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f/f story i really like it
« on: October 27, 2008, 06:06:42 PM »
القصة دى قرأتها و اتمنى تعجبكم واللى هبعت كارما هدعيله

Business Partner's Slave

Jessica had been my best friend for years.

She was about 5’9” tall with dark hair and incredibly good-looking. When we went out to bars, she was the one boys flocked around. As her friend - the geeky one with the "good sense of humour" - I had a fair share of male attention, but only because they wanted to know who my friend was and what kind of guys she liked.

Anyway, when we got the chance to go into business together we both quit our previous jobs and went for it. I was delighted because, unbeknownst to Jessica, I had secretly worshipped her and particularly her feet for years.

Our partnership prospered until Jessica and I were in our late twenties, where we had 25 employees. I'd subtly manoeuvred the office power-play so that, despite it being an equal partnership, Jessica felt superior to me. I'd bring her coffee in the morning, make sure her projects got priority and generally try to boost her ego. Her specialty was sales, while mine was engineering so I always used to joke about engineers being at the whim of sales people - and then savour the moment when she'd take the bait.

Often she'd just give an evil grin, sigh and say: "where would I be without my technical slave?" Her eyes would twinkle and I would put on my most sarcastic tone of voice and say: "thank you master, my life is complete".

Then one of us would change the subject, though I always wished it were true.

The story really starts after we re-organized the layout of the office.

We'd always preferred an open layout, feeling it helped develop communication between the staff. When we changed the layout, mine and Jessica's desks were facing - with a partition attached to the top of the desks. This meant that there was no partition beneath the desks, it was open and we could stretch our legs out. I had a laptop computer and, because I was often out on site, I had to go under the desk to plug in or unplug the charger.

One day, after lunch, I went to unplug the computer and saw that Jessica was sat at her desk - her legs stretched out and feet crossed at the ankles. Her feet were right beside my laptop charger! I suddenly had a thought ‘would it be possible for me to gently lick, or kiss, her shoes without her noticing?’

My heart was pounding as I puckered my lips and moved closer to her toes. I could feel the heat of her foot radiating through the leather of her expensive hand-made, black, Italian pumps. I placed a gentle kiss on the toe of her shoe, and instantly licked my lips. There was a warm, dusty, leathery taste, and it was like nectar! Just in case she'd noticed, I punched the sole of her shoe and said "move your feet, you fat slob. I need to unplug my latop!" Jessica grunted, her feet retreated and I unplugged the computer. It was a brief experience, but over the weeks that followed I got braver and braver.

Once, we'd been eating lunch in the canteen. I noticed a small piece of cheese had fallen from Jessica's sandwich onto her breast while she was eating. When Jessica stood up, the cheese fell to the floor and she stepped on it. It stuck to the sole of her shoe as she walked back to her desk. Stupid as it may sound, I would have given anything to trade places with that piece of Swiss cheese.

I so much wanted to feel insignificant beneath her delicate feet - with Jessica *really* humiliating me instead of just in jokey office banter. Later that afternoon, as she stretched out her legs again - I went beneath the desk and licked the cheese off the sole of her shoe. I felt so pathetic, but also happy - as if I was lower than the dirt stuck to the bottom of Jessica's shoes. Fridays were casual days, so Jessica would often wear her flip flops or sneakers to the office.

Over time, I licked the soles of every pair of shoes she ever wore to work. If it had been raining, or she'd just used the bathroom, and there were dried splashes on her shoes, I'd gently work with my tongue to remove them.

One Friday we were working late to get a large tender quotation out before the deadline. Everyone else had left and Jessica had just asked me to get her a coffee, while she tried to understand the tender's technical requirements.

When I put the coffee on her desk, she glanced over at it. "Not enough milk", she said. "Jeez Jessica - what did your last slave die of?" I asked.

"Boredom, due to underwork" she replied, "I want to make sure you don't go the same way". She looked up and gave her cheeky grin. "Yes master" I retorted sarcastically and took her cup back to the kitchen. When I returned, Jessica was deep in thought, so I decided I'd quietly get working on the soles of her new Gucci’s without her noticing. I'd just cleaned some water splashes from the toe when I heard a voice above me. "Don't forget to clean the heels."

