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Author Topic: Gabriella's Bitch part 18 (F/F)  (Read 609 times)

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Gabriella's Bitch part 18 (F/F)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:23:30 AM »
Gabriella, Britney and Kyra were relaxing face down on their massage lounges as Rebecca, Tracy and one of Britney’s maids massaged their naked bodies. The 3 beauties were enjoying their relaxing spa day at Britney’s house as their slaves worked tirelessly, making sure to massage oil onto every part of their bodies while they were completely ignored. Rebecca and Tracy barely had enough energy thanks to their new diet arrangements, which allowed them to eat and drink very little. The girls had been receiving their massage for over 3 hours and could not care any less how tired their slaves were. “Slave I want you to stick your tongue in my ass”, Gabriella ordered Rebecca. Gabriella loved the feeling. Rebecca placed her tongue into Gabriella’s butt checks and was told to keep it there until further notice. Britney and Kyra giggled, deciding they wanted to try it for themselves. Britney’s maid reluctantly suck her tongue in Britney’ asshole, knowing full well that if she did not obey this snobby 15 year old’s orders, she would be fired by Britney’s wealthy parents and blacklisted. Kyra had Tracy do the same but it was even more humiliating for Tracy as she was more than 20 years older than Gabriella’s bratty friend. Kyra decided to fart a few times while Tracy’s tongue was in her asshole, causing Tracy to pull her tongue out in disgust. “I’m so sorry princess Kyra, I didn’t mean to pull my tongue out, it wont happen again”, Tracy pleaded. Kyra was not impressed. “You worthless cow, my farts are princess farts, they should smell like roses. How dare you remove your tongue”, Kyra scolded. Tracy was made to drink the remainder of the massage oil as a punishment. Kyra also requested her to apologize by making out with her naked butt checks as she lay on her stomach and texted on her phone. Britney then had her butler serve the girls champagne and some fruit after they sat up in their massage beds. Britney simply waved to 3 maids who were standing in the corner with bathrobes for each girl. The maids helped each girl into a robe and then kissed their feet before retreating back to their places in the corner.  As the butler was pouring champagne for the girls, he accidentally spilled some on Gabriella’s robe. Gabriella was furious and began to make a huge scene by screaming and yelling at the butler. The butler apologized franticly and began to dry the spill on Gabriella’s robe. But Britney had seen enough. “How dare you embarrass me in front of my guests! Your fucking fired you old prick!”, Britney yelled. The poor butler was reduced to tears. He had been serving Britney’s wealthy family for over 50 years, it was the only life had known and the bratty daughter of his employers was now firing him. “Kiss my feet and thank me for firing you, you dirty old man, then get the fuck out of my sight!”, Britney arrogantly ordered the man who she had just fired. The butler had been serving people his whole life, it was hardwired into his brain, so he instinctively got on his knees and showered Britney’s gorgeous feet with kisses as he violently sobbed. Gabriella simply laughed at the poor butler on his knees, despite the fact that her overreaction had gotten him fired. Britney kicked him away and told him to leave the house so the girls could get back to being pampered. The girls were going to a party tonight and they wanted to be as relaxed as possible for the big night.

Gabriella had invited Kyra and Britney to sleep over at her house after the party, much to the dread of poor Rebecca, who knew it wouldn’t be a pleasant night for her.  Rebecca groveled on the floor beneath Gabriella, Britney and Kyra as she worked hard from a difficult angle to give their heels a quick tongue shine before they left for the party. “Hurry up, the party has already started”, urged an impatient Kyra as Rebecca glided her tongue up and down her shoe bottoms. She had spent the last 2 hours slavishly getting the 3 girls ready for their night out. “I want you to be waiting as our doormat when we get back, the party is in the city which means our heels will be filthy from the streets. Don’t worry about cleaning the house, I just want you to be laying her the whole night until we get back, then we’ll decide what to do with you”, Gabriella informed Rebecca. “Yes my divine princess”, Rebecca replied as she got up on her knees to kiss Gabriella’s ass, which was tightly cupped in her party dress. Rebecca did the same to the other girls as they left out the front door. Tonight was going to be a long night, she thought to herself as she closed her eyes as she lay on the floor.

