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five wishes
« on: August 13, 2010, 10:50:53 AM »
RJ walked briskly down the dirty Sunset Blvd. sidewalk with his head down, which was the way to walk when you robbed places for a living.  Head down, hands in your pockets, always looking like you have someplace to go even though you don't.  To pass the time during his walk, he thought about all the pussy he wasn't getting.

A good-looking dude like him should be getting laid left and right, RJ thought.  Fucking Hollywood bitches.  All they ever thought about was money and what you could do for their acting career.  Fucking cunts.  Someday he'd have it all, and then they could all line up to lick his nuts.

The bitch of it all was that RJ was good looking.  Extremely good looking.  His eyes are what women commented on the most.  They were a bright wet blue, and when you looked at them, it was like they glowed.  The rest of his face was pretty, like a lot of teenage male model's faces were.  Not handsome like and older man would be, but gorgeous like the cute guy from a boy band, topped off with a bushy head of sun-drenched blonde hair.  His body was also much swooned over by girls who liked their men as small and weak as they were.  His slim build and pretty face got him a lot of whispered fag comments.  RJ didn't like that much.  Especially in this town where he was surrounded by them.

When he got home, he opened a beer and started kicking through a pile of junk that he took from an Arab dry cleaner's the night before and quickly found the one item that he couldn't stop thinking about: a small shiny red box with Arabic writing all over it.

He turned it over and over in his long fingers, marveling at it.  It had to be worth quite a bit, but who could he sell it to?  His regular fence wouldn't know what to do with it, and it looked too rare to take directly to an antique dealer.  He didn't want them asking too many questions.

I seemed to be hollow, but without an opening.  How could that be?  It had to have some kind of lid or sliding something or other to get it open... it was driving RJ crazy trying to figure it out.  He began to lightly push against the side of the box, thinking that if he just used a slight pressure on it, it would open.  One push after the other, practically rubbing his hand against the smooth lacquered finish, quickly going over the strange Arabic inscription again and again...

The initial flash was as if RJ had put a match to a small pile of gunpowder.  He fell back with a scream. "Jesus fuck!  Christ! Fucking hell!  Ow ow ow ow ow!" he yelped, rolling around on his back and waving his hands wildly.  They felt like they had just been holding a hot iron.

Through the thick smoke above him, RJ saw... a man in a long robe and a turban?  Could that be right?  RJ blinked and looked again.  Yes, there it was.  A large muscular man, skin dark and oily, wearing a bright white robe and a turban, was floating above RJ in the middle of his low-rent Hollywood apartment.  What the hell?

"What?  Who?  I mean..."

"Do not be afraid, Master," the being smiled.  "I am the Genie from the box of the Ayaphrim.  You have freed me, and to show my gratitude, I will grant you five wishes."

"Are you fucking kidding?  What?"  RJ couldn't comprehend it.  It had to be a dream.  Some kind of fucked up dream, or a flashback from all the drugs he'd been using lately.  But Ecstasy didn't give you flashbacks.  Did it?

"Please master.  I cannot linger long.  For me to grant all your wishes, you must choose quickly."

RJ then did what he usually did when he was tripping.  He went with it.  He closed his eyes, and thinking, "fuck, why not?" he started to babble out his wishes to the Genie.

"Um... okay okay... I want to be surrounded by beautiful women for the rest of my life, and I want them to be know exactly how to turn me on all the time."  RJ smiled at the thought of it.  He knew the Genie was a powerful hallucination (what else could it be?) but wouldn't it be great?

"For wish two," RJ continued, "I never want to ever have to worry about money or bills ever again."

"You choose wisely, Master," the Genie demurred. "And you still have three wishes to go."

"Um..." RJ closed his eyes and swallowed dryly.  "Um... I want my life to be nothing but getting fucked, blow jobs, and sticking my tongue up a different bitch every day."  He grinned to himself.  That would be so fucking sweet.

"A simple request, Master, and easily granted," the Genie said.  "You have two wishes left.  Please, Master, put me to the test, and let me show you the true strength of my powers."

"Okay Genie" RJ said, then thought for a moment.  "I want to never be older than I am right now."  Eternal youth.   Could that happen?

"Granted," said the Genie.  "And your last wish?"

RJ's heart skipped a beat.  This was the best high he'd ever been on.  Then, he seriously thought about what he'd really wanted his whole life.  He thought about this last year he'd had after graduating from high school and moving to Los Angeles.  He thought about all the acting classes he had been in, all the failed auditions, all the times that people said he didn't have any talent, forcing him to eke out a living as a thief at age nineteen.  He looked right into the Genie's dark empty eyes and made his last wish before the Genie disappeared and he passed out.

"I want to be famous."




RJ found himself sitting on a small couch in a darkened corner lit only by a candle.  His head leaned back on the top of the couch and a girl named Diana stood over him with her ass over his forehead and the crotch of her panties rubbing on his nose.  RJ's cock was harder than he could ever remember.  Damn, this girl could move.  She twitched her pussy on his face in time to the music just the way RJ liked it.  Then, suddenly, she stopped, her body freezing for a moment, only to lower her pussy and ass the last inch or so onto RJ's upturned face forcing his nose to push her damp pink panties deep into her pussy.

