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Everything was great in Hawaii , great beaches, tourists from all over the world were enjoying their time , the crime rate has been low thanks to the work done by the Police and especially their special agency HSA (Hawaii's Secret Agency) which had the main role in having Hawaii safe, it was not a huge agency such as FBi but it was enough to secure Hawaii, so not so many agents were required, only some people knew about the agency such as the mayor, head of the PD(Police department) and people of high positions, this agency held the investigations that were mysterious and hard , usually they would resolve the issue and call the police to wrap it up , so they usually worked undercover .Well every crime problem with big bosses and gangs was resolved , crime rate has become really low in the city which was a sign of success from the agency, but there was still some problems that kept coming and going around , but there was one major one that they couldn't deal with as drugs,trafficking, and other crimes started to increase again which led the agency to begin to worry as there was no clear signs about the sources, The Head of the Agency was Simona a tall brunette with a great athletic and good shaped body, her best agents were Agent Laura and Agent Kate , these three were always on the move and are the main reason behind vanishing crime of the streets of Hawaii, but in the last few months exactly, more and more people kept being missing for some time , some of them came back with nothing changed except for sometimes their attitudes but they never complained! While some others didn't even show up. This got Hawaii all messed up again with worries from parents about their children and themselves! (Note: From here on it will be from Agent Kate's point of view)"So what the hell is going on guys, I need some answers RIGHt NOW!!", Simona shouted after returning from her vacation she was totally pissed!,"Chief I'm sorry to inform you that we have no lead, no clue, nor evidence! This is just weird!",I explained"I mean usually when you are kidnapped or something like that you complain and go to the police but people are not even complaining boss!",Laura said!, "Listen up girls we are the best out there everybody is counting on us to stop this! I want to go out and spread and figure this out, I have to report this to the mayor ". That's when my phone rang," Hey Tay I'm really busy.... WHAT! Oh My God! I'm on my way!" Taylor was my little sister. "Girls our neighbor was missing and now she came back begging Taylor to hide her and call the police!! Let's move quick!. "Great this is a start go get her Kate and take Laura and bring her back herre and I don't want anyone to notice anything! Now move" Commanded Simona. As we took off, we got Mrs. Johns in the car and quickly got back to the office, we got herr comfortable in our office, and then I started"Who did this Mrs. Johns?!, did they harm you?! Tell us what happened!"She was still nervous when she said" I still can't believe it"she said. "What is it! Talk!" Laura was getting frustrated as Simona watched from the window , "They made us do humiliating things" she started crying! Mrs Johns was in her forties but with a face and body of a woman in her late twenties she was beautiful a blond with great blue eyes, "Who did it M'aam? Who are they?!!" She was crying and very scared, "A bunch of girls , they were harsh and forced us to do humiliating thingss!".

 "Mrs Johns I know its hard but we need your help, like what? And any names or description?!, when she continued horrified me and Laura" They made us their Slaves, I Licked their shoes and feet and other humiliating athings" she bursted crying again! I was disgusted by what she said! As I looked to Laura who had a face that was disgusted by these acts! Why would anyone do this to people! "Have you got any names M'aam,Place?, Description?, anything?" Asked Laura. "Oh yes I remember the leader of the group she scared us all , they called her Maitresse Claire! She is a tall redhead , with a fit body , black eyes that everybody feared and she had some tattoos on her feet,and there was a woman always standing beside her like her assistant or something she was tall and a brunette she punished me and forced me to do things also but I never knew her name or got a view of her face, I'm sorry that's all I remember Kate!" "That's good Mrs Johns, I need just one more thing, do you remember any place or house ? This could really help us", "I remember the first time we were in some club but I didn't know anything else about it, all the other times were in houses indoors and we never knew anything else. There are many more woman in there, they let me out because I was too good that's what they said and threatened me with my kids if I talk but when I came back home they were off to Canada! Thank God!, Please don't let them get me again PLEASE Kate!!" "Don't worry Mrs. Johns we will keep you safe and solve this problem".With that said we left to discuss this with Simona, she was shocked too but was pleased with the Info we got,"Okay girls, there are three fetish clubs in town, we need some info about this Maitresse Claire and we need it fast!" She said, "I want these every single info we know about these clubs and what happens in there and I think I can help, I have a friend who was into this stuff maybe she can help you girls adapt with the others, I'll give her a call in that time let's bring some more info, see you girls in the office in an hour.We went on searching for info about the clubs, well one of them was mostly about clothes and latex, the other two were about BDSM and other stuff so this leaves only 2 clubs as targets, well that took some time to find out, but we didn't get exact info just general things, with that the phone rang it was Simona, she informed us to meet her in the 2nd floor, when we arrived we saw her with a woman with blond hair and a wonderful body wearing a girdle style mini dress (a dom latex outfit) with high knee boots which were almost 6-inch heels , her clothes made her tits revealing which were E or F cups, this shocked me and Laura, then she said to Simona" So these are the girls you want trained Sim?"