Jack. Veronica pressed a few buttons on the smart phone to turn him into 1 inch version of himself. Her invention worked absolutely perfectly and seamlessly, the nanobots would rebuild him in a perfect manner but just 70 times smaller than his usual size. Jack could feel himself shrinking rapidly until the world around him looked mammoth in proportion to what it should be. He was a tiny person on his giant chair and struggling to comprehend what was going on.

Jack looked up to see Veronica's towering form looking at him with a big smile on her face. Veronica then pulled off her right pump, picked up her slave and placed him into the toe area of the pump. "It's okay pig! You're going to survive in there I hope, my nanobots have made your body indestructible in your miniature size just to make sure I can do anything at all to you and you'll keep on living through it all. See I want you to feel all of the torment I give you, all of the horrendous torture that you've been dreaming about. I also increased your senses a little while I was at it, you will now have very powerful senses of smell, taste and touch just to make your time as my little plaything a little more unbearable. See I can be such a cruel bitch, you will learn all about that though, piggy. You aren't my son for the next few weeks. It could even be that you will never be my son again if my efforts don't cure you of your kinks. Poor little piggy, oh well." Veronica mentioned all of this with such an expression of amusement and cruelty that it really scared Jack. He was peering out of his mother's dank smelly work pump at her giant face smiling at his prone, tiny figure.

"Okay piggy, you're going to be a bit uncomfortable while I have a look on your computer for anything else that you might have been trying to hide from me, I want you to lick my toes while you're down there, be my living insole. You'd better drink my foot sweat, eat my toe jam and scrape under my toenails for gunk to eat, too while you're in there. I want my toes to look perfect when you're finished down there. For the next few weeks at least that will be your job, you'd better learn to love the taste of my feet or otherwise you might just starve. I'm sure not going to give you any normal food while you're my slave, piggy. I'd say I'm sorry but it will be so fun having a living insole! Aww poor piggy, I'd feel sorry for you if you weren't so pathetic. Get ready, here comes mommy's foot to crush you and feed you for the next few hours you foot slut."

With that Veronica's huge foot went into her work pump, Jack tried to run to the toe area, rushing to lie down below where her toes would sit so that he could service his mom's toes. There is no way that he would want to anger her at this point. There's no way to get back to his normal self without her help after all. Maybe if he's a good slave for her then she'll take pity on him and restore him to his normal state, as her son. Her toes crushed him so hard, he could feel her scrunching her toes over his prone body and couldn't help but get hard as a rock, he felt ashamed to be turned on by his mom's feet but it just felt right. He could feel his body covered and soaked in her foot sweat, the smell of her feet were so strong that he gagged a few times. Mom hadn't been exaggerating about his senses, his sense of smell seemed to be far more strong now, making him feel as if all he could smell was the corn chip smell of her feet mixed with the leather of the pump. He felt so sensitive to her feet sliding over his body, too. He hoped that he wouldn't cum under her feet.

"Are you enjoying yourself down there piggy?" Veronica stifled out as she laughed and scrunched her toes playfully over his body.
Femdom Stories / Veronica's World of Infinite Possibilities (Repost) ch1
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Chapter 1

Jack was generally a polite kid, he was on the cusp of finishing school and thinking of what he was going to do out of school. He's 18 now and as much pressure as he gets to study engineering like every other member of his family, Jack was always happiest when he was fiddling with his computers and playing a game or two. He was definitely capable of doing engineering with his technological know how, his intelligence beyond most of the other kids his age, he just had no motivation to do more studies after school.

Veronica on the other hand had plans for her son, she had been an engineer for the best part of 20 years now and wanted her son to make breakthroughs in the industry just like she has through her life. So far Veronica's tried just about everything to convince Jack to study after school, but has only succeeded in making him far more interested in computers rather than study.