Her ass was, as far as RJ could tell from his eyeballs being pressed up against it, perfect.  Tanned, smooth, and meaty.  Her pussy smelled clean and fresh through her panties, like she just came out of the shower.  She sat up on him as she continued to grind his face, and RJ could feel the dampness in her panties grow.

RJ's cock twitched and spun.  It stumbled in pain like a chump hit by a brick in a dirty alley.  It cried for help, but no help came.

The song ended then, and Diana stepped off of him and back to the floor.  She was stunning.  RJ had seen good-looking women in strip-clubs before, but not like this.  She was like a model from one of his stroke magazines.  Blonde, barely eighteen, with big blue eyes and plump natural titties with nipples that seemed to float on them.

RJ's head felt fuzzy, and his arms were numb and as heavy as lead.  He wanted to speak out when Diana smiled at him and started undoing his pants, but no words came out.

"Let's see what ya got here, stud, and then we'll finish up your dances," Diana said.  Something about her voice made his balls pump up like an overfilled basketball.  His head lolled back and forth like he was drunk, but he wasn't.

When she finally tugged his pants down past his butt and halfway down his thighs when she stopped and looked up at him.  All the friendliness had gone out of her face, and she looked like he just slapped her.

"You fucking liar."  She stood and slapped him hard across his face.  "You told me you had a big one, you liar.  You fuck."  Two more slaps that brought tears to his eyes, and then she kneed him in his sex-swollen balls so hard that he thought he could taste them.  He made no attempt to cover them.  His arms wouldn't move. "Karolyn, come look at this lying motherfucker's dick."

The girl named Karolyn came over.  She was also blonde and pretty, but shorter than Diana was and with bigger tits and a wider ass.

 "Holy shit!" Karolyn said, looking down on RJ. "What a shorty!"  Then, to RJ, "What happened to your wiener, dude?  Did it shrink in the dryer?"

"He asked me for a dance, and I said I didn't want to because I was tired, and he said what if he had a huge dick, and you know how love big dicks so I said okay.  I should've checked it before I started dancing for him, but I wanted to wait til it got all hard in his pants before I started playing with it, and look.  It's like a fucking pencil eraser.  I could've been having a smoke with my feet up; instead I'm sitting on some pin-dicks face.  Fucker!" she spat, and slapped him again, snapping his head this time.

RJ couldn't remember any of this.  This was fucking insane.  What had he been drinking that he had no memory and could barely move?  He would never brag about having a big dick.  He knew he was small.  What was going on?

Karolyn grabbed the front of his shirt and threw him down on the ground.  "I know what to do with this little-dick faggot," she sneered, and kicked him in the ribs.  She kept kicking him over and over, making him crawl on his deadened hands and knees past everyone in the club until they ended up in the back in the dressing room.

RJ felt like he had just been in a car wreck.

Karolyn and Diana easily lifted him face up onto a wooden bench in front of a row of lockers.  His wrists and ankles were secured under him with leather cuffs that Karolyn pulled out from one of the lockers, leaving his legs spread wide open and unable to lift his head more than an inch or two.

Karolyn brought her face close to his while she fastened a piece of athletic tape over his mouth.  "Now we're gonna show you the only thing that little-dicked bitches like you are good for.  You pay close attention, okay dork?"  Before RJ could even think, Karolyn straddled his face, forcing his nose deep into her naked pussy, and began to fuck it.

Having his face buried in a woman was one of RJ's biggest turn-ons, and his small penis began to swell as if it had a chance.  As soon as it got to it's hardest three inches, Diana punched him in the balls like it was a speed-bag.

RJ screamed into his gag, and inadvertently shoved his face deeper into Karolyn's wet puss, cutting off his air.  Panicked, he shook his head violently as he struggled for air.

"NO fucking hard-ons for you, Mr. Fibber!" Diana yelled at him, watching his penis pull back like a turtlehead, her right hand still balled into a fist.

"Oh, God, it feels so good when his nose squirms around like that," Karolyn said.  "Hit him again!"

The second punch was as hard as the first, and RJ thought he was going to pass out from the pain.  Karolyn sped up her gyrations, leaning into it now, screaming out and grabbing RJ by the hair to hold his nose still while she came.

Karolyn got up and Diana straddled his head now, facing his beaten cock.  She still had her panties on.  "Get ready, pussy-sniffer.  This might be a rough one."  Then she sat on him and rode his face for all it was worth, with Karolyn twisting his dick and squeezing his sore nut-bags every time he started to get hard, which was always.

Twenty girls must have used him that way.  Sitting on his face and raping it, using him as a living dildo while a second girl beat on his helpless penis.  It seemed to go on for hours.  They made fun of the size of his cock while they raped him, laughing at its size while they pinched and abused it.  He could see camera-flashes going off and noticed most of the girls were posing on his face for pictures.  Gradually, the strength was coming back to his arms, but it did him little good now.

