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Author Topic: A Deal With My Teacher part 5  (Read 393 times)

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A Deal With My Teacher part 5
« on: August 22, 2017, 07:27:40 PM »
Ms. Lauren looked like a sadistic deity as she relaxed on her leather chair throne using two helpless boys to rest her feet on and pondering how she would use me, kneeling before her as her newest and least abused slave so far. I knew whatever she came up with for me would most likely be humiliating and possibly painful, judging by the expressions of her human footrests as they helplessly lay on the ground with her heels in their jaws.

“You two, stop” she suddenly commanded.

Billy and Phil awaited commands.

“Phil, hands and knees. You’ll be my footstool.”

Phil removed her foot from his mouth. Ms. Lauren rested it on Billy’s face while Phil got on his hands and knees. She swung her beautiful feet up and planted them on Phil’s back, purposefully making him grimace as his arms nearly buckled.

“Billy, I’ll get to you in a second. Now, Alex.”

I looked at her with a mixture of subservience and terror.

“Let’s try you out. Massage my feet.”

Phew. This wouldn’t be so bad! For now at least. I shuffled over on my knees and began pressing my thumbs into her beautiful tanned foot. She was such a goddess, I was so lucky to serve her, I thought. Even though this woman could use me however, however, she wanted, I got to caress her beautiful feet. This was working out well.

Billy was less lucky.

“Oh Billy I’ve wanted to try this! Get the bag of jacks from my bag.”

Billy went to Ms. Lauren’s purse, which I noticed for the first time was a beautiful, obviously very expensive bag.

Ms. Lauren saw me looking at it and laughed.

“It’s nice, isn’t it? I’m no stranger to exploiting what men will do for me actually. In college I had four slaves. I forced each one of them to take a job so they could make me money. Their entire salaries went to me. I made thousands. I even made one guy prostitute himself. With other guys! It was hilarious when he would come back to my apartment after being used and abused and I would still make him get on his knees and give me every cent of his ‘earnings.’ Each time he would come back exhausted and pathetic, I even made him suck my toes so he could practice for next time. Those were the days!”

Holy crap this was terrifying. Ms. Lauren was a maniac! This was kind of sexy as hell though, and began rubbing her foot even more firmly, partially out of reverence and partially out of fear.

Billy got the little metal jacks and presented them to Ms. Lauren.

“Pour them out.” she ordered, pointing to the floor.

Billy poured the jacks out.

“Now get on your hands and knees and make sure there are jacks underneath each jack and each hand, bitch.”

“Ms. Lauren, I-“

“Alex! Slap Billy in the face. Hard.”

I was too surprised to move.

“Now! Or you’ll take his place!”

I took my hands off her feet, and turned to Billy. He looked half upset, half scared. I decided I would do what she asked if it meant I got to massage her feet instead of be tormented with jacks, so I slapped Billy across the face.

“Get back to work. And kiss my soles.”

I continued giving her her foot massage, and I began planting kisses on the bottoms of her feet. I could see Billy out of the corner of my eye as I kissed.

“Do it Billy” she ordered again, this time snapping at him and giving him an expectant glare.

Billy lowered his hands and knees so that the little metal toys were digging into him in very painful ways. He began to tear up.

“Please, goddess! It hurts-“

“I will show you hurt if you keep whining. The longer you fight it the longer you’re staying there.”

“I will be a better slave, the best I can be, but please, no more of this.”

Ms. Lauren said nothing. She simply planted her bare foot on my face and pushed me aside, then stood up, kicked Phil to the ground, and walked over to her bag. She then brought out a leather riding crop and walked over to Billy, who was now truly groveling.

“Goddess! Goddess please I will do better, please!”

He threw himself before her and began kissing the tops of her feet over and over and over, begging her, even trying to lick her soles from such a low position. She brought the crop down on his head hard, and kept hitting him with it for a long time.

Phil and I exchanged glances, both knowing we could do nothing but wait for her to finish.

When she finished, Billy’s body was stinging and yet he still tried to kiss her feet and beg for forgiveness. She turned and thrust the crop into Phil’s hands.

“Keep swatting him where it will hurt until I say to stop. You, on your knees in front of me, now.”

I knelt in front of her as she sat back down, and Phil began swatting Billy with the crop, lightly at first until Ms. Lauren threatened him with switching places with Billy. Phil hit harder.

Ms. Lauren looked at me.

“You’ll get used to this, slave boy. I will make you do whatever I want. These two come over on weekends sometimes and take care of my house. I always make sure I stuff one of my dirty socks in their mouths for the whole time though to make sure they never forget they live to serve me. Now, get me relaxed. You can start with licking my feet.”

So I did. I took her foot in my hands and began licking the soles of her feet, from heel to toe. While hearing the continuous sounds of the crop making contact and the yelps from Billy behind me, I just focused on my task and continued to lick. I may as well do what she says when she says it. I wanted to impress Ms. Lauren and make it out of this without harm. At least those four guys from her college years had gotten out of it.

“It’s funny,” Ms. Lauren pondered as my tongue massaged her sole, “all four of those slaves from college still live to serve me. Whenever I call on them they’re ready and waiting to obey my every wish. I had all of them over last night, and each one proved they’re willing to go through immense pain, humiliation, and loss of dignity if I command them to. It’s fun being a goddess.”

Oh god, I thought. This could be worse than I thought. Panic spread through me as I knelt there, licking Ms. Lauren’s soles and knowing that getting out of this would not be easy.


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