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A nice set of balls
« on: February 16, 2009, 01:11:20 AM »
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I was summoned to the corner office of my new boss.  I knew very little about
Ms. Mills.  I had transferred in from another division half way across the
country.  By reputation, she was a hard ass who produced results.  I pondered my
appearance and opted to leave my jacket in my cubicle.

I appeared at her outer office, right on time and waited to be called in.  I
was kept waiting for ten minutes or so and sent in.  She was seated at her
desk, watching me as I crossed to her.  There was no chair on my side of the
desk.  “This one plays games,” I thought.  I hesitated and then stood, waiting.

“No jacket,” she said.  “You’re awfully casual.  I hope you don’t go to initial client meetings like that.”

“No,” I stammered, going on the defensive.  “I’m very careful about that.”

“I see,” she said.  “And I’m just your new boss.  Is that it?”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” I said trying to sound forceful.  I couldn’t
believe it.  I was with her for less than five minutes and I had already fucked
up.  She shot me a withering look.  Turning to my personnel file, she rattled
off the results of my past evaluations, noted my one or two lateness memos and
concluded I was an “adequate employee.”  I thought I was better than that.
Then she let me know that my job was not guaranteed.  She was making changes,
layoffs, demotions, a restructuring and she was deciding, today, who would stay
and who would go.  My heart sunk.

“Right about now you’re regretting leaving your jacket in your office aren’t
you,” she asked.  I nodded “yes” with a sheepish look.  “What’s that,” she

“Yes,” I answered quickly.  “I regret it.”

“Well, let’s see if you can make it up to me,” Ms. Mills said.  “Do you have
the guts for this job?”

“I think I do,” I said.  A look of impatience crossed her face.

“You think,” she said derisively.  “Prove it.”

I looked at her, wondering what I was expected to do.  Her face only grew
darker and angrier.

“Take off your shirt and let’s see of you got the guts,” she barked.   I balked.
I thought she must be kidding.  I wondered how much I needed this job and I
took off my tie and shirt.  Ms. Mills stood up from her chair and came around
to my side of the table.  She inspected me.

“Not bad,” she said.  “A little flabby, but you’ll work that off at the gym.
How about pain?  Can you tolerate pain?”     

“Pain?” I asked as Ms. Mills was making a note in my file.  She turned back to
me, grabbed each of my nipples in her hands and started to twist mercilessly.

“Yes, pain,” she snapped.  As I reached up, she ordered me to put my hands
down.  I had to endure pain to work under her, she said.  Her nipple torture
went on for over a minute.  My face was reddening and my eyes were tearing up
by the time she stopped.

“That was very, very good,” she said while making another note in my file.   For
some perverse reason I was feeling pleased at having won her approval on this
bizarre test.  My job was perhaps not in jeopardy.

“Do you have the balls for this job,” she asked staring me right in the eyes.
“You can’t mean that,” I said.

“Hey if you don’t, you don’t,” she said.  “You wouldn’t the first guy I‘ve
excessed because he’s got a tiny pair.”

I thought about the humiliation I had already suffered.  I thought about my
student loan, car and mortgage payments.  I undid my belt and inched down my
pants and underwear revealing my penis and balls.  I was redfaced with a
combination of embarrassment and anger as I stood.  “Take off your shoes and
pants,” Ms. Mills ordered.  I obeyed, kicking my shoes, pants and underwear to
the side.  I straightened up again, looking and feeling foolish dressed only in
my watch and socks.

“Hold your penis out of the way and come around on my side of the desk,” Ms.
Mills ordered.  I marched to her chair as she sat down.  My balls were at eye
level to her.  She reached up with hand, squeezed and weighed them.  She leaned
in to smell them and then, to my surprise, she licked each one.

“A nice set of balls,” she said making another note in my file.  “Nice size,
nice smell, nice flavor.  Very good.”

Ms. Mills stood and gripped my balls tight.  She pulled up forcing me up onto
my toes.

“I expect a ‘thank you’ when I pay someone a compliment,” she said.

“Thank you,” I stammered wincing at the pain her grip was causing.

“Who am I?” she said.

“Thank you, Ms. Mills,” I said.

“For?” she said.

“Thank you, Ms. Mills for saying I have a nice set of balls,” I blurted out
quickly.  She loosened her grip and sat down.  She idly stroked my balls with
her nails.  It was pleasurable after the painful massage.     

