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Author Topic: Office Colleague Feet Story  (Read 888 times)

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Office Colleague Feet Story
« on: June 16, 2009, 06:26:31 AM »
I had a chance when a office colleague had come over to my place.

I had invited her over to pass on a bootable CD for her laptop and she brought her laptop home saying she would want me to help her with it.

She came over at 9am and it was still very cloudy outside and a perfect morning. We started the work with her notebook. It takes about 31minutes for installation and during that time I offered to make her something to drink. Juice, ofcourse.

While I was at it she was looking through my notebook and found a folder where I had saved some pics of hers... more precisely, of her feet. She was shocked. But I said I liked her new footware that day in the office and took the snap and another dai I had liked her nice anklet and thus the photo.

She looked like she bought it and took the glass of juice I had made for her.

We were sitting on a bedding I had put down on the floor and we began chatting about office and other things in general. While she was talking, I slowly rubbed a finger on her heel and said, "Your feet is pink! Wow, it is real nice." She too looked at and nodded in agreement smiling. I asked if she still had that anklet on and she replied affermative. I asked if I could see it. She pulled up her jeans a little and showed it off. It was a black string with a couple of steel beads and a heart pendent on it.

I asked if the black string was a shoe lace. She replied, "No way! It is a kind of insulator which has beads on it."
Me: "You are joking! It sure looks like a shoe lace to me. It sure is shoe lace". She: "Duffer, touch and see for yourself".

Just what I wanted and I put my finger round it feeling her silken smooth skin. Then I pulled her foot on my lap and asked, "How many beads does it have, lemme count..." I held her foot in my left palm and started twirling the anklet. Her feet was sooooooooft like that of a baby and fair like milk with pink heels. It has a light shade of pink nail-polish on a perfectly shapped toe-nails. Not too long, not abruptly short!

Perfect little pink feet in my hands and a smiling pretty gal on a cloudy morning was just too good to begin a saturday with.

I was slowly rubbing her heel to my palm and looked up at her. She was smiling and taking a sip out of her glass. "Beautiful! I like your feet", I said and she just smiled and looked at me with those steamy eyes saying a lot silently. I rubbed the toes with my palm and put it down on the bedding. Quietly, I pulled her other leg which was crossed under her and brought it together and looked at them both admiringly. The anklet was peeking out from her left ankle while a little silky skin of both legs showed in the front as the pants moved up little in the front. She was resting her head on her knees and looking at her eyes I slowly bend forward and kissed her feet. I looked up to see what she would say, but she just rested her head on her hands on her knees and looked at me smiling.

"I love them. They are perfect. It looks so cute and pink," and another kiss I gave them. I was still bending over and looking at her face( wondering if she would get angry) I licked her left leg's big toe. Still nothing, which meant, I could go on. Then I began licking her feet, between her toes and around the ankles down to the pink heel. She slighlty lifted her left ankle so that I could lick under her heel. Her anklet was hanging over my right eye while I licked her heel away to glory.

After I had my heart's content of licking, she asked if I love her feet so much. When i said yes, she smiled and said, "You can have it, if you will buy me ice-creams".

Buy ice-cream? I would buy her an ice-cream factory for that pink feet!!

Couple of weeks later, after work I went to a mall to buy some things for myself. From far at the food court I saw a lady in white 3/4ths and a red top. She wore a white flat slippers that had straps running all the way up the shin. I walked past her, just to get a good look at her and a peep at her feet. Lo behold! It was my colleague. She was buying something to eat there.

I walked upto her and said a hi. Asked her if she not going home for dinner and got to know that her parents were out of town and so she planned to eat at food court before going home. Smiling, I asked if she wanted to eat ice-cream after that. She smiled and moved her a head side-ways a little and as my heart was racing, she replied, "hmmm, not today. Some other time maybe". I wanted to give it another try and said I too would like to eat something. I said, " I would be at Mama mia counter and you can join me if you felt like." As I walked towards Mama Mia, I had an intution she would come there.
I am sorry but please reply me in ENGLISH as I do not understand Arabic... Thanks!!!


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Re: Office Colleague Feet Story
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2009, 10:03:06 PM »

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Re: Office Colleague Feet Story
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2009, 06:37:01 PM »
Thanks for your effort


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Re: Office Colleague Feet Story
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2010, 07:17:47 PM »
thanks for sharing  m"  lool

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Re: Office Colleague Feet Story
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