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Author Topic: Gabriella's Bitch part 7 (F/F)  (Read 457 times)

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Gabriella's Bitch part 7 (F/F)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:15:00 AM »
About a week passed by when Gabriella decided to call Rebecca to tell her that she wanted to treat herself and her mother to a big shopping spree. Gabriella had made Rebecca upgrade to a new credit card with an unlimited spending limit, so that she could purchase anything she wanted, and so she and her friends could go on never-ending shopping sprees. Paying off the credit card was not her responsibility, it was her slave Rebecca’s, and quite frankly, Gabriella could not care less about how Rebecca would struggle to pay off her expensive spending habits, even if it meant that Rebecca would be in debt for the rest of her life. When Rebecca asked Gabriella if she would moderate her spending, Gabriella laughed in her face. “I’m a princess, I deserve the best, I’m not going just stop spending your money just because you can’t keep up with my shopping habits, if you really want to reduce your debt, why don’t you get a 3rd job?”, suggested Gabriella. Rebecca already had 2 jobs and the money she made from those 2 jobs went straight to Gabriella who did not allow Rebecca to use the money to pay off her debts.

Gabriella and her mom were ready. They looked amazingly stunning, and even though Rebecca was drowning in debt to fund their extravagant lifestyle, she could not help but feel privileged to be able to serve such beautiful goddesses. Both women were extremely high maintenance, with Gabriella wearing a short black party dress with her gold heels and her mom wearing a green cocktail dress encrusted with diamonds. These are not outfits that women would typically wear to the mall, but Gabriella and her mom were a cut above the rest and they both knew it. They were about to leave for the mall when Gabriella’s mom turned to Rebecca and said “Oops I nearly forgot” as she inspected her heels, “you’ll need to get our shoes clean before we allow you to take us shopping”. Rebecca dropped to her knees on command and simply replied “yes your royal excellency. Rebecca spent the next few minutes, lapping at the bottoms of their shoes. It was already humiliating that Rebecca was owned by an 18 year old girl, but it was even more humiliating that she had to also serve a woman that was almost 20 years her senior. Once both women were satisfied with her cleaning job, Rebecca had to kiss both of their royal asses and their expensive designer handbags. Kissing their handbags had no practical use behind it, but Gabriella thought it was necessary to show Rebecca that she was just her slave and that she valued her material possessions much more than she valued Rebecca as a human being.

Gabriella and her mom had planned a massive shopping spree. This was easy for them as they did not have to fund their purchases from their own pocket, but rather had their own cash cow to accommodate them. Gabriella had insisted that they start at the perfume department because she was in need of a new fragrance. While they were browsing through the selections, Gabriella was having a hard time deciding which fragrance to buy. “Why don’t you just buy them all Gabby?”, suggested Gabriella’s mom. “That’s a great idea mom, you’re the best!” Gabriella exclaimed as she hugged her mom. Rebecca was required to swipe her credit card to pay for every single bottle of perfume in the store. The price came to a grand total of 50,000 dollars. Gabriella and her mom were laughing hysterically at the fact that Rebecca had to pay for every bottle of perfume in the store simply because Gabriella couldn’t make up her mind, even the store clerk joined in on laughing. Rebecca was forced to carry several very heavy bags of perfume bottles. Gabriella and her mom had already spent 50,000 of Rebecca’s money and it was only the first store. Next Gabriella’s mom wanted to visit the Louis Vuitton store. Like she didn’t have enough handbags. While they looked at the different selections, Gabriella’s mom picked out one she liked. “Excuse me, how much is this bag?”, she asked the store clerk. “20,000 dollars ma’am”, replied the clerk. She did not seem satisfied. “Bring me your most expensive bag”, demanded Gabriella’s mom. “Right away ma’am”, replied the clerk, as she disappeared to the back of the store. She came back with a beautiful looking bag that looked incredibly expensive. “This bag is one of only 3 in the world and its encrusted with diamonds, ruby’s, sapphires and white gold, sourced directly from Africa. We keep it in the back because we never expected anyone to actually buy a handbag that costs 200,000 dollars.”, the clerk explained to Gabriella’s mom. “Well today’s your lucky day”, she replied to the clerk. “Slave I want you to buy me this handbag”, Gabriella’s mom demanded of Rebecca. Rebecca felt her heart sink, 200,000 dollars would end her, the bank would seize all her assets and she would be kicked off campus. Rebecca was desperate, “please your highness, can you just allow me to buy you the 20,000 dollar bag? The bank will seize all my assets and I’ll be in debt for the rest of my life”, she pleaded while she showered her shoes with kisses. “I don’t care, you live to serve me and my daughter, so you will buy me this handbag, don’t you want me to be one of only 3 women in the word to own such a beautiful accessory?”, Gabriella’s mom replied snobbishly. Rebecca knew she had to had to obey her wishes, as going against Gabriella’s mom’s wishes was also going against Gabriella’s wishes. “Yes I do your majesty, I’m incredibly sorry for my actions, it is not my place to deny you such luxuries, you and your daughter deserve on the finest.”, said Rebecca as she produced her credit card to give to Gabriella’s mom. The store clerk could not believe her eyes, she had just witnessed a grown woman force a young girl to buy her a 200,000-dollar handbag. She was however, happy that she was getting the sale. On top of this Rebecca was tasked with kissing Gabriella’s mom’s shoe bottoms while thanking her as she payed for the bag at the register. The credit card was approved and Gabriella’s mom admired her new purchase as it hung around her arm.

