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Author Topic: Gabriella's Bitch part 17 (F/F)  (Read 586 times)

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Gabriella's Bitch part 17 (F/F)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:22:30 AM »
Gabriella waited patiently in the waiting room of Helena’s husband Rob’s plastic surgery clinic. Tracy and Rebecca were licking the dirty clinic floor clean with bags covering their faces so Gabriella had something to amuse herself with while she waited to see Rob. After about 20 minutes, Rob came out. “Uh Gabriella?”, he said. “Yes that’s me”, Gabriella replied. “Right this way ma’am”, Rob said as he directed Gabriella and her slaves into his office. Once they were seated, Rob began his consultation. “So I understand you are interested in modifying your two uhh..servants here, am I correct?”, Rob asked. “Yep the young one is my own slave and the old one is my mom’s”, Gabriella said as she removed the bags on their heads. “My mom told me you attached balls to the forehead of your wife’s slave?”, Gabriella inquired. “Ah yes, my wife uses the balls to massage her feet. I was a bit reluctant to perform operation at first, but my wife is quite the demanding woman”, Rob laughed. “So what were you looking to do?”, Rob asked Gabriella. “Well for my slave, I was thinking of removing her teeth so I can replace them with metal plates, so it’s easier for me to scrape the stuff I get stuck to the bottoms of my shoes like gum and dirt, sometimes she can’t get it off with her tongue. I also want her tongue to be enlarged so she can clean my feet and shoes quicker”, Gabriella said. “Well that’s quite a procedure, I’ll have to get my dentist friend to help me with the teeth removal but I should be able to do the tongue enlargement relatively easily”, Rob replied. “That’s terrific!”, Gabriella said, incredibly excited. “And as for my mom’s slave, she said she wants her to have a pair of pig lips and she also wants her eyebrows to be permanently removed and her nose to be bent, my mom wants her to be as ugly as possible”, Gabriella explained. Rob agreed that that procedure could also be done. Rebecca and Tracy looked up at Gabriella and began to sob and beg for her not to go through with this. “Please your majesty, we will do anything to not have you do this to us”, Tracy pleaded. Rebecca showered Gabriella’s feet with kisses and tried to kiss Gabriella’s ass, her hands, her legs and even her handbag in an attempt to change her princess’s mind. Gabriella looked down at them and simply laughed. “Its happening whether you like it or not. Besides, these modifications will make my life and my mother’s life even easier, and that’s all that should matter to you”, Gabriella snobbishly said. Tracy and Rebecca began to cry even louder as they knew Gabriella’s decision was final. Gabriella signed some papers and left her slaves in Rob’s office. “I’ll have my wife drop them off back at your place in a couple of days when the operations are finished”, Rob said as Gabriella was walking out. “That would be lovely”, Gabriella said as she walked out of the clinic and back to her car, not caring in the slightest that she had just ruined the lives of two human beings. 

Two days later, Helena arrived at Gabriella and Sophie’s house with their newly transformed slaves. Helena led them into the house on leashes, as if they were animals. Gabriella and Sophie jumped up in excitement as they saw their two slaves grovel at their feet following hours of modification surgery. Gabriella decided to test out the metal plates in Rebecca’s mouth by using them on the bottom of her shoes. “It’s fantastic! Look at all the gunk they collect, my shoes will always be spotless now!”, an excited Gabriella said. Sophie looked at Tracy in disgust as she saw her newly bent nose and no eyebrows, but she was happy that Tracy looked even uglier now, she almost looked like an alien. The 3 girls chatted and laughed at Rebecca and Tracy’s new appearances, while they were fanned and pampered. Gabriella and Sophie were both eager to see Helena’s slave with the balls on her forehead. Helena called her slave on her phone to come into the house as she was previously instructed to wait in the boot of her car. Helena’s slave Terry, came crawling into the house, with a huge sack of balls dangling from her forehead. Gabriella and Sophie couldn’t believe what they saw and could not control their laughter and mocking of the poor girl. Terry kneeled in front of the 3 goddesses and was required to serve as a massage apparatus while each girl had a turn of rubbing their feet on the ball sack on her forehead. “Omg it feels so nice and squishy!”, Gabriella exclaimed. “Yeah, she’s great for massages but its such an embarrassment for me when I take her out in public. People stare and laugh at her and it reflects badly on me, but the quality of the massages are just too good to pass up on!”, Helena explained, she was such a snob that she only thought about how attaching balls to the forehead of her slave affected her and not the fact that she had ruined her slaves life. “She looks absolutely revolting, but the massage does feel good”, Sophie added as she spat in Terry’s face. “Thank you my wonderful goddess”, Terry said as she kissed Sophie’s heels. Sophie did not like the fact that the balls on Terry’s forehead dangled onto her feet when Terry was kissing them so she told her to stop kissing her feet and to make herself more useful by serving as an ashtray for the girls so they could have a smoke. Terry kneeled for the next 10 minutes with her mouth open, collecting ashes from all 3 of the girls’ cigarettes, while she thanked them after each tap of ash. Gabriella even had some fun by putting her cigarette out on the ball sack. “Okay, you’ve served your purpose, get out of my sight”, Helena said to Terry after their smoke break was over. Terry crawled back outside to Helena’s car and locked herself back in the boot. Helena kissed Gabriella and Sophie goodbye and received some last minute shoe sole cleaning from Rebecca and her metal plates. Gabriella and Sophie relaxed for the next few hours, while Tracy and Rebecca cleaned the house, not even having time to digest their new physical appearances.


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