Veronica was a dead ringer for Drew Barrymore, if it weren't for her being a few inches taller at 5'10" she'd be an absolute spitting image of her. Veronica is tall, blonde, has a more than ample bust that always keeps men lusting after her. She's perfect at 42 with long shapely legs, toes that are always perfectly pedicured and loves her shoes. In fact Veronica rarely is out of her heels. Jack was a little shorter than her and always looked up to her in more ways than one. Their family consisted only of Jack and Veronica, her husband had died when Jack was too young to remember it.

So as we join Veronica and Jack on the final day of school, Jack's just finished school and come back home from the graduation ceremony, he's back on the computer enjoying a bit of online gaming and doing some coding, but Veronica wants things to change. See she's not too bad with computers either, she's spent the greater part of 5 years developing nano technology to assist in medical fields.

Why am I mentioning this, you might be thinking? Well a few months ago, Veronica noticed a few odd websites in Jack's browsing history that he thought he'd hidden. After further investigation she'd found that there was a considerable amount of material on foot fetishism and female Domination. Hours upon hours of videos, stories and pictures all about women dominating men, forcing them to service their feet and men serving women and catering to their every whim. She had to admit, it intrigued her, but it just wasn't healthy for her boy to be looking at such depraved material.

In the months since she made this discovery Veronica had been planning how to help her son out of the kinky world of female domination and fetishism and into something more reasonable, she was sure he wouldn't ever have a wife or family with such odd interests and felt it was necessary to help remove these desires from her son. She had the perfect plan, she'd just perfected her nano robots, able to modify any organic structure in to any other form. They're able to stop a person from moving any part of their body, even able to improve senses and modify the body in ways that are right out of science fiction.

So Veronica put the nano-bots into her sons graduation dinner, and with that she was prepared for the night ahead. Veronica had so many plans to cure her son of these unusual desires, to make him a better man for someone in the future. She had to admit, the thought of a man willing to do anything to please a woman did appeal to her, but she knew it was wrong with her son.

Jack headed down for dinner, smelling something really quite delicious, perhaps a nice curry is what that wonderful aroma was. Jack thought to himself that he's just dying for seconds, he's that hungry at the moment. He's got a few femdom videos downloading upstairs but he figures that he can enjoy them once he's finished a nice satisfying meal. Once he arrived at the dining table he noticed that Veronica seemed to have already finished her meal and was starting on desert, she had a strange grin on her face. I really wonder what's on her mind? Jack thought to himself.

"Sit down, Jack, have a meal at the table for once" Veronica said while pointing to the chair beside her seat with a stern look. Jack of course complied, worried why the smile just spread on her face as he took a seat and started to have his butter chicken. It wasn't long at all before he finished his meal, he even helped himself to seconds. Little did he know that his mother's plan is working perfectly, he was now under her control completely, at her whims for the forseeable future or even forever if she wished it.

Veronica and Jack made a little small talk after dinner, not a great deal though since Veronica noticed that Jack was in such a rush to get back to his computers, she used to wonder about what he'd do with all the time he spends on his computers. It was so unfortunate to find out that he'd been looking at such perverted things on his computer, but it will all work out in the end. Veronica will have a chance to test her nano technology on someone without lots of frustrating paperwork and she'll be helping him become a better person at the same time. Surely once he lives his disturbed fantasies he'll run away from them and realise just what a mistake it is to love these kinky things.

After a few minutes of conversation Jack headed back upstairs to his bedroom, eager to see what femdom videos had downloaded while he was away. Once he sat down and logged in to his computer, he noticed that his limbs were starting to feel numb, in fact it was getting hard to move his body at all after a few moments. Jack tried his best to scream out to his mom, but to no avail, he couldn't talk above a whisper any more. His body was now completely immobile. Just as he was at his most stressed, wondering just what was going on he heard the door to his bedroom open and could hear the clicking of heels growing closer to him. He couldn't turn around to see who it was, he had foot fetish and femdom material all over his computer with a video playing too. What on earth can he do now? How will Jack ever explain this?
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Bondage & S/m / Tyler - Teen Nurse Blowjob In The Insane Asylum
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