“Get back on the other side of the desk and take off your socks and watch,” she
ordered.  I complied.  I was now completely naked.  Embarrassed, I covered my
genitals with my hands.

“Put your hands at your sides,” Ms. Mills barked.  “You must never be afraid to
be exposed in front of me.  You must never be afraid to take risks, to be
naked, to be vulnerable.  In this division, I gather a bunch of secretaries and
make my salesmen do a sales pitch naked in front of them.  The ones who got
erections got fired, the others learned to focus on their jobs not their cocks.
Could you do that?”

“I think I could, Ms. Mills,” I said.  She continued eyeing me and making notes
in my file.  She dropped her pen, leaned back in her chair and looked me in the

“Are you man enough for this job?” she asked.  I did not understand the

“I think I am,” I said.  She continued staring at me.

“I want to see your erection,” she said, sounding exasperated.  “Any man with
under six inches gets cut, so to speak.  Now get that flaccid, little thing

I took my penis in my hand and started to stroke it.  I wasn’t sure I could get
it up between my embarassment and the pressure of saving my job.  I tried to
remember my measurements knowing I did not have a large penis.  I continued
stroking while Ms. Mills watched me intently.

“That’s it,” she said.  “Get it nice and hard.  Let me see your big cock.”

Her encouragement helped.  I suddenly wanted to please her and show her my
erection.  My penis grew harder and I studied her face hoping for further kind
words.  I stopped when my penis was hard enough to stand straight out and
looked to her for approval.

“Come here,” she said.  I stepped to her side of the desk.  She took my balls
in one hand, pulled me closer to her and studied my erection.  Ms. Mills took
my penis in her mouth and sucked.  Her tongue probed my peehole, swirled across
the head and then her lips delicately grazed my glans.  I thought I would faint
with the pleasure.  I got even harder.  She spat my cock out of her mouth.

“You see it’s not all pain working with me,” she said as she took a piece of
string and ran its length along the back of my penis.  She carefully placed the
string along a ruler.

“Six and a quarter,” she announced.  She wrapped the string around the thickest
part of my shaft and then placed the string next to the ruler.

“Five and a quarter,” she said making another note in my file.  “You barely
measure up.  It’s not a small penis, but it’s not a large penis either is it?”

She stared at me expectantly.  I lowered my head feeling shame and anger.   “No,
Ms. Mills,” I said.  “I don’t have a large penis.”   

“I don’t know about you,” she said.  “But you said six inches,” I objected.  My
erection was starting to sag.  Ms. Mills hit her intercom and asked her
secretary to come in.  I started to reach for my clothes.

“Leave them,” Ms. Mills ordered.  “I have no secrets from Ms. Roscover and
neither do you.”

I stood there, naked, as Ms. Roscover entered and did not give me so much as a
second glance.  The two women conferred quietly with occasional glances at me
or my file.

“Come here,” Ms. Roscover said.  She spat in her hand and took my half-hard
penis in her hand.  She quickly stroked me until I was hard again.  She briefly
weighed my balls in her other hand.

“I see what you mean,” Ms. Roscover said.  “It is small.  Nice balls though.
Perhaps he has other attributes.”

“Perhaps,” Ms. Mills said.  “Do you appreciate your employer?   Are you eager to

“Yes,” I said quickly not knowing what I was agreeing to.  Ms. Roscover turned
her skirt around and undid the clips.  It dropped to the floor and I saw she
was not wearing panties.  Her stockings were held up by a garter belt.  She
unclipped her hose and pushed them down and off her feet.  Then she opened her
top to reveal a black corset and no bra.  Her breasts were sitting firm at the
top of the corset.  Stepping to me, Ms. Roscover took my balls in her hand.

“Are you eager to please,” she asked.  Imagining we were about to have sex, I
bent my head to kiss her only to have her squeeze my balls hard.

“That’s very presumptuous of you,” she said.  “We’re not about to screw.  You
are pleasing me.”

I started to reach for her breasts.  She squeezed my balls again and said
“lower.”  I looked at her crotch and she shook her head “no.”   I got down on
all fours and began sucking and licking her feet.

