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Author Topic: Loosing to NORMA  (Read 1116 times)

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Loosing to NORMA
« on: May 28, 2009, 11:48:02 PM »
Part 1 of one of my favorite Stories

"Marc, please be so kind and bring us a drink." The words of my mother took me out of my thoughts.
I was lying on a inflatable mattress in the middle of the pool. My mother and her friend Norma
are lying on deckchairs next to the pool. Of course I`m so kind to bring
them a drink, but there was a little problem. Watching the two beautifull women I got hard and
now I had to calm down as fast as possible. So I jumped off the matress and walked slowly through
the cool water.
My mother was a tall, rather well build woman. Actually she was my stepmother but my
father married her when I was four. So for me she is my mother. When my father died two years ago
she took over his company and became a hard and very successfull businesswoman. Despite her age of
fourtythree years she was a very attractive woman. "Are you dreaming ? We are thursty" she said.
I reached the stairs out of the pool and walked inside to get the drinks.
From the kitchen I could see Norma reading a book. She was even more attractive tham my mother.
Her age was thirtyfive and she had a very athletic body. Her blond long hair were loose and felt over her
shoulders onto her bikinitop. Her legs were gourgeous, and her small, well build feet were perfectly
Allthough I liked her body very much, I did not like Norma. She always seemed to be a bit arrogant.
And it seemed as if she didn`t have much sympathy for me too. Of course we had no argument until now. But
there was always something between us that I could not really name. I couldn`t stand her arrogant, provocating
way she behave towards me.
Norma was a lawyer and she was working for a big company. Like my mother she was a strong and domineering
"Thank you, darling." Mumm said when I brang her the drink. When I put the other drink on the table next
to Norma she had a brief but provocating look at my pants and said in a sweet, mocking voice:" Thank you, sweety."
My face turned red immmediatetly. Did she notice my errection in the pool ? But this was impossible.
Or did she notice me starring at her and my mother ? I was speechless but Norma was reading her book again as
if nothing happened.

What a sick decision of my mother to spend our vacation with this woman. Three days ago, when I came home from
my boarding school, I looked forward to meet her. This was when my mother showed me a picture of Norma. I was
stunned by her beauty but after we met her it took me only some minutes to know that we would never become good
And now I have to deal with her for the next two weeks.

In the evaning we played boccia in the garden. Allthough we had a lot of fun, there was a special revalry
between me and Norma because I really didn`t like loosing to her and she seemed to notice that. Every time
when one of us won a match, the other wanted  revenge. After a while my mother said "I`m sick of
playing boccia all the time. You will find out who is the better player without my help."
When I turned around to face Norma, she stood there in a challanging pose and said
" Come on, let`s find out who is the looser." Again there was this  mocking smile on her face.
In this moment I realised that winning aginst Norma means a lot more to me than
just winning a boccia game. And loosing to her would be a humilating thing to me.

We started the competition and I won the fist match. I celebrated my victory because I was very reliefed.
"Don`t be too happy. You had a lot of luck in this match. The next one will be mine." she said. And she was right.
I really had a lot of luck. And now her mocking smile made me unsure. The second match was hers and
now she was celebrating her victory. The last match must bring a decision.

" What about making the match a bit more interesting ? The looser has to serve brackfast for the
winner." she suggested. I didn`t like the thought of serving breakfast for her but I couldn`t say no in this moment.
So we began the third match.
It was a desaster for me. After the match she stood there,hands at her hips in a
challanging pose "Who is the looser now ? Come on, say it." I couldn`t say anything and just walked to the house.
When I arrived at the pool she asked me to wait. When she was next to me, I saw her mocking smile again. "I take
breakfast at nine o`clock in my room." she said.
Wile she walked slowly to the door she was wiggling with her gorgeous bottom. I couldn`t help but starred at her
bottom, legs and barefeet. Suddenly there was something else. Not only humilation but a very strange feeling in
my stomach.
When I entered the kitchen Norma and my mother were laughing. Norma just told her about our bet.
I couldn`t stand it any more and left the room.

The next morning I served breakfast at nine o`clock. I knocked at her door and waited for an answer. After
a short moment I heared her sweet voice: " Come in. I`m already very hungry." When I entered the room, I was
overwhelmed by the sight of this beautyfull woman in her lingerie. She was lying on her bed in a seductive pose
and sent me a provocating look. While I was bringing the tray to the bed, she slowly drove her right foot
over her left leg up to her knee and then back down. I could hardly resist starring at her legs. But I knew
she was watching me, so I put down the tray and walked away. But before I reached the door, I heard her
voice again. I was astonished because her tone completely changed.  With a stern voice she said:
" You forget the milk for the coffee. Please go and get me some." It sounds as if she was talking to her butler.
But I was so confused that I did what she said without any protest.
When I returned, she was already having a good time with her breakfast. While I brought her the milk, she said
in a mocking tone:" I love to be served like this. I could really get used to have a servant like you."
Again I was speechless.I couldn`t reply anything. And again there was this strange feeling in my stomach and I
noticed that I was getting hard. I hurried up to leave the room because I didnt want Norma having the triumph
of seeing my errection. Behind me I heard the giggling of Norma.
When I closed the door, my mother came out of her room. Her hair was made up to a ponytail and she was just
wearing underpants and a t-shirt. When she saw me she smiled and said " Oh did you bring Norma her breakfast ? "
Then she walked to the bathroom without waiting for an answer. She was bigger and stronger than Norma but also
very athletic.
While she walked to the bathroom I had a closer look at her bottom and her strong legs. Although she is my mother,
I liked the sight of her body very much.

