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sister foot fetish (part 3)


mahmoud kareem:
Over the past few days she's been getting in from work kicking her sexy office heels off and passing them straight to me to let me wank in to them. A scenario that has turned me on immensely. She said she doesn't think there's anything wrong in masterbatiion and says if she can help her little brother then great. None of you will believe how sweaty her heels smell after a 7 hour day covering her feet. Tonight, at about 9pm a few hours after I had creamed her beautiful heels she came to make tea for us both and we actually spoke about the situation. She said that once mum and dad are back on Wednesday She won't be able to help me wank so for the next 5 nights I could choose what she wears(as long as it wasn't nude) and more importantly as long as I was fully naked for the whole time she was wearing the outfit of my choice. Not going to lie she was quite drunk at this time having been round at the neighbours' for a bottle or 2 of wine. So I asked her to go and put a very blue dress on but with tights. Why tights she asked? Well because I have a tights fetish and today I had spent the day in the city centre which was overflowing with girls I tights so my tights fetish was strong. So she went up came downstairs to find me sat there naked already rock hard. She looked very worried actually at this point and said she thought we had gone too far...after 5 minutes of persuasion she agrees to help me wank again just by talking dirty in reference to her nylon covered legs and feet and by wiggling her toes which were still painted pink. After a couple of minutes she opened her legs wide and I begged her to take her sexy black lace thong off to put wrong off. Not saying a word she did exactly that having to take of her tights in the process which she also handed to me. Oh wow he panties smelt and taste good and she was even encouraging me to put her thong fully in my mouth which I obviously did. I was close to cumming when she said fuck it and reached over put her hand inside her nylons and starting pumping my cock rapidly. To no surprise it took me only about 10 seconds from that point to cum all over her nylon covered her hands. she looked horrified and stormed off upstairs instantly in disbelief of what she had done. For the rest of the night it has been RIDICULOUSLY awkward but I don't regret it even if she does. The only regret is is that it was her hand not her feet. I'm sure this will be as far as it goes but ill keep you updated until Wednesday at least anyway

Yesterday i was out with my friends until about 7pm so i hadn't seen her all day so had completely no idea as to how she was feeling after giving me a handjob with her sexy black thong. When i got home she was sat on the sofa in black leggins, ugg boots and a top that didn't cover her ass in the leggings. We exchanged the usual chit chat e.g whether we'd had a good day etc. Then we got on to the topic of her jerking me off. She said although she really regretted it and struggled to get to sleep because of it, watching me wank over her got her the most turned on she has ever been. I asked her if she was still going to put on what i wanted and she said said of course and said that i may get even luckier tonightt. She told me she was waiting for me to get back so i could pick what outfit she wore on her girls night out. Not only the dress but the bra, thong, shoes, nail varnish the works. As we were about to go upstairs to pick she stopped me in my tracks and said 'aren't you forgetting something' and proceeded to undo my buttons on my jeans. I took the rest of my clothes up and not surprisingly i always hard as a rock. I went upstairs behind her with my cock nudging against her ass which looked unreal in leggings, it felt like i was going to cum there and then. Upon entering my sisters room she said to me 'i'm sure you know where everything is you pervert so go on raid my underwear draw and pick me out something sexy'. I picked a very small pink thong and a matching lacey pink bra which she took in the bathroom to put on. 'you didn't think i was getting changed in front of you did you?!' She said after looking at my dissapointed face as she went off to the bathroom. I picked a red tight, short dress and red heels (open toe of course) and red nail varnish. She painted her toes in front of me and told me i could wank if i wanted to while she teased the fuck out of me  saying things like 'are you jerking off to your sisters pretty red toes?' and 'bet you'd cum within seconds if i let you put these in your mouth again'. Then to my astonishment she said that because i'd picked out a very sexy  outfit i could suck on her toes and lick her soles until i came. I was in heaven as she offered her gorgeous feet to me and went to town straight away wrapping my tongue round all of her juicy toes scraping some of the wet nail varnish off in the process. After about 30 seconds she said fuck this i've gotta get my hand round that cock again so as i lay on her bed sniffing her soles and sucking her beautiful toes she was jerking me off again. Obviously it didn't last long as i was in heaven and she must have felt the cum raging up my shaft as she asked me where i wanted to cum? I said in to her red heels so she bent down to the side of the bed picked up her sexy red open toe heels and directed the biggest load of cum i have ever shot in to the soles. I sat up and asked if she was going to wear them out and without saying anything she put them on kissed me on the cheek. It was not at all awkward like it was the other night and told me she expected atleast 2 more pairs of her shoes to be covered in cum by the time she got back in the morning and if they were she would have a present for me.


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