."Oh yes I want them completely ready to adapt with the situation, oh I forgot girls this is Mistress Mady, she will teach you to deal with what you girls may face inside the clubs and after..". Laura and I were shocked by hearing her called Mistress but I guess we had to adapt, Laura reached her hand and said" Hi I'm Laura ,Mady". "What did she just call me?! Its Mistress Mady to you SLAVE!" I was completely shock by her boldness! Slave?! I couldn't believe it, she continued" And when you address me you will always be on your knees, got it SLAVE!?". When Simona saw the look in our eyes she interfered"Girls Mistress Mady here is here to help she's just showing you what is it like to be a slave inside their , this is our plan to infiltrate the facility and adapt, this is our opportunity girls so do whatever she says when she says it got it?!. With that Mistress Mady had a smirk on her face"Oh I'm gonna enjoy this done to cops! You heard her slave on your knees NOW!" She screamed at Laura who now gave a last look at Simona who nodded. With that Laura was embarrassed as she dropped to her knees and barely said" Yess.. Mmistress Mady". With her head towards the ground, I couldn't believe we were training to be slaves by a real Dom! And this was just the beginning!
fter dropping to her knees, Laura was already humiliated and couldn't face any of us, she was still in her position when Mistress Mady reached with her hand which had long nails and were painted with a dark red color and patted on Laura head" Good girl, that's how I like cops on their knees" she bursted out laughing! This was too much as I went to talk to Simona,"Boss this is too much Laura is gonna cry come on!". "Kate you have to adapt to these commands if you are gonna get Maitresse Claire and her clubs down, she is just showing you how bad it is down there just listen to her orders I don't care what they are! I want this case done Kate! I'm fed up with the complains! Now look at Laura she's adapting well, So get used to IT! I'm off girls I've got some work to do I'll see u guys later, and thank you Mistress Mady for the help". I couldn't believe it even Simona was calling her Mistress! "Oh its a pleasure, trust me it is!" With a wink Simona left the office leaving us with this sadistic woman who now had complete control over us as a part of training."You my pet what's your name?" She looked at me, I remembered Simona's commands and hid the frustrations and said"Kate M'aam"."Oh so obedient already" she laughed again, she was clearly enjoying this humiliating us was pleasing her."But I prefer Mistress Mady SLAVE! Got it?!". Frustration was growing more and more as she continued her harsh words but I managed to say" Yes Mistress Mady" and I lowered my head, she was so pleased with my words, as I saw Laura still on her knees in front of this woman! It wasn't easy for me to handle this as I wondered how Laura felt, while I was she said" Now.. There are some rules you're gonna follow to keep me pleased Slaves! You already know the first , Always call me Mistress Mady, is that clear?!. "Yes Mistress Mady" with a united voice we answered, a smile was drawn on her face! "You will do anything I say , when I say it because I own you now slaves!" She was enjoying this, when Laura said"Yes Mistress". I was shocked by this, "And when you disobey me there will be consequences such as punishments, I suggest you don't push me to treat you into one of them""Is there any questions?!"She said, "How long will this take?" I asked,There was an angry look on her face as she told me to get closer to her, "On your knees slave next to ur partner!" I crawled to her like a pet baring the humiliation I sat up on my knees only to be slapped hard on the face which caused me to fall back a little"Didn't I tell just tell you its Mistress Mady BITCH!" At this point I got up and was going to attack her when Laura stopped me"Calm down Kate!! Remember what Simona said, we can handle this just calm down and adapt to this Please!" What Laura said was true and I had to just hold on and calm down and just do as she says this was the mission, when Laura got back on her knees so obediently, this got me more crazy!"Slave Laura I'm impressed you will be rewarded for this"Mistress Mady said, "Thank you Mistress",Laurra replied, I was going mad! What the fuck was Laura doing? And saying!?,"As for you Slut! You will be punished for disobeying me and not calling me Mistress Mady, you're gonna pay BITCH! And I have the authority to do this remember?!" With a smile on her face, it was clear I had no choice I had to surrender to her " Yes Mistress Mady" I said, " That's much better" she replied."Now I want you Kate to stay on your knees, and Laura go get me something to drink!". "Right away Mistress" Laura was driving me crazy with her obedience, with that she stood up and started to walk around me,"You know Kate I like the stubborn ones, Wanna know why? Because I like to break them into becoming Slaves, I Relish the feeling of breaking you into my slave!" Laura came in with some orange juice and served it to Mistress Mady, when she saw it she threw it on Laura"What the fuck is this?! I need some wine or something like that!". "I'm so sorry Mistress" Laura cried, still shocking me with her actions when Mistress Mady said" Before you go get down there and wipe that juice with your HAIR!", this was so low , Laura got on her hands and knees and rubbed her brown hair on the floor to clean every last drop!!"That's a good slave isn't she Kate?!" I looked down at my partner and best friend humiliating herself and said "Yes she is Mistress","That's enough now go get me that drink fast!" When Laura left, Mady looked at me and said" Now get on all fours and follow me like a good little slave", As a smile again was drawn on her face!

