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Author Topic: Gabriella's Bitch part 1 (F/F)  (Read 841 times)

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Gabriella's Bitch part 1 (F/F)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:10:50 AM »
Rebecca was never one who could claim she was part of the popular crowd. She was a particularly unattractive girl, with pale skin and a freckly face. She did have nice long brown hair, but this was perhaps her decent feature. Rebecca preferred to keep to herself most of the time and dedicated her spare time to her studies. She had always had a hatred for the beautiful and attractive girls that were part of the popular crowd as they seemed to have everything handed to them on a silver platter and seemed to have to responsibilities other than partying and having a good time. While Rebecca hated these girls, she was extremely envious of their lifestyle and the status and recognition they received, that she wanted so badly to be associated with the popular crowd. Of course this was a long shot because she was considered to be nothing more than a dork in the eyes of these girls, but she knew she had to try. There was one girl who stood out in particular and that was Gabriella. Gabriella was a brunette goddess who had a body figure that looked like it was out of a playboy magazine and a face so beautiful that it would put most models to shame. Gabriella took the same math class as Rebecca, and today was the day that Rebecca had decided that she was going to ask Gabriella if she would allow her to hang out with her and her friends. She knew it was pathetic but it was her only shot to get into the popular crowd. After class had finished, Rebecca took a deep breath and began to walk towards Gabriella. Gabriella looked particularly amazing today in her low-cut shirt which exposed her amazing cleavage, her skin tight jeans that made her ass look perfect and her diamond studded high heeled shoes that made her feet look stunning. Now Rebecca was not a lesbian by any stretch, but she was always in awe of Gabriella's beauty, and it wasn't just her, both boys and girls would stare in wonder whenever she walked by and Gabriella often used this to her advantage. When Rebecca approached Gabriella, she was intimidated by her beauty by still carried on with what she had planned to do. "Excuse me Gabriella, can i talk to you for a sec", asked Rebecca. Gabriella turned around and said "Do i know you?", in an arrogant tone. "I'm sorry, I'm Rebecca and i'm studying med---she was cut off by Gabriella, "I don't care who you are, just tell me what you want.", Rebecca was taken aback by how bitchy and arrogant Gabriella was towards her but she continued with her question. "Look i know this is gonna sound sad and pathetic, but i was wondering if you would let me hang out with you and your friends, i see the way guys look at you and i've never been the centre of attention in my life, i know its sad but please, i'm desperate", pleaded Rebecca. Gabriella nearly burst out laughing until it occurred to her that the girl could prove to be useful. "Ok fine, you can hang out with me and my friends, in fact me and a couple of my girlfriends are going shopping at the mall tomorrow, you can meet us at the food court at 12:30", said Gabriella and with that she strutted out of the classroom. Rebecca was surprised at how easily she had agreed to let her hang with them but nevertheless she was extremely excited. That night as Rebecca lay in bed, she could hardly sleep from the excitement. Tomorrow she would be hanging out with members of the popular crowd, finally at last she thought, as she slowly drifted off to sleep.


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