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Author Topic: MY MOTHER BECOME MY BEST FRIEND SLAVE  (Read 876 times)

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I unconvinced by what I see that day. When I come home from school, I direct to kitchen to take some drink. But my step is at once desisted. In my kitchen I see Luna sit on the chair read the magazine. And making unconvinced me, I see my mother is squeezing feet Luna, my best friend. my Mother position sit at the floor, kneeled like a maid, whereas Luna like a princess. Do not only that, at the time of me still in shocked, I hear and see Luna say to my mother.[/size]" Lick…"And my mother immediately lick the sole of Luna feet.For a few minute I do not know what to do. I see my mother, 46 years old, so affront before Luna, same with my age, 21 years. while Luna so dominant, and very enjoying what my mother done to her feet.About my mother, I have said to Luna one month ago. That several times I discover my mother kissing my foot when she estimate me has sleeped. I confuse. Because I assume Luna is my best friend, I tell all to her. My intention to get her advice, how i have to behave to my mother. And why my mother like to kiss my feet when I sleep.And at the time Luna tell the new something I first hear. She said, " yours mother is submissive female. Wish to demean her before others. She need one who dominant which know how to treat her." What yours intention." I ask not yet understood.Luna do not reply. But Luna invite me to see the internet, and show to me web about foot fetish, specially about submissive woman and man and woman which like submissive couple. " this is fact. Yours motherly woman by dozens. A lot of. And woman which like to submissive couple also a lot of," word Luna assure me." But why my mother do that to me. I am her daughter . Do not her couple?" ask me still not yet understood." I know. But a lot of case where about mother readying to become her daughter slave. Submissive to her daughter. The question, what you like if yours mother submissive to you.?" ask Luna, looking into me with the eye devil." you mad?" called me loudly by rather angry Luna laughed. Then She said, " But this fact. Your mother require one who can make her submissive. She will be happy if there which will make her as slave. You have seen in the internet. And yours Mother have that secret in herself. Perhaps you require to opened converse with her.What Luna told some times ago that still be heard in my ear. Now I see in reality. I see my mother lap and kiss Luna feet. Luna have made my mother as her slave. Since when? Why Luna have the heart to do like that to my mother. Isn't she is my best friend?Perhaps because my enragement, Luna finally realize my attendance there. My mother also. Both seeing panic. But just for a moment for Luna. Direct Luna stand up, drawing near I am. While my mother is direct run to enter room.Considerably fulminate I slap Luna face. But Luna catch my hand. " hold up the enragement...." she said chilled, like is not happened something.I confess, Luna own stronger than me. Her body is higher, slender. She diligent practice gymnastic and athletics, her hip is wide. From her beautiful face, I do not see there is regret. Luna looked to be very self confidence. She looked to be very assure that her deed to my mother is true. And she is like feeling that she properly do that. I only can weep." Why?" only that question is which can go out from my mouth." Now you in a rage. I think, useless if I tell why. Much better now you speak with your mother." After saying that, Luna walk off me." Why mom. Why? How that can be happened?" by weeping I enquire to my mother in her room. And I see my mother weep too.My mother embrace me. Then she said, " Forgive me, darling. Since marrying with your father, I put the secret about myself far in my hart. And I estimate I have forgotten it. In the reality that secret still be on file in myself. And after yours father die, that secret is cannot I maintain. I start often loss Ndari. Losing that she have made me grovel under her feet. And I long that." Who’s Ndari, Mom?" Ask me rather confuse. " And what mom do not love father?" Very. I very loving yours father. But my past with Ndari, strong so. Yes, Ndari is my roommate when in college. She very predominating me. And I feel happy stay in her domination. I do any kind to please her. I clean her clothes, cleaning room, cooking to her, to doing college duty to her, to squeezing her body, foot. Altogether. I very bow to her. And she very in command to me…." Mother word explain. Because me only look into her eye, she continue, " that's my secret. I am very happy when submissive to her. And now, I am very loss her power.”I recollect what Luna have been showed to me through internet. And I do not know have to tell what to my mother. What Luna told is true. My mother is true like submissive to other. At her past, my mother has become a slave to her roommate " How long mother become Ndari’s slave? What mom also…." I hesitate to continue. " I know a few from internet," my word is choked up.My mother do not look surprise. With a heavy heart he look into me. Then she said, " darling, I become her slave during in college. Ow, again I am sorry. I am not perfect mother to you. I am....like which you tell, you have known through internet. and yours friend, Luna, she is very know how to treat me. And mother have bowed and accept to become her slave. In all matter, she is of equal case Ndari. Beautiful, bright, self confidence, and own the strong personality.""But I cannot see she treat you like that. That very lowly, Mom. She is my friend. How Mom can become her slave? And any kind of is she do to Mom?" Ask me, return to weep." One week ago, when you go, Luna come, and she tell what you have tell to her about me. I am very surprise. I think you do not know when you sleep, I kiss your feet. I only wish to discharge longing to Ndari. And from yours story, Luna understand my secret. She tell me, she have been long enough wanted to own the older woman slave . Stare and her attitude which self confidence, making me at the end of one's rope. She is very beautiful and full of strength. I feel like to look out on to return by Ndari. And I immediately bow, kissing her feet. At the time I have come to be her slave. And she know how to treat me. Such as those which have been done by Ndari. Hereinafter, I am worry you do not wish to hear" and my mother return to embrace me and apologize." Mom, I be blind to she treat you like that. I cannot. I cannot.." And I rebel from mother embrace and take to my room. And I am only can weep.


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i like it !!

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great family fetish relationship


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