The girls visited a few other stores, buying various clothes, accessories and shoes. Rebecca was literally sweating and feeling light-headed due to the weight of all the bags she had to carry, but unfortunately for her, the shopping spree was not over yet. Both Gabriella and her mom wanted to visit the jewelry store to update their collection. When they arrived at the store, Gabriella let the clerk know that they were going to be there for a while as they wanted to try on different combinations. The clerk nodded and brought out 2 stools for the girls to sit on overlooking the counter. Rebecca was instructed lay under the stools and lick the shopping mall grime off the bottoms of their shoes while they tried on different pieces of jewelry. Gabriella picked out a diamond necklace which costed 15,000 dollars, a solid gold watch that costed 12,000 dollars and a sapphire braclet which came in at 18,000 dollars. Her mom picked out a couple of diamond combinations that totaled 75,000 dollars. Gabriella was about to motion to Rebecca to get her credit card ready, until she saw a large and beautiful diamond ring displayed in the store window. “How much is that ring?”, Gabriella asked the clerk. “That one is our most expensive piece in store, it’s a blue diamond and it costs 500,000”, replied the clerk. “Wow 500,000!” yelled Gabriella as she looked down at Rebecca who was still lapping the sole of her shoe as if her life depended on it. “I want you to beg me to allow you to buy me the 500,000 dollar ring, requested Gabriella. Tears began to stream down Rebecca’s face as she began sobbing uncontrollably. Gabriella and her mom simply laughed at her because they knew she had no choice but to buy Gabriella the ring, simply because Gabriella wanted it. “Beg me”, Gabriella continued. Rebecca managed to muffle her voice through her sobs. “May I (shoe sole kiss) please (shoe sole kiss) be (shoe sole kiss) given the privilege (shoe sole kiss) to buy your royal highness (shoe sole kiss) the 500,000 dollar ring.”, begged Rebecca. She ended her begging by kissing her shoe soles 50 times in 30 seconds. “Fine I’ll let you buy it for me”, Gabriella replied as if it was Rebecca’s choice. The credit card was swiped and Gabriella was now the owner of an incredibly expensive diamond ring. She placed it on her ring finger and ordered Rebecca to shower it with kisses. “How does it feel to kiss 500,000 dollars?” Gabriella asked. “Wonderful my magnificent princess. Thank you!” Rebecca proclaimed. “It looks beautiful”, Gabriella’s mom said to her daughter, and with that, the girls got up and left the jewelry store.

Once they left the store, Gabriella decided that she had not put Rebecca through enough as she ordered her to literally worship the ground that she and her mother walked on. Rebecca was instructed to crawl behind them (while holding all the shopping) so she could kiss and lick every part of the shopping mall floor that Gabriella and her mom walked on. Rebecca found it very difficult to do, but she made sure that every inch of ground they walked on was licked clean. People stared at her in shock, but she was determined to make her princess’s happy. Gabriella decided that Rebecca would worship the ground she walked on every time she was required to follow her. They made their way back to the car park with Rebecca still required to even lick parts of the car park floor, wherever Gabriella and her mother stepped. It felt horrible and tasted disgusting but Gabriella desired it and that was all that mattered. Rebecca loaded close to a million dollars of shopping into the car as they drove back to Gabriella’s house.

Gabriella and her mother sat down on the couch and ordered Rebecca to unload all their purchases. First she had to unload almost 200 bottles of perfume. Gabriella inspected the perfume and instructed Rebecca to open her mouth. “Since we’ve got unlimited an unlimited perfume supply now, we may as well put it to good use.” Gabriella sprayed over half of the bottle into Rebecca’s mouth and then ordered her to swallow it. “Don’t spray it dear, I’ve got an easier way”, Gabriella’s mom said as she opened a brand new bottle. She forced Rebecca to drink the entire bottle of perfume, not caring at all that it was potentially hazardous to Rebecca’s health. Gabriella burst out in laughter, praising her mom’s idea. “I’ll have her drink a bottle every day!” exclaimed Gabriella. Next Rebecca was ordered to kiss each of their jewelry purchases before putting it on each girl. After this they made Rebecca give them a foot massage while they watched over her, draped in hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry that Rebecca had paid for.


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