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Author Topic: Miss Violet Punishes Her Pet  (Read 584 times)

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Miss Violet Punishes Her Pet
« on: March 22, 2014, 11:17:58 PM »
That Sunday afternoon Miss had been slowly jerking my cock while she watched episode after episode of True Blood, edging me, making me beg for her amusement then slapping my face when I looked like I was enjoying it too much. When her nails dug into my balls the third time I saw Anna Paquin naked I came without permission. It was involuntary. There was nothing I could do to stop it. She looked at me shocked as my cock spilled more and more cum over her long fingers. There was nothing I could do to convince Miss Violet that I should be spared punishment. And I knew I deserved it. She looked down, the shock giving way to the realisation I had misbehaved and I was bound to be punished how she saw fit. She pulled my collar, the only thing I'd been allowed to wear since Thursday night, and pushed my head towards her hand. It dripped with nine days worth of cum. She slid her thumb in my mouth and then her fingers, one by one. My cum dripped on my lips and she hissed at me, "lick it up." I did as she said. She patted my head and told me I was a good pet for licking her clean. Each finger went in and out of my mouth, making sure I'd licked every drop of my cum off her thin delicate hand. She whispered that I was a good pet for cleaning up my mess. She took my balls in her band and smacked it with each word. "Bad pet. Bad cock. Do not come without permission." Then one more hit for good measure, and a slap -- hard -- to the face, leaving me a little disorientated. It ached and I doubled over on the floor recovering while she showered. I'd figured I would be up for a week or two of chastity as punishment. I was wrong.She hadn't even looked at my cock since despite ordering me to strip and remain naked every night that week. It stood hard in front of her, ignored completely, while she ran her hands through my hair and pushed my mouth against her bare pussy. The juices from her flowed through my mouth each night. She fucked my mouth no less than four times a day -- usually more -- until the day she said she went to the supermarket. I was to remain kneeling in the living room. She bent down in front of me and slid her thin fingers around my throat and squeezed just tight enough to cut off the air. While the blood pooled in my head, while my head throbbed, she made me confess the cum in my body belonged to her, that it should not leave my balls unless ordered to by her, and that I was a worthless pet. I agreed. I had no arguments against it. She had taught me that. She watched me struggle to keep my eyes open as the air ran out with that twisted fucked up smile on her lips. She made sure I had spoken with every molecule of air in my lungs then released. She fixed the collar around my neck while I was still catching my breath and tied the leash to the frame of the couch. She stood up and didn't look at me again, as she straightened her dress, and adjusted the heels on her foot. Then she drove away. She'd tied my hands behind my back saying I couldn't be trusted with the cock she owned. I hadn't shown any control and why should she trust me, she said not even looking at me on her way out the door.It was dark before she came back. "Pet," she said in that tone that makes me know all at once that I am her property, beneath her, and that she wants to use me for her amusement. "This is Evan." She ran her fingers through my hair and stood up. "He's going to fuck me tonight." Her underwear slid to the floor in front of me. She ran her heel up my throbbing cock and she let out a little laugh, then took his hand and led him into the bedroom. The third night Evan had fucked her while I was tied naked in the room, Miss stood in front of me in only her new black strappy heels. She patted me, the only time she'd touched me since he'd been in the house. Then she held my head and told me to open my mouth. "Your going to suck your first cock tonight, pet." She whispered in my ear. "Aren't you?""Yes, miss," I said. "Why are you going to suck Evan's cock, pet?""Because you told me to, Miss."She kissed me hard on the mouth, biting my lip, then stood behind me. "Now open that mouth. Don't be shy, pet. Suck that cock like the whore you are. Make me proud, pet."I did as she told me. I felt her control spread over me as I took her lover's cock in my mouth. I sucked it as she ran her fingers through my hair. She pulled my hair tight and pushed my mouth down on his hard cock. It tasted like her. She whispered in my ear telling me to use my tongue and how to use my lips. Then held my head still as he pushed deeper. My "You little whore," he moaned. A wave of humiliation spread over my back, realising he was right. "Swallow it," Miss commanded, flicking her tongue in my ear. And I did. I swallowed his cum as Miss told me to, feeling it move down my throat as she held my mouth on his cock. Miss pushed me back on the floor and looked down at me. Her expression was a mixture of complete arousal and the realisation that she had complete control over me. Without boundaries. Anything I ever said no to she knew she could break down and make me do. Without any protest. She had told me to suck another man's cock and I had obeyed. She knew there was nothing I could refuse again. She knelt in front of me, taking his cock in her hand before it had a chance to get soft and slid it inside her. She looked at me as he fucked her. His hands clawed at her back and shoulders. She moaned on each thrust. Her eyes looked through me. My cock throbbed and ached but she didn't even look at it for a moment. His hands pulled at her small breasts, pulling her nipples. She started to cum, biting her lip and then moaning loud. Her body shook as he scratched and pulled her hips into him, coming inside her. She slid off him, gasping for air. She reached for my hair and pulled me up on my knees and held my head as I licked his cock clean. I felt it throbbing in my mouth, tasting her on him. She stroked my hair, not caring that it was rough, then told him to help himself to a beer in the kitchen. She sat on the couch and pulled me to my knees, slowly grinding her hips on my mouth. The taste of his cum and the taste of my mistress, my goddess and queen, mixed in my mouth. I licked obediently, flicking her swollen clit with my tongue, sucking it with my lips until she was moaning again. I noticed him watching her just as she pulled my hair tight around her fingers, slamming her hips against my jaw. I kept licking and sucking as she came, then she slowly "You're a whore, pet.""Yes, Miss," I said. My jaw ached. I fell back on the floor. "I'm your whore, Miss.""Yes, you are. Pet whore."
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Re: Miss Violet Punishes Her Pet
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2015, 08:47:08 AM »
he is very submessive man


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