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Author Topic: Gabriella's Bitch part 14 (F/F)  (Read 597 times)

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Gabriella's Bitch part 14 (F/F)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:19:48 AM »
The guests began to arrive for the pool party. Rebecca was under strict instructions from Gabriella to lay at the front door of the house and serve as a doormat for her guests, as Gabriella did not want any mud or dirt dragged into the house. Rebecca carried out her doormat duties for almost an hour as she waited for all of the guests to arrive. She licked clean many pairs of flip-flops, high heels and sandals of hundreds of guests, who were thrilled at the idea of a human doormat. Rebecca even had to lick the shoes of the boys attending the party. At first many of the boys weren’t as excited as the girls were to step onto Rebecca the human doormat, however after some encouragement from the girls, they began to enjoy it. One girl told Gabriella, “You are so lucky to have a bitch that does anything for you, and you can still treat her like shit!”. “I can lend her to you when I’m not using her, especially if you want her to take you shopping”, Gabriella told her. “Omg that would be amazing”, the girl replied as both her and Gabriella went to join the other guests outside around the pool area. Rebecca was required to report to Gabriella who was talking to a group of her friends as they stood around the pool. Rebecca crawled over to Gabriella and began to shower her feet with kisses, as she was often required to do in order to get her princess’s attention. “Ah, there’s my little foot slut, be a good girl and make sure all my guests are relaxed and accommodated.”, Gabriella ordered. “Yes your royal highness”, Rebecca replied. This was met by a chorus of laughter from the guests around Gabriella, as for many of them, this was the first time they had seen Gabriella showcase her slave’s services. Rebecca ran around franticly for the next hour or so, re-filling beverages, fetching snacks, giving feet and hand massages and serving as an ashtray for the girls and some of the boys. Jasmine and her boyfriend were the first to jump into the pool. Rebecca had not seen Jasmine since that time she had gotten her ready for a night of clubbing, but she still looked as beautiful as ever, particularly in her gold bikini. Jasmine ordered Rebecca to wait for them to finish their swim by standing at the edge of the pool and holding their towels for them. After about 10 minutes, Jasmine emerged from the pool and had Rebecca dry her magnificent body all over. Rebecca did the same for Jasmine’s boyfriend and the couple then ordered Rebecca to lay their towels on the deck chairs, so she could serve them more effectively. Rebecca was forced to lick the water and chlorine of both pairs of feet, while Jasmine and her boyfriend completely ignored her and made out with each other. “Come her bitch and open your mouth”, Jasmine ordered. Rebecca crawled to Jasmine’s side and opened her mouth. Jasmine coughed up some nasty phlegm and proceeded to spit it into Rebecca’s open mouth. Her boyfriend found it hilarious, prompting him to have a go himself of spitting in Rebecca’s mouth. Jasmine then decided she wanted to smoke, and of course, used Rebecca to fulfill her ashtray needs. “Thank you princess Jasmine and master Daniel for allowing me to serve as your spittoon and ashtray, it is truly an honour”, Rebecca thanked Jasmine and her boyfriend, without even being reminded to do so.

“Slave get over here now!”, Gabriella yelled from the entertainment area next to the pool. Rebecca knew she had to attend to Gabriella, even if it meant cutting her pampering of Jasmine and her boyfriend short. Rebecca crawled over to Gabriella. “Yes your highness, how may I be of service?”, Rebecca asked her princess. “My little cousin Britney stepped in some gum with her flip-flops, I want you to clean them for her”, Gabriella ordered. Britney was Gabriella’s 15 year-old cousin. Rebecca could not believe Gabriella was forcing her to tongue-clean gum off a 15 year-old girl’s flip-flops in front of a crowd of people. Britney was only 15, but she was already used to things being handed to her, thanks to the spoiled lifestyle that her wealthy parents provided for her. Britney was like Gabriella in many ways, and Rebecca could see that she would develop into a beautiful young woman just like Gabriella in a couple of years, although she was already a hot and beautiful 15 year old. Britney snobbishly presented the flip-flop bottoms to Rebecca’s tongue for cleaning. Despite being just 15, she was not shy about having a 20 year old nerd girl on her knees in front of her, licking her flip-flops clean. Rebecca pressed her tongue hard on the squashed gum on the sole, trying her best to get it out of the grooves. The crowd erupted into laughter, and many began snapping pictures on their phones to upload to their various social media sites. “That’s not going to work, use your teeth”, Britney suggested snobbishly. Rebecca could not believe that a girl so young could be such a natural princess. Rebecca scraped her teeth on the sole but still found it difficult get it off. “She is so pathetic Gabby, I can’t believe she will do anything you tell her to do”, Britney said to Gabriella, a stunned but satisfied look on her face. “Yeah its great, her purpose in life is to serve me and make sure my life is as pleasurable and stress-free as possible. It’s really quite pathetic but she knows how much better I am than her, and plus she has to serve anyone else I tell her too as well”, Gabriella explained. Britney was beginning to get the hang of it as she started to wipe her flip-flops up and down Rebecca’s outstretched tongue. “I can even have her take you and your girlfriends shopping, she will literally buy you anything you want!, Gabriella added. Britney looked extremely excited, “That would so cool, me and my friends have so many things we need to buy, we’ll definitely need to make a date for it, in fact I’m free tomorrow!”, Britney replied. “Did you here that slave? You’ll be taking Britney and her friends shopping tomorrow. How pathetic, you’re 20 years old and you’ll be funding a 15 year old’s shopping spree, hahaha”, Gabriella laughed and mocked. “Yes your majesty, your wish is my command”, Rebecca replied as she kissed Gabriella’s feet all over.

Within the next hour, most of the guests were using the pool. Rebecca was of course required to serve as a towel rack and human dryer for the guests whenever they would exit the pool. Gabriella and her friends would often throw things into the pool and make Rebecca jump in with her clothes to fetch them. Gabriella’s on and off boyfriend John even made Rebecca lick and kiss his feet, while Gabriella used her as a footrest. The guests pushed Rebecca to the absolute limit, and several times throughout the night, Rebecca almost passed out from exhaustion. She was required to kiss the asses of several of Gabriella’s friends as they lay face down in their deck chairs in their bikini clad bodies. “Pucker up slut”, Natasha mocked, as Rebecca placed adoring smooches all over her ass and the asses of several other girls. The girls then decided to take turns putting their cigarettes out on different parts of Rebecca’s body, including her forehead and breasts, which caused Rebecca a great deal of pain. Rebecca served the guests all the way to the early hours of the morning when they decided to finally leave. Rebecca was thankful that she could now get some sleep, but she knew it would only be for a few hours before she would have to wake up and get ready to take Gabriella’s bratty 15 year old cousin Britney on a shopping spree.


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