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Author Topic: My story with my Goddess Dina  (Read 990 times)

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My story with my Goddess Dina
« on: May 13, 2014, 12:19:46 AM »
I met Goddess Dina in a posh night club in Cairo a couple of months ago.. she was 22 years old, very pretty, short hair, gorgeous body, and amazing legs and feet, but more important she has the sexiest ass on earth.
I walked towards her straight away.. I couldn't resist..  We started talking and we had a good laugh.. then I invited her to my place..
I had a two-bedroom apartment in a nice area.. very nice furniture too..  the moment she entered my appartment, she sat on the comfy sofa.. and crossed her gorgeous legs, and started playing with her shoe with her delicious toes..
Again, I did not want to waste anytime, I took her legs, placed them in my lap, and took off her high-heeled shoes.. I raised her left foot and started kissing the soft bottom of her pretty foot..
She smiled at me and said:
"Hmm.. so you like ladies' feet"..
"Correction;  I like pretty ladies' feet, not just any feet"..
"Ok.. and what else do you like?"
 "I love your ass, my lady"...
"And what would you do if I let you kiss my pretty ass ?"..
I'd never been more turned on in my entire life, as much as I was turned on by this young lady, especially when she asked me this question.
I continued kissing every inch of her bare foot while I was looking at her, and then I said:
"Anything you want, my goddess..".
The moment I said this last word, she looked at me with a special smile on her lips, and started rubbing my whole face with the bottom of her divine foot, and said with lla very sexy voice:
"Good dog.. I like that.. In fact, I love it...".
Then she added:  "How old are you, ya kalb?..".
I replied with full adoration in my eyes towards this young lady:  "I am 45 years old, my goddess"..
I was worshipping her feet, but I was really dreaming about at the same time is kissing her ass, and immagining how pretty her asshole would be..

"That's a good little slave.."  Then she added:  "But I don't hear you thanking me for the privilege I'm about to bestow upon you ya hai'wan."..
"OK," I said in a nervous way;  "Thank you my goddess in advance for allowing me to kiss your feet..."..

"What about my ay ass, slave?..  I thought you are dying to kiss my ass, ya kalb?!.".  Dina said that, and pulled me by the hand to my wide bed.. She took off her cloths slowly, then she lay down on her belly giving me full view of the prettiest ass on earth..
 I looked at her sweet ass, not only it was pretty, but white, soft, beautifully rounded and so smooth...

I crawled up onto the bed behind her, kneeling between her legs, leaned down and started kissing her right ass-cheek.
"Keep kissing my ass, ya kalb".. Dina ordered me..
I saw her reach down between her legs. But I paid no attention to that.  Instead I pressed my lips against her left ass cheek, and then the right cheek again, then the left cheek and the right.  Back and forth, I started wiping my whole face, eyes, nose and lips in her groove... Her ass was so firm and tight, and her asshole was so soft and smooth and clean..
Then the magic move came, she arched her back, sticking her ass up in the air.  She tapped her sweet asshole, and said, "Kiss me right here, ya himar."

She had arched her back and raised her ass very high. "Show my what a good ass-kisser you can be, ya kalb..Show me how much you love my asshole"..
So I did what she said.  I put a hand on each gorgeous cheek, and pressed my face - lips first - into her asshole, and started kissing her asshole in a more exciting way than when I kissed the lips of my wife when I first married her..
 "Sniff my asshole, while you are kissing it ya kalb.. do the same thing I felt you were doing when you kissed my foot ya kalb"..

As she ordered, but with pleasure, I pushed my nose down into the crack of her ass, and I took a deep breath.  I could smell her pussy and her asshole together very vividly..  Her pussy was very wet, and her asshole was so sweet.  As sexy as it was, the feeling of total degradation returned as I inhaled her most personal scents.
"How does it smell, ya haiwan?"  My goddess Dina asked me..
She giggled in a mocking and teasing tone, "Does it smell like your wife's mouth, or is it better ya kalb?".

I couldn't believe how direct she was.  She knew exactly what she was doing to me.. I couldn't respond.. Dina must have sensed something in me that tipped her off that she could get away with making me do whatever she wants..

I suddenly felt I was smelling her sweet shit!  I was sniffing it!  In fact I felt like I was actually having microscopic quantities of her shit in my nose right then.. But strangely enough, instead of being repulsed, I found the thought very erotic.

"Listen, my dog.. I want you kiss my asshole in a way like you're absolutely in love with it and with that smell."..
I couldn't believe my luck.. I felt like I was in a dream.  I began to think how I am kissing the hole through which her sweet shit comes out..  I began to think about my lips on it, about my lips being coated with a thin film of her shit.. I looked down at her asshole. It was so hot, so sexy, so nice and so delicious... To do that, and to hear these words for the first time.. The feeling was so powerful.