“That’s a good boy,” she said.  After five minutes, I looked up for approval.
Ms. Mills was looking on with a smile.  Ms. Roscover told me I could move up.
I kissed my way up her legs to her pussy.  I kissed her lips and thrust my
tongue into her.  I caressed her clitoris with my lips.  She put her hand into
my hair and directed me.  I took this as a sign that I was doing well.  Ms.
Roscover had one orgasm while standing.  She sent me out to her desk, naked and
half-erect,  to fetch her chair.  She sat and I continued my work until she had
a second orgasm.  Ms. Roscover pulled my head up to her breasts.  I made love
to them.  Turned on, I reached for my erection only to have Ms. Mills order to
keep my hands away from it.  Finally, she gently pushed me away.  I remained
kneeling in front of her.

“That was very good,” she said.  She spat into her hand and masturbated me
briefly.  I groaned.  I looked to Ms. Mills hoping I was done.

“What do you say when Ms. Roscover touches your penis?” she asked.

“Thank you,” I said turning to Ms. Roscover.  Ms. Mills scowled in disapproval.

“Thank you, Ms. Roscover, for touching my penis,” I said quickly.  Ms. Mills
still looked annoyed.  I was exhausted and humiliated, but I was dying to cum.
As much as I wanted to leave the room, I wanted to stay.  I hoped for another
touch, more approval, maybe even some sexual gratification.  Ms. Mills called
me to her side of the desk.

“You attempted to touch your penis while serving Ms. Roscover,” she said.
“That was wrong.”

She stood and took my erection in her hand.  With her other hand she gripped my
balls, hard.  She pulled up, bringing me up onto my toes and looked me hard in
the face.       

“If you want to work here then you are mine,” she said.  “Your work, your mind,
your body are mine as long as you are employed here.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ms. Mills,” I said.

“So who owns these,” she asked gripping my penis tight and balls even tighter.

“They are your balls, Ms. Mills, and that is your penis,” I said.  Pulling me
by my erection she pressed my penis against her desktop.  Reaching into her
desk, she pulled out stamp and ink pad.  With a quick stroke she inked the
stamp and applied it along the length of my erection.  I looked down and there
in red ink were the words “Property of Ms. Mills.”  Then, using a red marker,
she wrote “These balls belong to Ms. Mills” on the inside of each of my thighs
with an arrow pointing to my balls.     

“Just two more tests,” said Ms. Mill.  “You’re doing very well.”

I livened up.  I was pleasing her.  She began to delicately scrape her nails
along my balls.  “Can you kiss ass?” she asked.

I knew exactly what was expected now.  I looked over at Ms. Roscover and she
had turned her chair around.  Her arms were resting on the chair back and her
ass was waiting.  “Sure,” I said, surrendering completely.  I crossed over to
her, got down on my knees and began to kiss and lick her ass cheeks.

“Those are cheeks,” Ms. Mills barked.  “I said ass.”

I looked at Ms. Mills.  Reluctantly, I pulled Ms. Roscover’s cheeks apart and
leaned in to give her rectum a quick kiss.

“I think you can do better than that,” Ms. Mills said.  “I’d like to see the
same sort of enthusiasm that you showed in eating her pussy.”

I paused.  I pulled her cheeks apart again and leaned in for another kiss, then
a lick, then I thrust my tongue into her rectum.  I kept it up for two or three
minutes until Ms. Mills told me I could stop.  She came over to me and stood
there running her fingers through my hair.  “Just one last thing,” she said to
my relief.

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Re: A nice set of balls
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Re: A nice set of balls
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Re: A nice set of balls
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                                                              I AM STILL A LIFE TO BE UNDER SUZANNE FEET

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Re: A nice set of balls
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قد لا استطيع تغيير مجتمع بأسره لكن ذلك لا يعني أن اخضع لطقوسه ونواميسه البالية ! و تراكمات
مجتمعات ذكورية افضت إلى وضع متردي للمرأة

عندما تتساوي المرأة مع الرجل فإنها تصبح سيدته - سقراط
و نحن لا نطالب سوي بالمساواة، و لقد بدأت مساواة الرجل بالمرأة بالفعل

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Re: A nice set of balls
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"bardeh";  I had to delete the last section as it contains a man getting f***ed, which is not allowed in these sections as I stated previously.

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Re: A nice set of balls
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i think it good one

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Re: A nice set of balls
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nice 1
I am sorry but please reply me in ENGLISH as I do not understand Arabic... Thanks!!!

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Re: A nice set of balls
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shit i know now why we are not sevilzed

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Re: A nice set of balls
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Re: A nice set of balls
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Re: A nice set of balls
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Re: A nice set of balls
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Re: A nice set of balls
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bla bla bla
Learning To Fly ....

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I'd like to reply to this so I can read the story. Thanks'


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