I froze for a second, then quickly backed up to pretend to be working on my computer. "What the hell are you talking about?" I said, trying to sound annoyed, but really trying to control my nerves and stop my voice shaking.

"I said - Don't forget to clean the heels", Jessica replied, "if you're going to lick my shoes then make sure you clean the heels."

Now my heart was racing, but I couldn't admit to my best friend that I'd been licking her shoes for weeks and worshipped her perfect feet for years, could I? I decided on the bluff - "So sad", I said, "you're only a little bit older than me, but you've lost your mind already."

"Hmmm", said Jessica, "Maybe I am going mad. I'll just double-check the footage I recorded to see."

With that I raced round the other side of the desk to see video footage of me on Jessica's computer screen. There it was, myself under her desk lapping away at her shoes like a pathetic slave.

"Ahhhem" I started...

"Shut up." ordered Jessica, "I had a suspicion something was happening, so I set up a little camera to see. So... you like my feet, do you? That changes things. That changes things big time."

By now, I had no idea what was going to happen next, so I just stayed silent.

"Anyway," Jessica continued, "I think that's enough work for me for tonight".

She shut down her computer and headed for the door. "Lock up here", she ordered, "and get in my car. I've got plenty more work for you."

I decided I had no choice but to obey. I locked up the offices, set the alarm, and then went to Jessica's car in the car park. She was stood beside it as I went to get in the passenger side.

"No you don't!" Jessica said, "Dogs travel in the trunk!" She opened the trunk of her car. "Get in!"

Now I knew I was stuck. "Yes master" I said, but all the sarcasm was now gone from my voice. I climbed into the trunk of her car and she shut the lid.

We travelled for about 15 minutes. During this time I realized that Jessica had left her running shoes in the trunk, so I stuck my nose in them and inhaled deeply. There it was - the true smell of Jessica's feet; the smell that had merely tempted me before. A beautiful smell of leather and sweat mixed in perfect musky harmony. I licked them all over, to pass the time, tasting the salty bite of the toe and arch areas. I was so engaged in doing this that I didn't realize the car had stopped.

Jessica lifted the trunk lid and laughed out loud when she saw me with her Adidas running shoe in my hand. "Jeez - you can't get enough of my feet, can you?" she laughed, "Get out dog."

We went into Jessica's house, which she shared with a lodger called Rose. Jessica led me to the sitting room and sat down on a tan leather sofa. I remained standing.

"Right then" Jessica chuckled, "new rules. Number 1 - I am now your goddess. You belong to me and to my feet. Anything I say is law to you, got it?" I nodded dumbly. "Good dog. Number 2 - I am now 100% owner of our business. We'll transfer the assets tomorrow. As of now you work for me, but you won't be getting paid with money. If I deem you have worked well, you will be allowed to lick my shoes, socks, or feet as a reward. Number 3 – Rose will now be moving out, I won't need the rent she pays any more, you will move in to better serve me. I will require you to cook my meals, clean the house, do my laundry and anything else I choose.”
“Finally number 4 - You will not tell anyone about your new life. If you disobey me, I will publish my little home videos and you will be ruined. Understand?"

The enormity of this was almost too much. Only an hour before, I was the successful partner of a small business, with a secret fetish. Now I was nothing - less than nothing. Still, I accepted - what else could I do? I couldn't believe how quickly Jessica had assumed this new masterful role, maybe this is what she wanted too?

"Lie on the floor", ordered Jessica. As I lay down, she stood up. She towered above me like a goddess, staring down at her new belonging. My eyes followed the line of her body, from her shoes, up her long, sexy legs to her narrow waist. Jessica spent a lot of time improving her physique, which led to a strong and toned body, a true work of art. The business suit she wore elegantly clung to her curves. I had always been envious of her figure and I wanted to worship her more than anything. Her lips were now twisted into a slightly cruel smile. She lifted her foot and placed it on my face.

"Lick!", she commanded, as everything went dark. I hesitated slightly – the last time I would ever do this - and she pressed further into my face with her shoe.

