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sister foot fetish (part 5)


mahmoud kareem:
basically since i last posted until now i would get to worship my sisters feet and receive footjobs off her any time we were both back home and alone. she would also send me pictures of her feet and learnt how to self foot worship which turned me on immensely. however in march she got a boyfriend and told me that it had to stop. I was obviously gutted and tried everything to persuade her to change her mind and the times where we found ourselves alone were very frustrating as she seemed set in her ways and wouldn't even tease me. Last week I came back to the family home for the summer as i've finished university for the year and yesterday my sister did the same. As i knew she was coming back and that we would have the house to ourselves all afternoon I decided to get naked in the front room and have a wank over a video of her giving me a footjob which we had recorded earlier in the year. When she walked in to the house it became clear she was with someone else as there were two voices. I panicked as there was nothing to cover myself up with and i couldn't turn the video off as i had plugged the laptop in to the tv and the remote was across the room. Next thing i know her friend kate is walking through to the front room dressed in a black jumper, a short black tight pencil skirt and black tights. She stopped in her tracks as she saw me laying there with my rock hard cock and with a smirk on her face shouted to my sister who was shutting the front door 'oh my god your brothers in here naked having a wank' not even noticing what was on the tv. My sister then came rushing in pretending to be disgusted with me like she hadn't seen her brothers cock before telling me that im a massive perv and should be doing that in my room. While she was saying this i noticed kate staring at the tv intrigued by what she was watching. 'is that you 2?!' she said in disbelief. My sister looked at the tv and instantly knew what it was and tried to deny it but then it became blatantly clear it was her when the camera zoomed in to her face as she licked my cum off her feet. Kate was horrified and told my sister what a disgusting slut my sister was and how wrong both of us were. My sister told her it was no longer going on and that she couldn't help how good it felt to have her feet played with and worshipped. I asked kate if she had ever given a footjob or had her feet worshipped to which she replied no. I told her that maybe if i showed her how it felt she could understand more. She asked me if i ever fantasised about her feet and i said yes, which i did. My sister looked extremely jealous as it became clear kate was warming to the idea of having her feet stuffed in my face and around my cock knowing she had put an end to our arrangement. Eventually i got on my knees next where kate was sitting and starting rubbing her nylon feet as she said 'well i have been on my feet all day helping your sister move her stuff out of the uni house so a foot massage would be nice'. I began sniffing and licking her soles as she laid her head back moaning gently. 'Im just gonna sit over here and watch' my sister said who was wearing leggings and black ballerina flats. After a while i got back on the sofa and put one of kates feet on my cock with the other still in my face as i gently kissed her pink toes which were still covered in nylon. My sister asked me what her feet tasted like and asked kate what my cock felt like on her foot. She was itching to join. Eventually Kate was pumping my cock with both her feet telling my sister that she fully understood why she enjoyed doing this and that she would be calling me up to make this a regular thing. My sister was raging with jealousy and marched over got on her knees and proceeded to suck and kiss my bellend while doing the same to kates feet as they went up and down my shaft. 'God i've missed this cock' she said. It didn't take me long to shoot my cum all in to my sisters mouth. She spat it in to kates shoes. As the realisation hit what she had done again my sister said that only happened because shes easily made jealous and for me not to expect to have her feet any time soon. As kate left she told me she was serious about doing it again and gave me her number. The plan is to use kate to try and get my sisters smelly and beautiuful feet back in my  life again. i'll let you know how it goes

Last week my sister and her boyfriend broke up. Up until then from the last time i posted me and her friend kate have regularly been meeting up for footjobs, foot worship, blowjobs and even fucked a couple of times. My sister was well aware of what was going on however she was only 'involved' in one of the encounters after the initial one and even then that was just watching. This was when she agreed to let kate put a pair of her tights and heels and give me a shoejob. Not gonna lie it was quite painful with the shoes but the fact it was my sisters shoes and she was watching sort of counter acted the pain and made it one of the hottest things i've ever experienced. Kate is now pretty much at the same stage my sister was in the sense that she's admitted that she is starting to get turned on by girls feet and has told me she's desperate to get her mouth round my sisters toes something I am also craving badly. Now my sister has broke up with her boyfriend me and kate are going to ask if she would like to join us later. I will let you now how it goes


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