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Author Topic: Gabriella's Bitch part 10 (F/F)  (Read 567 times)

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Gabriella's Bitch part 10 (F/F)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:17:12 AM »
Gabriella’s Maserati zoomed down the road, drawing the envious stares of many women passing by. She simply smiled to herself, for little did they know that her pathetic bitch had bought it for her. Gabriella was almost near the shopping mall where she planned to give Rebecca’s credit card another expensive workout until she received an unexpected call from her mother. Gabriella and her mom talked for a few minutes, before she hung up, unsure what to make of the situation. Gabriella’s mom had told her to return home immediately as an unexpected visitor had arrived at their house.

It was Rebecca’s mother, Tracy. She had come demanding answers after she had lost contact with her daughter following her new role as Gabriella’s full-time live-in slave. Now of course, Tracy was not aware that her daughter had been enslaved, but Gabriella knew she had to return home to sort the matter out. She didn’t want Rebecca’s mom to ruin the rich and spoiled lifestyle that Rebecca provided for her. Gabriella parked her car, opened the boot and went to inform Rebecca of the situation. “This doesn’t change anything, you’re still my bitch. We just have to get your stupid slut of a mom informed of the situation”, Gabriella said angrily. “Ummm ahh yes your highness”, Rebecca said as she was forced to kiss Gabriella's ass a few times, completely confused about the whole situation. She had dreaded the day her mother would come to find her, and she was not entirely ready to show her mom how low she had sunk. Gabriella shut the boot in her face and began to drive back home.

Gabriella pulled into her driveway. She was in such a bad mood, she didn’t even wait for Rebecca do get out of the boot and serve as her floormat before she left her car. She popped the boot open and stormed inside, leaving Rebecca to follow, licking the parts of the ground she stepped on.

Gabriella and Rebecca both walked inside to find Gabriella’s mom, who Rebecca was now required to refer to as Princess Sophie, sitting on the couch talking with Rebecca’s mom, Tracy. Tracy jumped to her feet when she saw Rebecca and ran over to her to hug and kiss her daughter. “Where have you been Bec, it’s been so long why didn’t you contact me, me and your father have been worried sick, we saw your credit card statements, what on earth is going on?”, she said to Rebecca as tears streamed down her face. Rebecca was almost about to cry herself, but she remembered Gabriella did not allow her to show emotion. Rebecca looked at Gabriella for approval: “You may speak”, Gabriella said to Rebbeca. “Mom, this is going to be really difficult for you to understand, but please just try and calm down.” Rebecca took a deep breath before she continued. “I am now the slave and property of princess Gabriella and princess Sophie. My wish is their command. I am extremely lucky and privileged to be able to serve women as beautiful as them”, Rebecca said to her mother, feeling completely degraded and embarrassed.

Gabriella and her mom were pleased with Rebecca's response. Tracy was in total and utter shock, she did not know what to make of what her daughter had told her. “I---I don’t understand Bec, what have they done to you?”, Tracy demanded, her tone going from worried to angry. At this point Gabriella began to explain. “Well what it means is that your daughter has been a slave to me and my mother for the last 6 months. She is required to do anything I or my mother desire her to do and to make our lives as easy and as pleasurable as possible, without receiving any pay or compensation for her services”, Gabriella told Tracy with an incredibly cold tone. “In fact, we have your daughter pay to serve us and buy us anything we want. And if you take a look at the credit card statements as I’m sure you already have, you’ll see that my mother and I are quite demanding shoppers”, Gabriella and her mom both laughed. Tracy still could not believe what she was hearing. “How could you do this to her, what did she ever do to you to deserve this?”, Tracy yelled at Gabriella while she struggled to contain her sobbing. “Oh, your daughter didn’t do anything wrong to me, all she did was accept her place in life.” Tracy was speechless. “I mean come on, look at my mother and I, we are incredibly beautiful and spoiled, people would kill to look like us. Your daughter on the other hand, is an ugly dork who was born to serve women like us”, Gabriella was clearly enjoying this. “I will not let you treat her this way! She has a life to live!", Tracy barked at Gabriella. “Oh I wouldn’t be so sure about that”, Gabriella’s mom cut in. “Since your daughter is in an extremely bad debt situation for funding our expensive habits, we’re talking millions of dollars here, she practically has no future. Its for her own good that she continues to serve us for the rest of her life”, Gabriella’s mom explained. “You two are monsters!”, Tracy yelled, as she begged Rebecca to stop and come home with her. It pained Rebecca to see her mother like this, but she was Gabriella’s slave, and she intended to serve her princess’s until the day she died. “You know what Gabby”, Gabriella’s mom, Sophie began, “I think it would be perfect if I had my own personal slave. Rebecca serves me when I need her to, but sometimes she’s out with you and I have no one to answer my whims”, Gabriella’s mom explained as she looked at Tracy. “No fucking way, you are not going to abuse me or my daughter any longer. Come on Rebecca we’re leaving.” Gabriella’s mom began to laugh hysterically. “The amount of debt your daughter is in and will continue to be in as we spend more of her money, is enough to be thrown in jail for. When the police can’t find her, they’ll look for you. So either way your future is pretty meaningless as well.” This had not immediately occurred to Tracy, this changed everything. Tracy looked at Rebecca. “Honey, is this really what you want? To be held in slavery for the rest of your life!?” Tracy yelled, tears still streaming down her face. “Mom, I am happy as long as my princesses are happy”, was all Rebecca would say. Tracy felt a sick feeling in her stomach, she knew she didn’t have much choice, but the thought of serving these bratty girls and catering to their every need did not sit well with her, she could not believe her daughter was willing to waste the rest of her life being at the beckoned call of 2 spoiled princesses. She cared so much about her daughter that she knew what was about to come next, was inevitable.

Gabriella’s mom knew she had Tracy already wrapped around her finger as she extended her perfectly manicured hand to be kissed by her new slave. Tracy swallowed her pride, knowing she had to do it for her daughter. She dropped to her knees and proceeded to plant kisses all over Sophie’s perfect hand. “Hahaha this is too funny!”, Sophie said to Gabriella, “we now have both the ugly daughter and her whore mother to serve us.” Both girls laughed at Rebecca and Tracy’s expense. “Ok that’s enough”, Sophie said as she wacked Tracy’s face with her diamond ring. She then lifted her shoes onto the footrest. “You see the bottoms of these shoes bitch? I wanna see my reflection in them, lick em’ clean”, Gabriella’s mom demanded. Tracy felt sick but she knew she had to soldier on. “Yes ma’am”, she replied. Gabriella’s mom immediately kicked Tracy in the nose with her shoe. “You will reply to my requests as yes your royal highness and you will call me princess Sophie.” “Yes your royal highness”, Tracy corrected as she began to lick the sole of Sophie’s shoes. “It may take her some time, but we’ll whip her into shape eventually”, Gabriella said to her mom as both women laughed at the sight of an ugly 40 year old woman licking the shoes of a hot 38 year old goddess. “You will serve me and my daughter in any way we wish. Your pathetic daughter will teach you the different ways we like to be served and pampered over the next few weeks.”, Sophie said to Tracy. “Yes your royal highness”, Tracy responded, making sure to reply the way she had been instructed. Sophie sat back in her chair, taking sips of her champagne as her new slave worked hard to remove all the germs from the soles of her 5000-dollar pair of shoes, with her tounge. She chuckled to herself as she thought of all the ways she planned to use her new slave.   


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