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Author Topic: Sissy Slut  (Read 710 times)

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Sissy Slut
« on: August 17, 2014, 04:33:33 PM »
I would like to recall you to a lovely day in august. It was miserable outside but that was not going to ruin my spirits.

As you arrive at my home I took a close look to see if you were wearing the panties I had ordered you to wear, you were! I could see the top of them just above your jeans. Instantly I became wet. I could hear your metal locking cock ring clinking against itself so there was no need to check for that. The idea that you wore these for my pleasure only heightened the overwhelming feeling of control I had. Of course there is no way you would humiliate yourself and show either off to anyone unless I told you to.

I told you to wear a collar, I was disappointed I couldn't see this until you took your coat off. But there it was the black leather and chrome clips shining in the light. I wasted no time. Quickly placing a lead on that collar I pulled you down to your knees and lead you to the bedroom. Here I undressed you down to your panties leaving you on all fours I walked out of the room to change into my outfit. Black stockings, an under the bust black corset with suspender piece at the bottom Black lacy panties and a pair of leather high heel stilettoes. I wore my hair down and straight with a light face of makeup. Beautiful? I thought so.

I walked back into the room a smile came across my face as I looked at you still facing the all where I left you. I stepped towards you gently nudging your balls with my shoe. I bent down and grabbed your cock and balls harshly yanking them towards me. You clearly wasn't expecting this as you suddenly arched you back downwards. All of a sudden your arse looked better presented to me. I shall have to train you to stay like this and to always present your body to me. It was, and still is, mine after all isn't it.

I opened up the wardrobe and grabbed an outfit I had brought just for you. Ordering you back to your feet momentarily to re dress yourself. The dark red panties I had ordered you to wear, black hold ups, a tiny little black skirt and a dark red soft bra to match. Mmm you looked so hot. My sissy slut!

You quickly dropped back down to your knees, your rightful place beneath me.

Standing over you I fastened a black leather head harness on. Nice and tight. Placing one leg on the bed I forced your head into my crotch, you could smell how wet I was. I lead you over to a chair in the corner, tied both hands in front of you to the back of the chair, carefully placed myself in front of you pulled my already soaking panties to one side to reveal a smooth shaven pussy and ordered you to lick up the mess I had already made. I held your head by the harness so close I was unsure if you were able to breathe! But that didn't stop me I carried on until you brought me into a very powerful orgasm that made me scream. My bitches tongue always does the trick. Moving from in front of you to behind you I placed a leg spreader bar on you. That ensured you couldn't move away from me. Then I grabbed out my new ball crusher we had not used this before so I was not sure how well you would manage it, but I was going to use it anyway. Carefully placing your balls between the two bits of acrylic coated wood I tightened it. Very slowly letting you get used to the pain. Your rock hard cock told me you were enjoying it, my now drenched panties told me I was enjoying it more though. I could hear your little whimpers as I tightened it more. You could not see the excitement in my face, but I will tell you now I absolutely loved it. I kept tightening it until your balls looked like they were going to burst. I should have taken a picture so you could see.

Satisfied that you were not going anywhere I left you alone for a few minutes to get used to the pressure your balls were under while I went off to grab some lube. When I returned you were still rock hard and in the same position I left you in. I loosened it off half a turn so I could get you to relax.

I untied your hands and laid you on the floor, face up, retying your wrists to the chair legs. I stood over the top of you, I could see excitement in your face. In your mouth I placed a small but satisfying dildo. Securing it with the harness, removed my panties letting them casually fall onto you, lowered myself onto it and began to ride your face. It was not long before my cum was dripping down it and straight into your mouth. I could see your tongue working to catch every last drop. In almost no time at all I was moaning with pleasure. Riding your face faster and faster as the waves of pleasure took over. My nails dug into your shoulders leaving small marks where I was enjoying myself so much. I spun myself around so I could not see your face and instead those ball that I owned being squeezed still. I gasped out as yet another orgasm flew through my body this time I pulled at your nipples as I rode myself into yet more orgasms. When I felt I had had enough I climbed off, removed the dildo from your mouth and ordered you to suck all my cum from it, you did this willingly.

Once you had cleaned my dildo of all of my juices I kissed you sharing the taste of myself.

I took a few minutes to consider how to reward you for all my pleasure so far. I decided to loosen off the crusher a little more. As I did this I took your cock in my mouth, as deep as I could, swirled my tongue around it and gave a gently suck. You looked so shocked. I told you that if you carried on pleasing me the way you had done so far I would do that again at the end and perhaps even let you cum in my mouth.

This idea clearly excited you even more as your body began twitching. I pulled at the device that was still crushing your balls, your eyes rolled back as a fair amount of pain was just inflicted upon you. You know it's all for my pleasure though, don't you my little bitch?

I untied you from the chair and the spreader bar, stood in front of you and just said pleasure me. Obviously my recent promise had not been forgotten within a matter of second you had grabbed both of my tits and pushed them together sucking both of my nipples one after the other. You moved up and kissed my neck slowly kissing all the way down my back over my arse cheeks and back up. As you did this I felt a finger or two slide inside me. I was so wet. It's not long before I am moaning again, my hands slowly closing in on your neck. Breaking out in yet another orgasm legs shaking, I thought it about time I had your arse. I stood you up and bent you over , with my heels on I was perfectly heighted to fuck you . I slipped into the red strap-on that you seemed to love so much the curved 7 and a half inches that was about to be buried in you stood so proud in front of me. I took you to my lounge and bent you over my desk. Tied you up. It was then that I removed the crusher from your balls. Tied up, bent over with my strap-on about to go in you I pull your panties down to your ankles. You looked so hot. My slut bent over my desk in the clothes I told you to with a pair of panties round their ankles. Getting wet again!

I pull your cheeks apart. Make you beg for me to fuck you, fuck you hard like the little whore you are. I push the tip in and gently thrust. I can hear u saying harder mistress please harder. So I went harder I pushed it all the way into the base with one thrust. You made the sexiest moan ever. So I pulled almost all the way out and pushed the entire thing back in again. You let out a moan again. With every thrust I'm getting quicker one hand on your head harness so you can't pull away at all. The other on your hip. I'm going to fuck you till I cum! It looks so hot to see my cock fucking your arse. . Oh fuck I'm going to cum. putting both hands on your hips I push the entire strap on deeper into you than you have ever felt it. Maybe next time I'll have someone here who can fill you up with his own cum right after he finishes fucking me .

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Re: Sissy Slut
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2014, 05:40:04 PM »
good story

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Re: Sissy Slut
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2015, 08:38:55 AM »
it is nice story


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