After having breakfast in the kitchen, I went to the pool because it was a very hot day. My mother and Norma were
already lying in there deckchairs and talking about their highschooltime and the sports they did in highschool.
Both, mother and Norma were members of the swimming team but didn`t do swimming training for years.
My mother had the idee to do a swimming contest. Of course I had to join the contest too.
Again there was a competition with Norma. I was not a spoilsport and I normally have no problem loosing a game but
I hated loosing to Norma. So I had to give all my best to beat her.
Of course she was a swimmer in highschool but it was long time ago and when she really didn`t do swimtraining for
years I would have a good chance to beat her.
I`m a male, I`m bigger than Norma and I`m athletic too. My mother set the rules: two swimmers, the
third person is referee. We had to swim four tracks which means alltogether 80 meters.
" Let us begin." Norma said to me with a very confident look in her face. So we started the competition.
My mother gave the startsignal and we jumped into the pool. On the first 20 meters I saw Norma swimming next
to me. The second track was the same, no one could gain an advantage. On the third track, my arms
began to hurt. I noticed that Norma was in front now. At the end of the third track her legs were in one
line with my head. On the last track my arms hurt terrible and I couldn`t hold the speed. It was
unbelievable. She was as fast as at the beginning of the contest. Finally she made an advantage of
several meters. When I finished, Norma and my mother were already celebrating Normas victory. Again I lost
to this woman and I hated it. Loosing at boccia is one thing, but loosing in a sporting competition to a
beautifull and arousing woman was a shame to me.
Now Norma was swimming against my mother. Norma wan with some meters advantage. My mother wasn`t so bad.
I watched her strong body when she came out of the water. Suddenly I wasn`t sure that I could beat her. In fact
she seemed to be very athletic. But I had no choice. So after a short break we began the contest.
After the start I was in front a little bit. But I still saw my mother at my side.
 I hold the advantage until the end of the second track. Then it was the same as the race against
Norma. My arms began to hurt and I became slower. My mother swam in front and won the match. It was a
desaster for my male ego. Out of the water mom and Norma high-fived.
I was left ashamed and confused at the pool.The women returned to their deckchairs. While they walked back
I watched my conqueresses wiggling their bottoms. I couldn`t belive that I lost to these women in a sporting
competition. It was rather humilating but at the same time arousing to me. I was very confused about these feelings
and it took some time to calm down. I decided to spend the rest of the day without the two ladies.
I left the pool and went inside the house. Before I reached the door, my mother said:
" What about serving a drink for the victresses ?" I don`t want to be a bad looser, so I did what she said. While
preparing the drinks, I saw the ladies lying in their deckchairs through the kitchen window. Again I was stunned
by their gorgeous bodies and again I got hard. I tryed to think about something else but it took me some time
to calm down. My mother called me: Did you forget our drinks ?" Of course the drinks were ready, but I couldn`t
go to the ladies with a bulge in my pants. What a humilating situation.
I answered:" One moment, please." As soon as possible I went out with the drinks.
"Even as a butler he is too slow." Norma said with a provocating voice.
"You see, I`m not made to serve." I answered. "I`m sure you would lern very fast if you were my butler."
Again I was almost speechless. Who did this woman think she is that she talk to me like this ? I just answered
her with a laughter which didn`t sound very authentic. "Be carefull son, she really knows how to handle men."
my mother warned me. She was laughing while she said this, but I didn`t really know how serious she was.
I had enough of these women and left the house.

I spend the whole day in the city. When I returned to our house in the afternoon, Norma and mom were still
lying on there deckchairs at the pool. We talked about the day, then I walked inside the house because I was
hungry. Then something happened. First I heard the mobile of my mother. Then I heard her cry to someone in a
very angry tone. When I arrived at the pool she was still crying into her mobile. She was talking to her
secretary. There seemed to be a problem in the company. Norma and me were starring at my mother. She was
really breath taking when she was angry like this. She finished the call and said" There is a big problem
in the company. Dave, my secretary made a big fault. I have to go to the company immediately. I will
return in two or three days." With that she went to her room. "Pour guy. I never saw her that angry. She
will really kick his ass." Norma said. I agreed. My mother was a hard businesswoman and didn`t accept bad
After some minutes she hurried down the stairs. She was wearing her business suit which means white blouse,
black jacket and black skirt. Only her high heels are missing, she was still in bare feet.
Again I couldn`t help but stare at her legs and feet. "I`m sorry but I must go back and save this project.
I`m really going to kill this asshole." my mother said while she slipped in her high heels. "By and have
a good time" she said and out she was. " I`m sure we will have a good time. What do you think ?" Norma asked
sending me a provocative smile. Without waiting for an answer, she turned around and left the room wiggling
her beautifull bottom. What a woman. Although I was attracted to Normas beautiful body I didn`t like the thought
of beeing alone with her several days. But I had no choice. "Let`s make the best of the situation" I thought
"and better no more competition".
When I went to the kitchen, I heard Normas voice ....                   

End of part 1


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Re: Loosing to NORMA
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Very good.........................................

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Re: Loosing to NORMA
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peace ya man

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Re: Loosing to NORMA
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sure to ready next part.


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Re: Loosing to NORMA
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Re: Loosing to NORMA
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يسلمو أديك على المجهود الرائع
 Gp lool

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Re: Loosing to NORMA
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