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Author Topic: sister foot fetish (part 4)  (Read 1086 times)

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sister foot fetish (part 4)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:47:07 AM »
Yesterday nothing happened other than her coming back in the morning from her night out to find a black pair of ballerina flats creamed as well as a pair of orange sky high heels. However, obviously by the time she got in the cum had dried up but the marks were still there as was that cummy smell. The reason why nothing happened that day was because i was at a theme park all day with friends and stayed over at one of their houses. She was sending me snapchats of her feet all day though telling me how she wished i was there to make her feet 'feel good'. When i got home this morning i had the house to myself as she was at work all day so under NORMAL circumstances (lets face it this isn't remotely normal) I would have had a wank or 2 in the afternoon to keep me occupied but decided to save myself for my sister and her gorgeous feet. The day felt like it went on forever as i waited in anticipation for her to walk in in her sexy work outfit. Finally she got in at about half 5 and as soon as i saw her car pull in to the drive i stripped off to i was fully naked. She walked in, looking unbelievable is in a sexy green office dress and the black heels that she had left in the bathroom for me that time. She hardly had time to walk through the door as i was on all fours with my tongue out licking at her shoes and tops of her feet, there was no fucking around as she told me she had been waiting all day for this and asked me what i wanted her to put on. I told her to just take her dress off and put the smallest underwear she had on. She reminded me of the non nude rule and i reminded her that wearing underwear doesn't make her naked. So she went up and came down in black underwear that was so small it was pointless and yes she kept her works heels on. I went to town on her toes and soles straight away as she moaned in pleasure. She stated that she couldn't believe how much she loved the feeling of having a tongue round her smelly feet and also couldn't believe that our sibling relationship was turning out this way. Whilst i was worshipping her beautiful red painted toes she flipped open the lid of her laptop and put some porn on and began to play with herself. I took a brief break from worshipping her feet to put a porno of a girl giving a footjob on as a way of hinting that thats what i would like from her. Seconds later her  left foot began to rub against my cock and not gonna lie it didn't feel too great because she didn't seem to quite get the rythm. I got on to the sofa with on the other end and placed her saliva covered feet either side of my cock and just before she was about to start copying the style that she had just seen on the porn video she told me that i 'better savour this moment because mum and dad are back tomorrow and you'll never even get to massage my feet again never mind have them wrapped round your cock' then she started stroking my dick with her toes while i went from staring at her DD breasts to her high arched feet that were pumping my cock in a motion that varied from slow to fast very quickly as expected from someone who had never given a footjob before. It wasn't long before she was in her stride and it wasn't long after that, that i jizzed all over her feet and also the sofa. oops better clean that up. Not to worry actually as she grabbed her foot and licked the cum off telling me how good her brothers cum tasted. Shortly after I told her that i had never envisaged getting anything ever off her and that i thought a footjob from my sister would always be kept in my imagination. Now it was stored in my brain as a phenomenal memory. She said to me that she meant it when she said that this was the end of the road because of mum and dad coming home and that even me using her shoes to help me get off is now unnaceptable. As for those ballerina flats i bought off her they have actually been put back in her wardrobe. However you can sure as hell gurantee that any free time in the house i get with her I will 100% pursue it. Later tonight before we went to bed she asked me whether I had ever fantasised about her friends feet which I answered honestly and said yes. Then she said something that took me completely by surprise (at a time when i thought nothing she could do/say would surprise me anymore). 'Ever since you've been doing stuff with my feet I have begun to look at my friends' feet and get a little turned on at the thought of sucking their toes, i've even sat in bed sucking my own fantasising about theirs, you can't tell anyone though'. WOW. WOWOWOWOW.

This morning I went with her to help move some bits and bobs in to her new house which she will be sharing with a few of her uni friends for her last year of university. We moved all the things in to the house and put them where they should and then the last box to move in was her shoes. It was only around half of her pairs of shoes as she would still be coming back at weekends but still there was a hell of a lot of pairs roughly around 25-30. As i brought the box in she said 'I bet you're gonna miss some of them? Don't worry i've left you some of your favourites at home, just don't let mum and dad catch you with them'. Only one other room seemed to be moved in so I asked whose that was and she told it was Chloe's. Chloe was a blonde, smallish girl with an incredible ass and more importantly incredible feet. Every time she had been round at her house she would kick her shoes off straight away (nearly always ballerina flats aswell may i add suggesting her feet and shoes are very smelly). I'd never had the bottle to go in to the landing and sniff her shoes and went in to her blabbering mess every time we spoke to one and other. Anyway I told my sister about  how I found Chloe's feet a massive turn on and she laughed first of all making sure I preferred hers to chloes and then going to say how she also thought Chloe's feet were very pretty. I walked in to Chloe's room looking for her shoes as my sister encouraged me. I found her shoes draw and pulled out a pair of black ballerina flats that looked extremely well worn and instantly pulled them to my nose, they didn't have that strong vinegary smell that my sisters feet and shoes had it was more of a sweet smell, something which I explained to my eager sister who was seemed desperate to find out what her friends feet smell like.She ripped one of the shoes out of my hand and pulled it to her nose inhaling deeply. I don't think i've ever seen anyone enjoy the smell of someones shoe as much as my sister did right then. She told me to get naked and that she'd be back in a minute. She went in to her room and came back a minute later in a black bra, black thong and black high heels with chloes shoes still in one hand and her laptop in the other. sexy.as.fuck. She told me she would have to go back on the deal not to do anything sexual again because she was so turned on by Chloes shoes. She started stroking my cock slowly while flipping open the lid and loading up facebook pics of chloe where she was bare foot or in her open toe shoes. She told me that she by no means a lesbian and the thought of being anywhere near another girls pussy makes her feel sick but that ever since finding out about my foot fetish she has begun to appreciate girls' feet. She jerked me off while sniffing one of chloes shoes relentlessly and shoving the other in my face. She could obviously see how much I was enjoying the smell of Chloes shoe so she pulled off her high heels, let go of my cock and shoved her feet in my face asking me whether chloes shoes or her feet smelt nicer. It was a no brainer. My sisters feet are the sexiest, smelliest feet things in the world in my eyes.I worshipped her feet for about 20 minutes whilst she sniffed and licked the insides of chloes flats then I placed her feet round my cock and she began to pump it in a wonderful motion. The whole time she had Chloes shoes pressed pressed up against nose, something which got me so turned on resulting in me only last around 5-6 minutes. I came inside her black high heels even tho she was depserate for me to cum inside chloes flats. Afterwards she realised it was the best idea. She told me that as long as noone ever found out about this she would be more than happy to continue. Happy days. On the way back she pulled in to tesco park and went to the very top where no-one else was parked. She proceeded to pulling down my pants and sucking my cock. I lasted about 15 minutes due to the fact I had only jizzed half an hour earlier. We went home and acted perfectly normal like nothing at all had happened. what a turn around though


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