And I began to kiss her asshole. I pressed my lips firmly and wetly against it. I began to sniff intently, and I allowed my lips to part slightly.  It wasn't just the joy of seeing and feeling her incredibly beautiful round ass so close, but rather I was falling in love with the smell of her ass too.

"Hold your mouth open for me, ya kalb"   My goddess Dina ordered me. 
I did so without questioning her of course.  Then she pushed that wonderful ass squarely into my face. I could see my own nose wedged deeply in the crack of her ass.  "Keep it open, my dog".. Dina instructed me again.  My mind was reeling and time seemed to slow down. My open mouth made a perfect seal over her asshole.

"I want you now to insert your tongue right inside my asshole.. do it now my slave..."...

Of course, I did exactly what my goddess Dina ordered me to do...
"Can you taste my shit with the tip of your tongue my dog?"  She asked me mockingly...
However, she spoke the words slowly, softly emphasizing each one.  Then she added;  "You are my asshole slave now ya kalb, I can abuse you all I want, and nothing is too extreme for you..  you will be willing now to humiliate yourself for me. The more disgusting the act, the more you want to do it ya kalb"... 

"Well, my slave, now I want you to show me how much you love my chocolate cake.. I want to eat my shit, and I want you to show me that you are loving every moment of it ya kalb..".

I was overwhelmed by her words..  I was totally light-headed.  I suddenly became aware of the sweet smell of her ass on my face, coupled with the sweetness of her wet pussy below. I didn't say a thing. Instead I buried my face in her ass and waited...  Her asshole started bulging out in an exciting way into my mouth..  I felt an unbelievable wave of excitement at the prospect of being treated that way by my goddess Dina.. 
My mind was about to explode...  and apparently Dina sensed my mind was reeling and that she could just take control if she wanted to. She suddenly turned her nose up in the air, smiled, and said, "You know what, my dog?  If I want you eat my shit, then you will eat my shit, ya kalb!".
By hearing these words, this young pretty goddess has certainly got me... I wanted to absolutely worship her, even though I knew she was preparing to mistreat me and humiliate me.
"Finally, before I start shitting in your mouth ya haiwan, I have to warn you, I'm going to love doing this no matter what you think of it...  and you will love doing it from the bottom of your heart anytime I like.."...
I had one final look quickly at the beautiful pouting lips of her delicious asshole, and placed my lips around her asshole again..  Her asshole began puckering, then I felt it started to open steadily and I started to feel the tip of her shit poking out the tip of my tongue. Then the most delicious chocolate cake came out..  It squeezed out of her ass and started enetering my mouth. 

I heard her laughing as she said, "Eat it my dog. Eat my shit.  Show me how much you love it..".
I opened my mouth and began to lap at it with my tongue. The bitterness of the taste could not match the bitterness of the degradation. She squeezed out a second piece..  and I began to eat it, chewing it, pushing my tongue all through it. It was an exquisitely shitty experience.  My mind kept going over the fact that this was really happening, and that goddess Dina's "shit" was really in my mouth. 
 As I got to taste her delicious shit and my humiliation afresh, I heard goddess Dina saying the following words with great derision, "That's it. Lick my asshole ya kalb.. and thank me for shitting down your throat!" and laughed again.

With these final words of hers, I came in my pants without touching myself.

From that day, Dina likes to make me beg her to allow me to eat her shit..  She even stopped using the toilet seat.. she considers me now - and she calls me in fact - her "personal" toilet..   She believes she is a pretty goddess and she deserves this sort of treatment from me and from any man and woman on earth... 
Whenever she feels like it now, she makes me kneel before her, and always I have to kiss and lick her feet and beg her in as explicit language as possible to be her toilet, and to allow me to eat her shit..

Moreover, she stopped also using the toilet to take a piss, and I got to drink her champagne too... She does have quite an imagination, and she has found amazing ways to add sting to my humiliation.   She sometimes will get up at the table in my apartment while we are eating dinner, walk over to me and piss on my food.  Then she watches me as I eat it, and she takes a video or pictures of that with her mobile phone..

***************************   The End    *************************

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Re: My story with my Goddess Dina
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2014, 12:31:58 AM »

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Re: My story with my Goddess Dina
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2014, 09:28:37 PM »

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Re: My story with my Goddess Dina
« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2014, 10:24:57 PM »
amazing imagination
but not my kind

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Re: My story with my Goddess Dina
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2014, 04:48:19 PM »
Thank you Bachar.. as you described it.. it's a new fantasy.. I wanted to see the reaction of our members to this type of stories, especially after we all have seen their reaction to "Maya's Series".. which involves this sort of fantasy.. Regards.

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Re: My story with my Goddess Dina
« Reply #5 on: July 27, 2014, 10:14:40 AM »

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Re: My story with my Goddess Dina
« Reply #6 on: August 13, 2014, 07:13:34 PM »
WOW I like

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Re: My story with my Goddess Dina
« Reply #7 on: January 15, 2015, 08:44:55 AM »
it is very nauty story


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