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Author Topic: Mistress Debby & Co (Celeb) part 7  (Read 531 times)

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Mistress Debby & Co (Celeb) part 7
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:34:33 AM »
First Debby
ordered me to eat all salmon tartar that she had on her feet, after every bite
she put her stinky flats on my nose to inhale! The mix of her foot stench and
fish smell was disgusting but so hot! I cummed all over the grass! Debby was
not finished but dragged me down to the ground, pulled my hair and put my face
on the bowl with pasta. She then put both her feet on my head and ordered me to
eat so much that I could. I ate with good appetite even if I could not get so
much air at all! When I finished the food she let me get my face out of there
so I could gasp for breath. “Now it is time for your dessert” said Debby. She
took some ice cream, stomped on it and made me eat from her feet! It was
fantastic! Another cumexplosion! “You like this, don’t you, slave?” she mocked
me. I put my head down in a submissive way and said: “Yes, Mistress Debby!
Thank you, Mistress Debby”. “Good” she said “Now kiss my sexy toes, one by one”.
I did as she ordered and now I was done, I thought. “Well, it’s not over yet”
she said. I didn’t understand what she meant!
Here I had worshipped her feet in so many ways, and now she says that
it’s not over yet! Before I could say anything she took the leash out and put
it around my neck and ordered me to walk with her like a dog! All the girls
stood on the garden and applauded the same time as they said “Throw him a bone”
to further humiliate me. Debby teased me by getting her feet so dirty they could
get and ordered: “Put your tongue out and lick them”. “Yes, mistress” and I did
what she said in hope for not humiliate me anymore. Everything was useless
though because Debby got even one more crazy idea! Now she thought that it was
a good idea to ride on me like I was some horse!  She threw away her flats and took these black
heels on: http://pics.wikifeet.com/Debby-Ryan-Feet-941707.jpg. Then she sat on me the same time
as she said to me to go on all four! “Now I am going to make you cum with my
powerful heels on”. When she sat on me riding, her heels were on my cock. Every
time I walked with her on my back she teased my cock with her heels so I cummed
very hard! I cummed all over the grass as I squealed like a pig! She patted me
on my head: “Very good. You have been a very good boy” said Debby. She pulled my
hair and pushed me so I fell with my back on the ground! All the girls were
impressed by Debby’s talent as a mistress. “Now who wants to get their feet
worshipped?” asked Debby. Many hands on the air! “I think it was my turn” waved
Emma Roberts. Emma hade now changed her outfit to this: http://pics.wikifeet.com/Emma-Roberts-Feet-1034762.jpg. Very kinky indeed! I was very
close to cum again but I decided to save it for further worship! “Now I am
going to weigh your balls with my open toed boots and I want you to cum on them
just on the right moment” she ordered me with a controlling smile! She put the
backside of her boot where her sweaty pink heel was, on my nose to inhale it!
What a foot odor!  I cummed o the
backside of her boots like I never had and it even hurt! Then she started to
weigh my balls in some seconds just for teasing! She did that some times before
she ordered: “Cum!”. I pleased Emma by doing just it: It was like a volcano
explosion!  “Very good indeed, slave!”
she said in an impressed way. Emma Stone was standing with sunglasses and looked
at my humiliation! She didn’t look too impressed but on the other hand she
looked amazing with this outfit: http://pics.wikifeet.com/Emma-Stone-Feet-692028.jpg. She had a long dress which came
down to her feet where she had some hot roman sandals on! “I think I can pull
one” said Emma with her sexy raspy voice. She ordered me: “Come to me now,
slave!”. I crawled to her even if I was so tired and she said: “Now kiss my
feet and sandals!”. I did as she said and after that she pulled up every toe so
I could also lick under them, and let me also smell the imprint of her sandals.
She then ordered to turn on my back and made me lick the dirty soles of her
sandals! The smell was unbearable but everything was so hot! I don’t know how many
times I cummed! It was very exhausting but I still had many girls’ feet to
worship! When I was done Emma Stone ordered me to kiss her feet and toes until
she was pleased! Suddenly I saw Selena dressed in a very kinky way: http://www.imagebam.com/image/b9696c196999743. She was standing there and looked
like a true goddess and like she wanted to use me as her horse too! She ran to
me before I could react, took her boots of and made me inhale! Oh, the smell
was incredible and she let me cum all over her boots! “I hope you like this,
because you will get more”. She took the boots and her socks off and was barefoot!
She put instead some kinky open toed boots! They looked like this: http://pics.wikifeet.com/Selena-Gomez-Feet-997966.jpg. She pulled my face closer to her
and said: “Now you will put your cock between my booted legs. I will go forward
and reverse until you cum all over my open toed boots, understood?” I nodded.
She got very mad and pressed my face with her sexy long fingers that had a very
hot black polish on. “Answer me with words, slave!” so I had no choice but to
answer: “Yes, Mistress Selena”. “That was much better” and she looked more
pleased. When I was relieved after cumming all over her boots I felt pain in my
cock because I had cummed so much all day long! But it was far from over!


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