"You are a maggot", Jessica said, "You are less than a maggot, I'd give more thought to crushing a bug than crushing you. I will have no problems in stomping the life out of you - extinguishing your existence beneath my powerful feet. NOW LICK!!" As I stuck out my tongue, I heard a crack and felt a searing pain as my nose broke beneath Jessica's shoe.

Blood flowed down my face, but I continued until Jessica was happy. I then had to clean up the mess my blood had made on her polished, wooden floor and thank her for teaching me a valuable lesson.

And so my new life began. Jessica really is my master now and I belong to her. I have nothing else in my life apart from serving her and her royal feet.

Now, in the mornings I wake Jessica by gently licking or kissing the soles of her feet. I have already laid out her clothes and prepared her breakfast. After her morning shower, and while she eats, I clean her shoes with my tongue. When she is satisfied with the job, I gently place her shoes on her majestic feet and drive her to work. I do my work throughout the day, and drive Jessica home.

I enter the house first and lay down on the floor for her to wipe the dirt from her shoes, after which I cook her dinner. While she eats, I remove her shoes and massage her beautiful size 7 feet. After dinner Jessica relaxes on the sofa and watches TV or reads.

I am then allowed to remove her socks, and lick her perfect, soft soles - up and around her high arches and between her long toes. Truth be told, I have grown quite addicted to the taste of her feet and once, when Jessica punished me by refusing to allow me to lick her feet, I begged so much that I agreed to sell my house and give her the proceeds. If you've never tasted another girl's foot, you probably won't understand. There is nothing quite like the taste of the female foot. The foot's natural heat, plus being confined in shoes and socks all day gives it a salty, slightly acerbic flavour.

The anticipation is built by removing the shoe and basking in the pungent warm aroma. I remove her black, sheer sock - now somewhat clammy from the day's sweat and set it aside as if it's part of the Crown Jewels. Then I start cleaning her feet. Gently working with my teeth on areas of hard skin gives great satisfaction and there's no better reward for me than when her toes curl, her foot recoils in pleasure, or she jams the heel or ball of her foot into my face while I'm working. I take a long time over each foot, and make sure that all toejam and sock fluff are removed--particularly from between her toes and along her perfectly pedicured toenails.

When Jessica has tired of using me as her foot bath, I am allowed to assume my position on the floor as her footstool. During this time I am ordered to raise, or lower, myself as she wishes. When she goes to bed, I am allowed to eat and then must prepare everything for the following day.

Occasionally, when I do not obey as quickly as I should, Jessica stomps on me with her boots or kicks me in the face, and I thank her for this. She often goes out for evenings as she has a boyfriend, and I wait at home for her - watching the clock until she returns. She never leaves me with nothing to do when she's out though - I always have her shoes to clean and often she leaves me with one of her sweaty, work-out socks to suck on until she returns.

If she has been drinking, she will often humiliate me by making me lick her toes in front of her friends (people who were, until recently, my friends too - so much for rule 4!) Each night I sleep on the floor by her bed like a floor mat. I often hope she will need the bathroom during the night so that she will have to step on me, making me feel useful to her. To many people, this would sound like a terrible existence, but to me--this is what I had dreamed about for years. I am now finally Jessica's humble slave.

My dream has come true and I know where I should spend the rest of my life.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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Re: f/f story i really like it
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2008, 07:07:56 PM »
thank you.. karma +

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Re: f/f story i really like it
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veryy very nice story,,continue ,,very erotic

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Re: f/f story i really like it
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جميل جداااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا

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Re: f/f story i really like it
« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2009, 08:47:21 PM »
Very good  k++

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Re: f/f story i really like it
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very nice


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Re: f/f story i really like it
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يسلمو أديك على المجهود الرائع
 Gp lool

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Re: f/f story i really like it
« Reply #7 on: June 02, 2010, 12:52:14 AM »
مشششكور وكارما مني ريس
قلب الأسد مستشار الأمن القومي بقسم الصور

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Re: f/f story i really like it
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i lik it

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Re: f/f story i really like it
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nice story indeed I enjoyed reading it and you deserve a karma, no doubt.


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