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Author Topic: Gabriella's Bitch part 20 (F/F)  (Read 546 times)

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Gabriella's Bitch part 20 (F/F)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:24:33 AM »
It was a clear and sunny afternoon on Miami Beach and the temperature was scorching. The girls sunbathed on the beach, lathered in tanning oil, while Rebecca was busy at work, fanning them with a giant palm leaf. Rebecca was sweating and felt incredibly light headed because she had been forced to wear an extremely thick winter coat, track pants and ugg boots and a scarf, just for the amusement of the girls, while they relaxed in their sexy bikinis in the hot weather. The girls passed the time by occasionally throwing things like their lotion bottles and sunglasses in the water so that they could make Rebecca go and fetch them. Kyra even made Rebecca lick her feet while she posed for photos for a group of curious Asian tourists. Every time one of the girls wanted to take a dip in the ocean, Rebecca would stand on the shore with a towel so she could dry them off. Gabriella made Rebecca lick the wet sand off her feet when she stepped out of the water, only to step in it again…and again, making Rebecca’s task almost impossible. Gabriella also took a few pictures of Rebecca wearing the winter coat to upload to her Facebook and Instagram to make a mockery of Rebecca for her social media friends and followers to see.

The girls then decided they felt like some ice cream, so they made Rebecca go and fetch all their orders. As she ate her ice cream, Gabriella looked over at Rebecca who was on her knees and had her head buried in the sand (as she was always ordered to do when awaiting her next order). “Slave would you like some ice cream?”, Gabriella asked. “Yes please your highness”, Rebecca replied, hoping that Gabriella was genuine in her offer. Gabriella wiped the remainder of her ice cream onto the soles of her flip-flops. “There you go, eat up!”, Gabriella laughed. Rebecca slumped her head underneath Gabriella’s flip-flops and licked the ice cream off them. It had a mixed taste of vanilla and dirt, but Rebecca was just grateful to be eating something. Rebecca had already drawn enough stare from the public for wearing a winter coat in the scorching heat, but now even more onlookers curiously looked on, completely baffled about seeing a girl on her knees licking ice-cream off the flip-flop soles of another girl. Some people held their hands over their mouths in shock, others laughed and found it interesting. One girl even came up to Gabriella and the other girls to inquire about the situation. She was with her friend; they both looked around 16 or 17 years old. She talked with Gabriella for a few minutes before she actually understood the entire situation. “Do you reckon she could give my heels a quick shine? Me and my girlfriend have been shopping all day and I can’t imagine what I’ve stepped in”, the girl asked. “Did you hear that slave? I want her heels to be spotless!”, Gabriella said after kicking Rebecca away with her flip-flop. Rebecca crawled over to the young girl and lay on her back beneath her with her tongue stretched out. The girl eventually took the hint and began to slowly wipe the bottoms of her heels on Rebecca’s outstretched tongue, in public and in broad daylight. “OMG! Hahaha this is way too funny!”, the girl said, obviously delighted as she watched Rebecca’s tongue turn even more black that it already was. “Amy babe you have to come and try this”, the girl said to her friend who was watching in amazement. The other girl, Amy, walked over and took her turn getting her heels clean. Rebecca had tears in her eyes and wanted to throw up, but she knew that it was not an option. After the two teenagers were satisfied, they thanked Gabriella and even gave her $10 as a token of gratitude. Gabriella was a little taken aback that the girl had given her money for Rebecca’s service, but it did give her a great idea.


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