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Author Topic: Gabriella's Bitch part 13 (F/F)  (Read 507 times)

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Gabriella's Bitch part 13 (F/F)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:19:01 AM »
The next morning, Gabriella was receiving her morning pampering from Rebecca as she lounged on the couch surfing on her laptop. Gabriella had a bad hangover, but nothing could cure her headache like a bit of online shopping! Rebecca was on her knees, licking the sweat and dirt that had accumulated throughout the night off Gabriella’s feet. “I want your tongue to get the toejam between each of my toes”, Gabriella requested. Rebecca responded to her princess’s wishes.. “Haha it tickles”, Gabriella giggled. Her feet looked still looked beautiful, despite the fact that she they had spent the whole night in towering heels. Rebecca looked up at her princess while she was licking her feet and could not believe how gorgeous she looked, even after a night of clubbing, when most girls would look like slobs. “You look so beautiful this morning your excellency, you are so much more attractive than me. Thank you for even allowing me to be in your presence”, Rebecca said, hoping to get on Gabriella’s good side. Gabriella smiled, she loved when her slaves would belittle and degrade themselves for her amusement. “I know right, its great being beautiful and rich, you get everything handed to you on a silver platter from pathetic ugly girls like you. Must suck being ugly huh?”, Gabriella arrogantly asked. “Yes my princess, I’m an ugly cow I can only hope to please beautiful women like you. I could never compare to you”, Rebecca responded. Gabriella ignored Rebecca and continued looking for things she wanted to buy online. “Wouldn’t these bathing suits look sexy on me and my friends?”, Gabriella asked, showing Rebecca the bathing suits on her laptop screen. “Yes your highness they would, but didn’t you buy some bathing suits yesterday?”, Rebecca asked as she continued to plant kisses on Gabriella’s soles. “Yeah, so what? I want more for my friends and me. We need one for every day of the week when we go to spring break. We can’t afford to have a guy see us in the same bathing suit twice!” Gabriella explained in typical brat fashion. “As you wish my princess”, Rebecca replied, much to the delight of Gabriella. She purchased 50 different bathing suits for herself and her friends, and also some other accessories she found online.

Gabriella’s mom had told her that she wouldn’t be back home till the end of the weekend, which meant that Gabriella would only have one slave to pamper her and her friends over the weekend. “Slave, my hands are tired from typing. Massage them for me”, Gabriella ordered.   Rebecca found it hard to believe that any part of Gabriella’s body would be tired, considering her life was stress-free and filled with relaxation. She began to massage Gabriella’s perfectly manicured hands and fingers for the next 10 minutes. Gabriella was planning on having a pool party at her house tonight and she was a little bit worried that Rebecca alone would not be enough to serve all her guests, but she knew Tracy was busy serving her mom and Joey and she would have to make do with just one slave. Rebecca would just have to work extra hard to please Gabriella and her guests.

Gabriella decided that she would go over to Bianca’s house so they could plan the pool party for tonight. “Bring me my converses”, Gabriella ordered. Rebecca ran to go and fetch Gabriella’s converse shoes. She put them on and tied the shoelaces for her princess. “May I clean the bottoms of your converses your majesty?”, Rebecca begged, as she was now required to do before she licked any of Gabriella’s shoes. “Yes you may”, Gabriella replied, like a true princess. Rebecca began to lap at the sole of the filthy converses; they were riddled with all sorts of street filth as Gabriella wore them very often. Gabriella would often be amused when Rebecca was cleaning her converses, mainly due to the fact that Rebecca’s tongue would be completely black by the end of it. “Have you ever even made out with a boy?”, Gabriella asked, knowing the answer already. “No your highness, I am too ugly”, Rebecca replied. Gabriella laughed and said “I want you to make out with sole of my shoe. See how kind I am, I’m allowing you to make out with something”. Rebecca thanked Gabriella and proceeded to make out with the converse shoe sole. Gabriella could not contain her laughter and quickly snapped a few pictures of the act to upload to her facebook, something she had started to do more often. Whenever Gabriella would upload photos of Rebecca or Tracy being humiliated by her, they were always sure to attract hundreds of likes. “Omg, this pic is gonna get more likes than the one of you and your mom licking my Maserati tires!”, Gabriella exclaimed. After Gabriella was done uploading the pictures, she used Rebecca’s hair to wipe the saliva off the soles of her shoes. Rebecca then served as a floormat to help her princess get up off the couch. “When I get back from Bianca’s I expect the whole house to be sparkling. Tonight needs to be perfect”, Gabriella ordered. Rebecca kissed Gabriella’s diamond ring and fetched her new Chanel handbag for her princess. She then quickly ran outside to serve as a doormat for Gabriella as she stepped into her Maserati.


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