I followed her into a room that was similar to a living room as she rested on the couch and pointed for me to rest on the floor beside her,"On All fours!", She said, when I did she put both her feet on my back using me as a foot stool to rest her feet on,"Oh yeaahh this so good don't you think slave?","Yes Mistress", "Good you're beginning to accept your place, that's some good progress",She replied with a smile on her face. Laura arrived with a glass of wine, she got down on her knees and handed it to her,"You know Laura, from your actions and from my experience its clear your a natural Sub!", Laura just nodded her head without even replying! I wasn't sure if what she said was true or Laura was just following Simona's commands to get the job done, but what made it weird that she accepted any command without any argument no matter how humiliating it was! "Now, Let's have some fun! Laura crawl to my feet, and take of my shoes!", Laura did what she was told,"Stinky aren't they!",Madysaid with a grin on her face, I could realize how bad they stink by the look on Laura's face! "We'll take care of that later, why don't you start by rubbing them and you better do a good job!'', Laura spent some time massaging and rubbing Mistess Mady's sore feet while I remained being used as her foot stool! I was getting tired of the position but I had nothing to say!,"Now for the next step slave, I want you to inhale that stink of my bare feet! Every Last Inch!", As Mady got her feet close together, Laura was a bit cut off by the command but didn't hesitate much until she stuck her head into her mistress's Feet!! I was shocked by her again!! I couldn't believe how quick she accepted yet another degrading command!!,"Now that's a good girl, let me hearr some deep and loud whiffs my pet!", Mistress Mady continued with clear satisfaction on her face, she knew Laura was giving in quick and her previous comments about Laura being a submissive appeared to be true!! I still couldn't believe it as Laura took deep and long whiffs of her feet that I could smell from my place!, "You know Kate you could learn something from Laura!", Again she got on my nerves but what annoyed me the most the fact that Laura was surrendering to her Mistress's desires without thinking!!
After some time Laura was commanded to stop and Mady's feet got off my back at last,"On your knees Kate, I want you to make sure the smell is gone! Sniff em!", I was horrified by her request, I couldn't handle seeing my partner do it! And now I was asked to check Laura's work. I got close and took a small whiff and there was still some smell that disgusted me!,"I said smell them bitch!", with an angry tone she screamed, that got me close to her size 9 feet and I took a long whiff with her pressing her foot into my face, For me that lasted for minutes to end! When she finally removed her foot she was completely satisfied,"So.. Is it clean?", I didn't wanna lie nor did I want to get Laura in trouble so I replied,"Almost Mistress", "Then continue next to your partner!", we both were on our knees smelling the sweaty feet of this woman in the purpose of training!,"Oh this is great two cops on their knees sniffing every last bit of sweat of my Stinky Feet! You know what would feel even better?!",She said with excitement lightening clearly in her eyes this was getting worse!,"Beg For it my slaves, Beg to sniff the shit of my feet!!",She said with a sadistic look on her face that I started to fear! Within seconds I heard Laura,"Please Mistress may I have the honor to smell the sweat of your feet?!", Again her words astinished me!! What the hell was wrong with Laura!! I had to follow up,"Please Mistress can I sniff your feet?","Laura you may proceed, As for you Kate that was not enough!! Beg me more my little slut! Beg to smell the shit of your Mistress's feet!", I was frustrated by now but there was nothing to do about it I had to follow her orders so I sucked it up,"Pleease Mistress Mady may I smell the sweat of your beautiful feet?", I couldn't belive those words came out of my mouth as she was clearly enjoying tormenting me,"I don't think you earned it my slave,Laura deserved it!", I was somehow happy that her feet will stay away from my nose when she continued,"Oh but don't worry Kate I've got a lot more surprises in store for you!" She said with a grin on her face as Laura continued her long whiffs obediently of her mistress feet

