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sister foot fetish (part 7)


mahmoud kareem:
Yesterday I was with some friends when my sister sent me a message saying 'mum and dad are out for the whole day got a free house to try on my presents' so within seconds I had made an excuse to my friends and was back home. I got in and my sister was laying on the sofa in a tight short shorts and a low cut top showing off her tits and long sexy legs dangling her new orange heels off her feet. She got up and starting undoing my pants and then started stroking my cock slowly telling me how horny she was. I was so horny and excited that my sister was stroking my cock again, it had been so long that I was on the verge of cumming when she stopped and told me she'd suck while letting me suck her toes if I rung kate and got her to come round. I asked why? She said she wanted Kate to experience how she felt when all she could do was watch when kate was having her way with me. I rung kate expecting her not to answer as I had already tried ringing her mulitple times over the previous few days to apologise but she didn't answer any of my calls. This time same again no answer. After a few more times of trying with no answer my sister said 'tough, no more action for you then' and told me she was off out. I had to finish myself off over pictures on my sisters facebook. Fucking Kate not answering. Bitch

So, yesterday Kate finally rung me and said she would forgive me if I took her out in to town and bought her a whole new outfit for a night out she was going on (with my sister and a couple of other friends would you believe). Bizarelly they'd still been doing normal friends stuff as if everything was normal ever since me and kate had started doing stuff which i found odd but there you go. I am very short of money at the minute but I thought going in a bit deeper in to my overdraft was worth it as I was beginning to miss her sweet smelling feet. On the way there we spoke about everything and she said she was just dissapointed that I obviously preferred my sisters feet a hell of a lot more if I would take the option I did over a footjob off her. I just said it was because it had been a while since my sister had let me do anything so I had to go for that option. I told her her toes were painted silver to which she replied 'can't really blame you then she does have reallly hot toes'. That got my cock twitching in my pants. After walking around for a few hours I ended up buying her a black short tight skirt, a black and white striped top and black heels with straps all over them. Not the sexiest outfit but its what she wanted and that was the deal. I was we got back to hers she sat down on the sofa and I instantly got to working worship her feet, licking up and down her soles slowly while inhaling the sweat that had been developing on them over the days shopping. I then started sucking on her black painted toes telling her that i regretted choosing wanking over my sisters feet the other day over this (in reality i'd pick the same option again in the circumstances) after about half an hour of worshipping them relentlessly she pulled out my cock and started stroking it with her beautiful feet. The look in her eyes of concentration turns me on so much when she's pumping my dick with her soles and toes. After a few minutes she turned around and started giving me a reverse footjob so i could see her beautiful big ass in her leggins. After a few minutes of that i shot my load all over the place. After cleaning myself up and a bit of chit chat I went home. She told me she'd see me tomorrow as the pre drinks for their girls night out is at mine as my parents are going to the theatre. Could be interesting as my sister is none the wiser about me and kate making up.


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