At around about 2 or 3 in the morning, Rebecca was awoken to the sound of heels clicking up the driveway. They were home, and Rebecca’s tongue would need to be ready. Gabriella opened the door to find her slave waiting in the same position she had left it. Rebecca noticed Kyra and Britney, but they had someone else with them, it was Kyra’s mom, Jessica. Rebecca had never met Kyra’s mom, but she had seen her a few times before. She was tall, beautiful and athletic, much like her daughter. Rebecca figured that she had picked the girls up from the party. “Trust me Mrs. Richards, she will do anything at all, just watch”, Gabriella explained to Jessica as she stepped on Rebecca’s stomach and began to wipe the bottoms of her shoes on Rebecca’s waiting tongue. Jessica put her hand over her mouth in shock, she had a little smirk on her face but she was visibly uncomfortable with what she was seeing. “Let her lick your shoes Mrs. Richards, she will be very grateful since I don’t feed her anything else hahaha”, Gabriella suggested. “Oh no, no shoe licking for me I’m afraid. Girls are you sure this is right? I mean, who knows what you are wiping onto the poor girls tongue, she could get really sick”, Jessica questioned. Kyra giggled, “Mom, she is Gabby’s slave, she loves her and does anything Gabby wants her to do, and plus she chooses this, it is completely voluntary”, although it being voluntary was not completely true, Rebecca could not protest. Jessica still looked incredibly shocked and confused. “Come to the living room Mrs. Richards and I’ll explain it more to you”, Gabriella offered.

The 4 women went and made themselves comfortable on the couch as Rebecca crawled behind. Tracy was not available as she was busy blowing hot air onto Sophie’s feet as she slept in her room upstairs. Gabriella ordered Rebecca to pour wine for each girl while she attempted to explain the situation a bit clearer. “Basically, she wanted to become friends with me a while ago, and quite frankly I mean look at her, that was never going to happen. So I decided that I would get her to accept her place at the feet of superior women like me. Now her life has a purpose, do you see where I’m coming from?”, Gabriella asked. “Yeah I get what you’re saying, but don’t you worry for her health when you make her lick shoes and stuff?”, Jessica asked, still a little baffled. “No I couldn’t give a shit to be honest, she is seriously that pathetic that I don’t care about her as a human. She even let me have her teeth removed so I could get metal plates put in her mouth that collect gunk from my shoes, she is such a worthless slug that she doesn’t deserve to be respected, she exists only to amuse women like us”, Gabriella further explained. Jessica was slowly warming up to the idea of using a slave, but she was still a bit skeptical, as opposed to the brat like behavior her daughter often displayed when using Rebecca. “Well I guess I could sort of try it, but I don’t wanna push her to far”, Jessica finally gave in. The girls cheered in excitement. “Make her lick the bottoms of your shoes, they look like they could use a clean”, Gabriella suggested. “Well I dunno about my shoes, I wear these to work and I work at a pet shop, there’s all sorts of nasty things on the floor there, like cat piss and stuff, i’m not sure”, Jessica still remained hesitant. “Trust me she has licked much worse off my shoes Mrs. Richards, she is probably immune to it all hahaha”, Gabriella laughed. “Ok fine I’ll give it a quick try”, Jessica decided. She tilted the sole of her left flat slightly upward, so Rebecca could lick it from underneath her. Rebecca began licking the filthy sole of Jessica’s work shoe by using both the front and back of her tongue. Front of her tongue on the way up the sole, back of her tongue on the way down. Jessica was still reluctant and tense but she had that look on her face that showed she was disgusted but amused at the same time. It was the kind of look that said: What the fuck? I can't believe another another girl is licking the bottoms of my shoes! As Rebecca continued her licking job, Jessica slowly became more comfortable, even telling Rebecca she had missed a particular spot towards the back of the sole.