aura's sniffs didn't stop for a long time until Mistress Mady pulled herr feet from Laura's face who was apparently eager for more,"A greedy little slave aren't you!", Laura nodded and kept looking to the floor as Mady was totally pleased with this progress."Now Kate my feet are still stinky and sweaty , and I think now is the time for your special mission, LICK EM clean my pet!", she said with a sadistic look in her eyes , this was horrifying! Now I know why Mrs. Johns was too scared of this! This is too much to handle but we had to play along, so I got infont of her feet and brought her left foot next to my mouth when she ordered,"Kiss them first! I like my feet kissed!", she continued herr commands that tortured me even more! I started kissing her toes slowly one by one to her satisfaction, then I got to her sole , heel and continued planting kisses all over both of her feet, until she slapped me with her right foot and said,"Now put that tongue out!", I obeyed knowing what to expect as I closed my eyes and put my tongue out,"Open your fucking eyes slave! I want you to see this and adjust to it!", I didn't want to see this but she forced them open with another slap on my face with her foot!,"Put that tongue as far as you can slave!", I did. She started passing her foot on my tongue from heel to toe, I was disgusted so I pulled away on the 4rth time I couldn't take it!,"Oh so this is how you're gonna play?! You will be punished slut!", I couldn't believe this , she was the one in charge, what other punishment can she do more than this?!,"Laura my slave , why don't you show your partner how to worship your Mistress's feet!", "Yes Mistress Mady", Laura said as she crawled to her mistress's feet and started lapping her feet with her tongue like there is no tomorrow , clearly this was pleasing Mady,"Ohh yeah your a natural slut babyy , who's slut are you?!", I wouldn't believe Laura would answer that! But Laura again disappointed and shocked me,"You're slut Mistress", Mady was ecstatic, she had an agent on her knees worshiping her feet like a good little slave!,"Ohh yes you are!", Mady replies with a snobbish attitude just like she has won, she did win , she was able to break an agent into becoming a slave! Laura never stopped licking, kissing, sucking, and nibbling on Mady's feet! Until Mady ordered,"Enough! Now suck on those toes! And Kate watch as you can learn some tricks, you will have plenty of time to prove youself!", she said as she looked back at Laura who was now giving special attention to each individual toe, one by one deep throating each toe and she gave some extra attention to the big toes as clearly Mistress Mady enjoyed that,"Suck that big toe like its a fucking dick! I know you've sucked a lot of that you dirty little whore!", She continued,"Oh yeah enjoy it my little slave! Its an honor to suck your mistress's beautiful toes isn't?!", with a sadistic look on her face as Laura was too busy sucking she didn't have time to answer when she was slapped hard by Mady's foot,"What do we say slave?!,"Thank you Mistress Mady for allowing me to suck your beautiful toes." What Laura said was now clear Laura was now totally a slave for this woman! Laura was enjoying it! Obeying and worshiping her Mistress! She didn't stop licking or sucking for some time they were both enjoying this Dom/sub situation , they were both satisfied with it! I couldn't believe it because I have never seen this side of Laura before! Submitting to someone will so fast, so obediently! I knew I was in trouble for not obeying, Mady kept looking to me with anger , she was enjoying my resistance almost as much as Laura obedience and submission, like she told me before she enjoys breaking a tough slave! She was manipulating me playing with my mind! I had to obey her every wish those were the orders from Simona! I failed, I couldn't bare the humiliation she was throwing! When she picked up her phone and pushed Laura with her foot right on Laura's face that caused Laura to fall to the ground as she dialed a number,"Hey Sissy , oh half the job is done, well why don't you come over because I've got some problems, great I'll see you the , Chau", Who the hell was Sissy?! And why is she coming over to help with problems?! I was getting nervous but didn't wanna ask to not get in more trouble so I waited, as Mady ordered Laura to proceed licking and took a sip of her drink..

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very good submessive story


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