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Author Topic: Mistress Debby & Co (Celeb) part 1  (Read 792 times)

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Mistress Debby & Co (Celeb) part 1
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:30:46 AM »

Hi, my name
is Olger and I am in an electric wheelchair. I have been Debby Ryans foot slave
since last summer and I pay her a visit twice a week, as Selena Gomez foot
slave also twice a week and the last but not the least as Alyson Michalka’s
foot slave once a week. I love this so much. 

started one summer weekend when I was invited to this party by my friend,
Henrik who lived in a big villa in the outskirts of Stockholm. Because he kind
of knew some Disney stars he had invited Selena Gomez, Debby Ryan and Alyson
Michalka. I saw them mingling with each other and they started to glance to my
way with curiosity. Because I am in a permobil (an electric wheelchair) it is
not easy to miss me. They asked me who I was and he said: “Oh, that is Olger,
my best pal. He is very funny and a smart guy. He loves history, big time! All
three of them looked impressed and decided to meet me. “Hi” said Debby with her
lovely voice. “You must be Olger. Your friend said that you are quite good at
history”. She is so beautiful and I just stammered “I..I well kinda”. Debby
laughed: “Well, you don’t have to be shy, because we love smart guys”. Selena
and Alyson nodded.

They looked
so beautiful! Debby was wearing a pink dress and thong sandals on her feet. She
had sexy black polish on her toes! I fantasized about sucking on her big toes
as she was saying to me “Now you are my foot slave in wheelchair!” Just
thinking about that made me almost jizz. Selena oh..yum she was wearing a nice
red dress and beautiful flat sandals on her gorgeous feet and red polish on
those sexy toes! Alyson had a nice pair of jeans on her, white flat sandals on
her feet, and her toenails were red! I wanted to be her doormat so bad! We were
talking but I could not get my eyes of their wonderful feet!

When I was
looking down there Debby suddenly asked me: “Why are you looking at our feet?”

I was
shocked and I just mumbled: “No, I don’t!”

laughed at me and said: “Yes, you do and the way you were looking at them I am
pretty sure that you could not get your eyes of them!”

This answer
baffled me and I was check mat so I exclaimed: “Alright, alright I think that
all your feet look godamn amazing and I want to worship them so bad!”

Selena and Alyson looked at me like it was the weirdest thing that they had
ever heard.

Selena was
the one that finally broke the ice and asked: “So you want to worship our

Then I
said: “Yes, I want to worship Debbys feet and want her to call me my wheelchair
slave, I want to get under your feet, Selena and being trampled by you, Alyson!
Happy now?” I said like I was sad or something but it felt actually good for saying it!     

Debby said: “This
is all so weird but at least you were sincere about it.”

I said: “I
will do anything for you!”

Debby:  “Anything, you say? Hmm…Well why not!”

“Let `s say,
me, Selena and Alyson will stay for the night at your friend’s house and
tomorrow we will decide what we are going to do next. But for now you can kiss
my big toe good night, she said and shoveled her big toe in my mouth and
ordered: "Kiss it, bitch!"

I obeyed
and it got some taste from her toes and it tasted like vinegar.
Wonderful to say the least!

Then it was
Selenas turn.  She put her sandaled foot
on my face and ordered me to smell under her toes. It smelled so bad but I jizzed
in my pants. “I never thought you could do such a thing but yes, I liked it” said
Selena who was really impressed by my worshipping.

And last
but not the least it was Alysons turn: Well I don’t know how I should trample

And then I
said: “No prob, I can lay in my permo I said so can you sit on that chair and
put your feet on my face”.

“Okayy… “she
said but she did it anyway putting her dirty flat sandal firmly on my face.

Oh it felt
so nice!

Debby said:
"Wow you are very good at this! See you tomorrow then”

They went
to their room as everybody had gone home and my buddy was sleeping somewhere in
his big house. So I went to my room too and got helped to my bed by the maid.


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