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Author Topic: sister foot fetish (part 1)  (Read 2105 times)

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sister foot fetish (part 1)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:43:51 AM »
So yesterday my sister (21 year old) came back from a day out shopping in a top, black leggings and pink ballerina flats that she literally wears everywhere. On the few occasions that she doesn't wear them and leaves them at home i am straight to her room to sniff all the sweat out of them. I never spunk in to them due to the fact I don't want to ruin the beauitful sweaty smell that turns me on so much. Anyway she got back and sat down on the sofa across the room from where i was sitting and instantly my eyes were fixed on those sexy flats and even more beautiful feet. After about 5 minutes she kicked her shoes off and the smell of her remarkably sweaty feet spread across the room in a flash. My cock was instantly bulging through my pants and just as i was about to get up and go upstairs to relieve myself she asked me if i would mind giving her a foot massage. This took me completely by surprise as she has NEVER before asked me for a foot massage. I pretended like I hadn't heard and said 'what' to double check that i wasn't dreaming and she asked her again this time saying that her feet were absolutely shattered after a day walking round a shopping centre. I pretended like i 'owed' it her by saying something about her giving me lifts to places alot recently so i had to do it. In truth I would have stuck pins in my eyes to get my hands wrapped round her feet. I got on my knees and starting massaging her feet fantasising about how good it would be to put my mouth round her metallic silver painted toes. She must have realised that her feet were incredibly smelly because she kept apologising for the smell they were giving off but that just turned me on even more. After the 3rd time that she made a remark about her feet I lifted her right foot up to my face and pressed it up to my nose sniffing it like my life depended on it. As i opened my eyes i expected her to look freaked out but she actually had a smirk on her face and said that she'd bet i regretted it. She couldn't have been more wrong and i went in again this time inhaling for longer, this time she did look a little bit weirded out and this was when i knew it was now or never, i had to atleast try and put my lips round her unbelievably sexy big toe. I probably had my mouth round it for about 2 seconds but she lifted her feet away from my face and got up, put her shoes on and walked in to the kitchen calling me a fucking freak. I followed her in to the kitchen begging her to let me continue but unsurprisingly she wasnt having any of it and said that 'a) it was weird that i got turned on my smelly feet and b) that i would find anything about my sister sexual'. I went on to tell her that she had the most beautiful feet in the world and that i would do anything to have one more suck on her big toe. She told me to fuck off and went upstairs. I followed her up about 10 minutes later where she was in her room and AGAIN i tried pleading with her let me have another go on her feet or atleast just to be able to take her pink balerina flats in to my room to help me jerk off. Her facial expression changed and queried as to whether i had ever done that before? By this time there was no point in lying and i told her that yes i had often had those flats shoved in my face whilst i wanked. She let me know that it was a shame that i ruined it by sucking on her toe because otherwise we would still have been down there with her feet in my face as she had no idea that the smell of her feet could turn on anyone nevermind her brother. I went on to say I had fantasised about being able to smell and worship her feet for atleast 4 years and that surey that alone meant i deserved 1 more suck on each of her toes and to my complete surprise she said i could as long as i never pestered her about it again. So i got on my knees again and sucked on her beautiful big toe on her left foot first then on her right foot. I could tell she enjoyed it but she still told me to get up and get out after only about 30 seconds. It goes without saying i went straight to my room and had a wank and came within a minute. My parents go away for 2 weeks tomorrow so it will be jut me and my sister in the house so who knows what will happen. one things for sure i definitely won't stick to my promise of never pestering her about her feet again and i will keep you all noted if i get a good response. is it wrong that i can thing of nothing better than having my sisters feet in my face?! Got pics of her feet if the response is decent.

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Re: sister foot fetish (part 1)
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 08:00:48 PM »
Lovely story thank you and Karma


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