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The situation become very difficult,Julia was like a woman who had an electric schock ,the only thing that she can say:
sandra ,you are mad , i will fire this girl from my house

Sandra said: you can not mother ,the house is mine , and you know that?
Julia said in angry voice:ok the house is yours but this will not prevent me from slapping this italian girl and she will leave after

Sandra replied:you can not do this Mom
Julia answered:why?,I do not lose  my hands

Sandra smiled:because Mistress Karla is the owner of this house ,i sold her thi house ,she is the owener of me and all my money
and properties

Julia look to be paralyzed or semi parlayzed

Sandra continued:and you will join me in being her slave asking her forgiveness, and do what make her happy, do not be less than me and Birgette who is completely devoted to her.

Julia said: are you joking?
sandra said:no ,either to be Karla slave or you can leave the house.

Suddenly it seems that Julia resistance had been broken at all and she begins to accept the new situation then she
 said:but what about your aunt Mary? how she will accept that?

Sandra said:do not worry I well explain her this critical position.

My daughter sandra went to tell my sister Mary,and after that she call her she came and set near me,we are 3  sitting together now
I look to Sandra to persuade her to talk, so she said I didn't know from where I will start:how did you see karla,Aunty?

Mary said:very pretty girl,I note you didn't stop looking at her feet,Sandra, but you are right her feet are very pretty,me also like them.
I was surprised but even in my dreams i do not expect that Mary will give me te entry to talk to her in this subject , i can say she diminishes the distance for me.

As Mary had attention about Karla's feet,I gathered my courage and said:yes they are,and she like the people
take care about her feet,so my daughter is her foot slave and she  talked to her to make me her feet servant.

Mary did not show any surprise and said:me also was thinking about that? so it is funny we are two sisters in the forties wish to serve and touch the feet of teenage  girl who is afriend to your lovely daughter who we carried after her born .
I asked Mary:Will I ask her about you?
She said:yes please.
Sandra said:let us begin, karla wants you,Mom to bring her a coctail of juice and go to her room

I went to the kitchen made a coctail and went to Karla room,I knoked the door,she said come in,I entered her room she was setting on office chair,and putting her bare feet on the office
table,i serve her the coctail,
She take the glass and point to near the table were she put her feet on,and said:set down.
I knelt were she point as no chair there,now her sole direct in front of my face.she start drinking the coctail.

Then she start playing in the glass by her hands and said:you ,Julia,you want to be my feet slave!it's nice to have more foot servant,now i'm already have two,my teacher in collegue from france and your american daughter,

I like to have more servants under my feet,make your face tuch my sole,i make my face close and close to her foot
untill my face touch her soft sole.

She said:what you feel now?
I said:i feel you are a queen,and i'm less than a servant in front of you,i'm ready to be under your command just to be under your royal feet,
She moved her foot and laughed,she said:i know you will say that,i know the magic of the touch of my sole,she made her foot close to my face again and said:lick my foot.

I licked her arch,her sole and between her toes,i sucked her toes,she moved her toe from my mouth but kept her big soft toe on my lips and said:now what you are feel?

I said:you are great mistress,and my life is nothing without
your feet,in front of you i wish to be the ground you walk on,to be your doormat to lick the dirt under your shoes,your foot stool to relax your royal feet on me,i don't know how i was live before i be under your feet,this is the life.

She said:i see you will be good Slave,Julia,she start working on the computer and said:you may to kiss my feet now.

I start to kiss,i start with her small toe,and then kissed each toes,kissed the instep on her foot,her arch,and her sole,she
made her foot dangle from the table,i followed it bowed my head and kissed the instep of her foot and her
toes,and back to her arch and her heels,then she moved her foot,and put her
big toe on my mouth,i still like this for 20 minutes kneeling,her toes on my
mouth and she working on the computer,i was licking her toes i made my
tongue all around her toe,it was like a tasty candy,i never intersted in like this tast before,really i like it.after she finishes she try to move her toe from my mouth,but i was moving with her foot keeping the toe in my mouth,i don't wont this to finish

She laughed,and said:you have to do just what i want,i know how much you love my feet,but you have to touch my feet
just as i want and when i want.

Then i moved her toe from my mouth,bowed my head making my nose between her toes and said:i am sorry mistress,please
forgive me.
She kicked my head by her toes and said:you can raise your head
now,and she put her foot back on the table.i raised my head to be in front of her sole again,and said:can i ask you for some thing mistress.
She said:yes
I said: My sister Mary asks to have the honor to be your feet servant also.

Karla laughed and said:I have enough servant now,and I accept you as my slave only for the sake of your daughter but i'll see later.

I bowed my head closer to her sole and said ;Please mistress.

Karla kicked my nose by her sole and saidne time more if you don't listen to my orders you will not be more my servant.
I said:sorry mistress please forgive me. she said:go now from my room. i start to go out from her room,on my four.


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thanks man! i  "lol"love your story!

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i gave you karma because you deserve it
 it is a good story

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very very good el series shaklaha to7fa

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bs lw el story feha 2aswa shewaya tkoon a7la


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thanks for sharing  m"  lool

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I like this story veeeeeeeeery much k++ lool k+


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