When she was finished tongue shining both of Jessica’s work flats, Kyra ordered Rebecca to stick out her now black tongue. “Say cheese bitch”, Kyra said as she took a picture of Rebecca’s filthy tongue on her phone. She uploaded the picture to her Facebook under the caption: ‘OMG JUST MADE GABBY’S SLAVE LICK THE BOTTOMS OF MY MOM’S DISGUSTING WORK SHOES HAHAHA, WHAT A WEIRDO LOL!!! Jessica joined in on the laugh with the girls as Rebecca buried her head in the carpet, awaiting her next command. “What else can you make her do?”, Jessica asked, now becoming a lot more curious and comfortable with the situation. “She does anything I ask her to, like she’ll even let me spray my hairspray into her mouth”, Gabriella said. Jessica almost yelled in disbelief, “No way she does that! I just can’t believe that, prove it to me”, Jessica exclaimed. Gabriella ordered Rebecca to run to her bathroom to fetch her hairspray bottle. Rebecca came back and kneeled in front of Gabriella, holding up the bottle of hairspray as if it was an offering. Gabriella took the bottle from Rebecca and ordered her to open her mouth and stick her tongue out. Gabriella began spraying the hairspray into Rebecca’s mouth for a good 30 seconds before she finally stopped and ordered her to swallow what she had in her mouth. Rebecca was once again in tears as she struggled to swallow the hairspray chemicals. Jessica was in disbelief and laughter at the same time as she asked Gabriella if she could have a go. Poor Rebecca had just endured 30 seconds of spraying from Gabriella and now had to repeat the humiliating task for Kyra’s mother. Jessica shook the bottle and began spraying more hairspray into Rebecca’s mouth for another 30-40 seconds. “Thank you princess Jessica”, Rebecca managed to get out after she swallowed the liquid. “You’re welcome”, Jessica said in a bratty voice as she then decided to spray some of the liquid in Rebecca’s eyes. Rebecca fell to the ground, holding her eyes in pain, as the girls burst out in laughter. Gabriella could not believe how much Jessica had taken to the idea of abusing a slave, considering her stance on the matter at first. “Maaayy I pleeeease go and wasssh my eyes out your highnesssss”, Rebecca begged Gabriella while her eyes experienced burning pain. “No you may not, it amuses us to see you in pain hahaha”, Gabriella snobbishly replied. Rebecca would just have to put up with the pain. “Slave come over here, my iPhone needs to be kissed”, Britney ordered, as Rebecca crawled over to Britney and began to peck her diamond encrusted iPhone all over as it was held out to her. Gabriella explained to Jessica that they often made Rebecca kiss their other material possessions and not just their shoes to show Rebecca that she is below even something like a phone and more worthless than dirt in the eyes of the girls. Jessica was intrigued by the idea and soon ordered Rebecca to kiss her gold watch as she laughed and mocked her. She also made Rebecca kiss her handbag, her wallet, all her credit cards and even the necklace she was wearing. “See mom, how nice is it using a slave?”, Kyra asked. “Well I have to say, it’s a lot better that I thought, I definitely need to get me one of these….things hahaha”, Jessica replied as she watched Rebecca kiss her engagement ring. Gabriella then ordered Rebecca to suck Jessica’s toes. Rebecca took of Jessica’s flats and began to suck on her recently red-painted toes. Jessica giggled out of being ticklish at first, but then slowly started to use her toes to grab Rebecca’s tongue in between them to collect all the toe jam. As this was happening, Jessica’s phone rang. It was her husband wondering where she was, because he had lost track of time. Gabriella made Rebecca hold the phone to Jessica’s ear while she took the call. “Ok girls, its time for me to leave, I completely lost track of time, have fun for the rest of the night haha I’m sure you guys will”, Jessica told the girls. They kissed each other good-bye and Jessica ordered Rebecca to kiss her shoe bottoms before placing them back on her feet. She was learning very quickly. Gabriella told Jessica that she would lend Rebecca to her one day and Jessica was very excited by the idea. She left the house, leaving Gabriella, Britney and Kyra the rest of the night to have fun with Rebecca.


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