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Author Topic: Mistress Debby & Co (Celeb) part 10  (Read 513 times)

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Mistress Debby & Co (Celeb) part 10
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:36:14 AM »
“Part 2 of
the foot party will start right here in the pool” said Debby as she continued “
Lucy Hale, Elisabeth Gillies, Bridget Mendler, Katy Perry, Krysten Ritter and
Ainsley Bailey are already inside. Taylor and Selena will go up to the living
room but we other will continue to torment our slave a little bit more here In
the pool area, did everybody understand?” and all the other girls answered

First it
was Debby’s turn. She just lay on the ground in front of my face lifting her
legs up as the soles were fully visible and ordered me to suck her big toes one
by one and also licking the soles of both of her feet. Shortly, I did
everything that she said. Afterword Debby’s soles lit of my saliva and then she
ordered me to cum all over her soles! I did that too and then I lay down
exhausted! She kicked me right on the nose: “No resting for you!”. Now it was
Vanessa’s turn! I got her stinky flip flops on my face! They smelled so bad
that I nearly vomited! She pulled my head closer to them: “I said smell my flip
flops, slave!” she said very angry. I did what she asked me to but she still
was not happy! “Now I want you to clean them with your tongue, slave!” as she
shoved her flip flops in my mouth so I had no choice but to lick every inch of
them! Then she said: “Cum on them!” and I did just that. After I was done she
put the flip flops on and just walked away teasing me with a squirting sound! I
was so aroused that I came again! After all of this it was Alyson’s turn. She
decided to stand in front of me and she ordered me to cum all over her
gladiator sandals! So she let me touch myself and saying “Cum faster, cum
faster!”. She looked at her watch. It took a little longer to cum because my
cock was tired and when I did that Alyson exclaimed “Finally!” and kicked me on
my balls so I fell on the ground holding them! She just shook her head and
said: “What a loser!”. Brenda Song was still sitting on the sunbed and said:
“My feet are sore so I would love a nice licking and smelling from you,
slave!”.  I smelled her soles, sucked her
toes and licked her sandals until I cummed all over her feet and sunbed! She
became very angry and yelled at me: “What the fuck! Do you know how expensive
this is?” and pulled my hair. “Say sorry and kiss my toes on both of my feet”.
“I am so sorry” I said. ”Sorry mistress Brenda it is” as she kicked me on my
face. “I am sorry, Mistress Brenda” and put my head as that submissive slave
that I was.  “Good, now go and kiss
Miley’s feet” she said. I crawled to the sofa where Miley was sitting and
licked her feet on those sexy thong sandals and kissed her toes one by one. Her
sandals and feet were now clean and all my saliva was on them. I crawled to
Emma Watson to kiss those cute natural toes and she told me to hide my head
inside her long black dress. As soon as I turned around I saw Demi standing
there. She just let me kiss her toes than she got away.  Also Shailene and her two other friends wanted
my service and ordered me to smell their hot sandals sucking on their stinky
toes, and licking their toejam. Now my mouth tasted like their feet. Then i was
Jennifer’s turn. She took the leash and drags me inside the house. In every
step she took she ordered me to kiss her toes, and lick her heels and legs.
When we were just at the door she took her heels of and shoved those on my
nose! I was taken aback by her foot stench but I inhaled as much as I could and
so I cummed again. My tastes were now all disintegrated!


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