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Author Topic: real story(gf long toenails+threesome)  (Read 569 times)

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real story(gf long toenails+threesome)
« on: August 31, 2015, 05:49:26 AM »
[/color]my gf is really the hottest girl she's tall ,big eyes ,her boobs and shape looks like alexandra daddario,search the name of the actress if you dont know her,anyway we have a really open minded relationship and we decided to reveal our secret fantasies to each others i told her that i have a big foot fetish and i would love to worship feet of girls ,i like them french pedicured with really like really really long toenails with toerings and anklets,so i waas really specefic about what i want,and she on the other side want to see me with other girls fucking in front of her but then she would join for some threesome and to be the slave of the other women while i fuck her[/color]
[/color]ok so ,she accpted to let her toenails grow very long,i buyed a lot of jewelery in her feet,and she had frenchpedicure with long toenails and it was the best day of my life,i worshipped her soft creamy feet and under her toenails for hours and cummed 3 times,and i became her slave in those moments,she liked to be my mistress even if she had no intrests in foot fetish,and then we decided to have her dream come true so we searched for a perfect match unicorn(third girl),she loved the boobs so she wanted someone who look slutty with big boobs,but i also had my conditions[/color]i wanted this girl to have more sexy feet then my girlfriend,so we searched a lot and it was really hard ,to find someone who accept our condition of privacy and security and in the same time match our criteria ,i was than 26 and my gf 24 and finally,and after long running hours searching the internet blogs and forums we found our third wheel and it was no other than the 36 years old sexy manager of the salon beauty that my gf go to to have her nails done..[/color]my gf started to be really friend with the manager ,than one day she invited her to some drinks with her and they revealed to each other some dirty secrets including our girl to have a third girl,the manager was divorced ,she had a little boy,the problem ,the manager revealed to my gf that she's a lesbian,and found that our plan was really sweet,and she admired our couple and the way we think[/color]she hated man after her divorce,so i told my gf ,to start convince her of the idea and even to be honest offred money,after a long nights of drinking she told her the whole thing even about her sleeping with each other if she acepted and that my gf will be her slave,and told her about my foot fetish,[/color]the manager liked the idea of me having a foot fetish,turned out to an active lesbian,she wanted girls to worship her feet and accepted if we were both be her slave and worship her,and she would let me fuck her for a bit in the ass anal and stuff but not vagina ,and her only condition is that i let her fuck my gf with a strapon[/color]let me continue you will found out soon ,so we decided on a date and time,i reserved in a nice hotel that night,we had a lovely dinner ,my gf was in white short dress with some flats,the manager whose name is marie was in tight black skirt with some really hhigh heels and long toenails with toe rings the first time i looked to her feet i was gonna faint the extremity was white and the nailbed is pink iwas in heaven i couldn't take my eyes of her feet in the dinner,so after a few shots of tequilla and alot of wine we broke the ice and started talking about our plan and laughing and we decided to go upstairs[/color]marie took my gf from her arms and start dancing in a really erotic way ,my gf was scared and asked me to join her,but marie refused and told her to relax,and since marie was older and with high heels ,she hugged my gf ina really mtherly wway,and comfort her
then they start kissing really slow ,marie had big lips,my gf said to her that her lips tasted like strewberries,so marie told my gf" lick the lips of your mistress with your tongue" and then my gf surrendered ,she was so horny that her dress got wet ,and there was clear spot in her dress,they start using lips and tongues with a lot of drool and sliva my gf looked like a thirsty monster looking for lips,so marie took her nd sat on the sofa while continuing to kiss and lick really hard
[/color]i was really hard seeing that and i was really happy seeing my gf having fun,so as they was startting to undress each dress i started to lick the heels of marie and licking all over her toenails and under them and worshipping them[/color]my gf took her dress and marie rip her bras of litteraly,revealing a big milky boobs with large nipples,my girlfriend couldn't belive her eyes so marie took her from her head and start to make her suck them really hard[/color]after they start fingering each other and became really wet and i was so hard,my gf grabbed me and made me suck her boobs and shake her tight ass like a clip from 50 cent ,so gf and marie making out and i from behind start to rubb my dick over marie ass,than marie start to b sweat and got really wet so she started to eat the pussy of my gf while i start to make my dick into her tight ass hole,and start fucking really hard up and down while she fingered my gf and we were all screaming[/color]than marie took my gf and told her to worship her feet and toneilas while i was fucking her in the ass[/color]:
and than she pushed and or a sttrapon and start tu fuck my gf while i was licking her boobs nad her licking her hands and heels
[/color]my gf was screaming so hard that i was afraid that the security of hotel will show up at our door ,her vaging was staffed with that pinky strapon ,i took marie heels off and start to lick her soles and under her long toenails and sucking on her toerings,and marie was so aroused with that scene that she put her strapon out of my gf and put it in my ass ,i refused of course so she kinds rubbed it on my asshole and my gf whas fingering herself ,she was so aroused by that ,and got closer and put the her finger in my ass ,and start fingering me while giving her feet,they were long and have on them some french pedi with black extremity and strat to msell them and worship them while they both start to fuck me in the ass,she had a strapon inside me while my gf whas licking my small nipples,and than i trned around and saw my gf licking the ffet of marie so we my gf on the floor and put my dick in my gf pussy while marie was fucking my from the ass,and my gf yelled both dicks that's awesome,and ficnally she squirted from what the strapon and the dick and i couldn't hold it anymore and cummed on the toenails of marie and her long nails were covered in cum while my gf was licking the cum out of the toerings



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