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Mistress Debby & Co (Celeb) part 13


mahmoud kareem:
Some of the
girls were sitting in the living room. They sat on the sofa just chatting with
each other and pouring champagne to each other. They were all wearing sexy
sandals and high heels. Selena Gomez and Katy Perry were sitting side by side
dressed like this: Emma Roberts was sitting on a
chair in the room dressed like this:
Emma Stone also sat in the room:
Soon arrived to the room also Bridgit Mendler looking like this: ... 079621.jpg. In came also the gorgeous Vanessa
Hudgens dressed like this: ... 105511.jpg. For some reason also Elizabeth
Olsen was sitting in the living room. They had invited another one from
Hollywood! She was so goddamn hot and dressed like this: ... 629743.jpg. She looked like an angel! In came
Emily Blunt who also had been invited in the last minute. She took her heels
off and instantly a sexy foot odor was spread in the room! She was in this sexy
pose when she lifted one of her feet so you could see her sweaty sole: “Oh, it will be so good with a
glass of champagne!” she said very happy. But THE foot mistress Debby Ryan
looked so fantastic and dressed like this:
Shailene Woodley was lying on another sofa looking like this: ... 607598.jpg. Emily Osment arrived to the living
room dressed like this: Ainsley Bailey also walked in the
room dressed like this: Then came in Miley Cyrus: Emma Watson sat already on the
sofa and looking down on me, their foot slave for the night: Jennifer Lawrence walked in
looking at me like she were thinking; “Oh no! Not that slave again!” and she
was dressed like this: ... 976891.jpg. After Jennifer came in Francia
Raisa dressed like this: She said as soon as she came in:
“Are we going to have champagne? Yes!”. Megan Park also arrived looking like
this: After Megan it was Lucy who turned
up dressed like this: Lizzy Caplan came to the party
even if I thought that she was at sleep and she was looking very good: On the end of the sofa sat Krysten
Ritter: ... 020701.jpg. Jennifer Stone sat on a chair in a
corner of the room with her toes looking so succulent:
Brenda Song sat on a chair in the living room:
Someone went in and it was Ashley Tisdale: ... 048347.jpg. On a chair in the room sat Hayden
Panettiere who looked very dominant: ... 977112.jpg. Elizabeth Gillies sat on the floor
with her little dog: ... 039923.jpg. Then did Victoria Justice turn to
show up: ... 011444.jpg. Miranda Cosgrove sat on the other
end of the sofa looking like this: ... 902213.jpg. After that came Jennette in: ... 064020.jpg. The last one to come was Alyson
Michalka: ... 115244.jpg. They were now all ready for the
foot party as the cum machine was taken in!


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