Just when RJ thought he couldn't take any more, he heard a girl shout out "He's here!" and the small group of girls in the locker room that were watching his ordeal broke into whoops and applause.  Another voice, he thought it was Diana's yelled out "Strip him and flip him, ladies, let's get him ready."

Ready for what? RJ thought.

In minutes, his clothes had been ripped off him, leaving him completely nude.  The girls now had him tied to the bench face down, so that he was hugging and straddling it at the same time.  Diana straddled the back of his neck ripped the tape off of his mouth, and put her hands over his eyes.  When she pulled her hands away, RJ was foot away from a muscular Italian with the biggest dick he'd ever seen.

"RJ, meet Meat," Diana said.  The girls in the room giggled.  RJ didn't know how many girls where there to see this, but it seemed like a full house.  "Meat's one of our male strippers that works upstairs.  He's here to show you what a real big dick looks like, since you seem to be confused.  Why don't you give this little faggot a real close look Meat?"

Horse shifted his naked body a little, and laid his cock across RJ's face, his balls right on RJ's mouth.  They were shaved, like the rest of Meat's body, and smelled funky and sweaty.

RJ heard Diana's voice from behind him.  "Why don't you give Meat's balls a little kiss and thank him for taking the time to educate you, bitch?"  RJ was wide-eyed with fear.  He said his first words since his ordeal began.

"Please.  Please don't make me do this."  With every word, his lips brushed up against Meat's giant ball bag.

"Aw, poor widdle baby," Diana mocked him as she got a firm hold on his still sore balls.  "Is he crying?  Are you getting this?"

"Oh my god, the little bitch is crying," said Karolyn.  "Let me zoom in."

Oh no, RJ thought.  They're taping it!

"Please, I'm begging you - AAGGHH!" he screamed as his balls were crushed in Diana's hand.  They were so sensitive and swollen at this point that the slightest touch was like they were being hit with a hammer.  "I'll do it!  I'll do it! Please stop! Please! Please! Please!"  His screaming and pleading came out slightly muffled because of the mouthful of balls he was getting.

"Thank you Mr. Meat!" RJ slobbered, and then started planting loud wet smooches on Meat's smooth balls.  Each slobbery kiss followed by a "thank you, oh thank you".  Diana and the girls could barely control their laughter.

"Holy shit," screamed Diana, and then wiped away her own tears, except her tears were from laughing so hard.

RJ kept kissing Meat's giant balls.  "Thank you Mr. Meat for showing me your cock.  I'm sorry I lied.  I'm sorry!  Please let me go now!  I won't ever bother you again, I swear!  Just let me go."

"Not so fast, RJ baby," Diana said. "You haven't learned your lesson yet.  We don't want you to just look at a big dick, we want you to feel it.  That's when you really remember what a big dick is."

RJ was silent, Meat's balls and dick still shoved in his face.

"Now," Diana continued, spreading RJ's asscheeks and spitting on his butthole.  "Where do you want it?  Mouth or ass, it's up to you."

RJ immediately parted his lips and shut his eyes.  He couldn't take anymore pain to his balls.  He was beyond caring about the pictures they had taken, about the video camera.  He just wanted it to be over so he could go home.  "Please," he begged, tears streaming down his face.  "Please Mr. Meat, please shove your cock in my mouth."

And as he did, Diana slipped a wet finger into RJ's ass, completing his humiliation.


RJ figured it out the next morning, when he woke up in a cell in the corner of the girl's dressing room.  He would never be leaving here.

The girls were, as promised, right out of his dreams and never failed to get him hard.  He was hard most of every day, the lucky man.  Too bad they never let him cum.

He was fed scraps from their take-out pizza and sandwiches in a dog bowl in his cage.  For water, he had to drink out their toilets.  At least he didn't have to worry about money anymore.

Everyday, he would have his tongue inside of a different beautiful woman.  Right inside her ass.  None of them let him actually kiss her golden pussy.  They loved to rape his face with their panties on, though.

They also loved to use their strap-ons on his ass.  Especially after they made him into their own little whore. He was given hormone shots to soften him more than he already was and laser treatments to get rid of what little hair he had on his body.  His eyebrows were plucked, his hair was styled, and he ended up looking as pretty as a drag queen could.  He had regulars coming in every night for one of his specials.  And why not?  The girls only charged their customers five dollars a throw for his services.

In time, he would also realize, as the girls around him grew older and were replaced with new and younger girls, that he would never grow old himself.  He would be a young pretty blow-job queen for the rest of his life.

And the fame?

Why, everyone in town knew about RJ, the femme-boy who gave the best head in the world.  They bought videotapes of him giving blow-jobs and getting fucked in the ass.  They downloaded pictures of him from the internet.  He was very famous.

Just not like he wanted to be.

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Re: five wishes
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Re: five wishes
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great story!!!   k++  k++

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Re: five wishes
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Re: five wishes
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شكرا على المجهود الرائع

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Re: five wishes
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Re: five wishes
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[quote authrd as the


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