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sri lankan maid
« on: August 22, 2013, 12:47:03 PM »
 [size=0pt]Bob and Angelina had just spent their first night in their new luxury flat in the Sri Lankan city of Moratowa. Bob, was the newly appointed president of an Indonesian mining firm which was a subsidiary of the American company he worked for. This was a stepping stone for him. A couple of years as the head of this company, here in this god forsaken country, and he would have fulfilled his obligations, and would be returned to the US as a senior executive with all the money, perks, and giant stock options that went with it.[/size]
[size=0pt]And after all it was only a couple of years.[/size]
[size=0pt]Bob’s driver had just let him out of his car, in the front of his building in the expat area of town, and he rode the elevator to the top floor , where his flat occupied the entire penthouse level. He walked in, and was surprised to see his wife sitting on the sofa next to a darkly beautiful, young, Sri Lankan woman. She had striking features and dark, flawless skin, and unlike most of the Lankans he saw, she wore a short skirt and white blouse. The above-the-knee skirt exposed a little too much of her sexy legs.[/size]
[size=0pt]“Angelina, Who’s this?” he immediately inquired.[/size]
[size=0pt]After a delay of a few seconds his beautiful, blond wife blinked and replied. " Her name is Asha Parvati, and I’ve just hired her as our new maid. You wouldn’t want ME to take care of this giant apartment, would you?”[/size]
[size=0pt]Asha turned toward him and nodded her head , as a confident smile played across her lips. " A Yubowan, Sir. Good Afternoon.” Her voice seemed to almost FLOW over him , like a soft warm wave.[/size]
[size=0pt]“Well, Asha, if Angelina says that she wants you to work here, that’s fine with me. When does she start ?” Bob said to his wife, as if the young Sri Lankan weren’t even in the room ,” What should we pay her ?”[/size]
[size=0pt]Asha spoke up her voice having only a barely noticable Sinhalese accent, " Money is not so important to me , Sir. I just want a place to live and Miss Angelina told me you have maid’s quarters here in your flat. Whatever seems fair to you is fine with me for a salary .”[/size]
[size=0pt]Bob’s face turned dark, " I was speaking to my wife, Asha. If you want to work for us you must remember to speak ONLY when spoken to. Understand ?”[/size]
[size=0pt]The darkly sensual woman looked down at the floor, " Yes sir, I understand” she said, but again, the enigmatic smile played faintly across her lips.[/size]
[size=0pt]Angelina jumped into the conversation , " I’ll take care of her salary and such, Bob . Asha, if it works with YOUR plans, you may bring your things tomorrow and move into our maid’s quarters.”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Yes Miss, " she responded subserviently, “I’ll leave now and be back in the morning, after Mr. Bob has left for work, for his job at the mines.” With that, she nodded at the attractive couple, and gracefully walked out the door.[/size]
[size=0pt]Bob looked over at Angelina who was shaking her head, and rubbing her temples, as if to free some internal cobwebs. " Why such a quick decision, dear? We COULD have gone through the company’s regular maid service.”[/size]
[size=0pt]“ Well, she came to our door looking for work, and her English seemed SO good, almost NO accent , all the other maid’s could barely speak English. I’m sure she’ll work out, and if she doesn’t, you can always fire her. ”[/size]
[size=0pt]“ But by the way, dear. Don’t be so free with personal information about us. You already told her that I was working at the mining company. That kind of information could be problematic in a country like this, where so much kidnapping occurs.” Bob admonished. " It’s dangerous here.”[/size]
[size=0pt]A confused look passed over the pretty blond’s face. " I didn’t think I DID tell her.... but I must have ... or how would she know....” She continued to slowly rub her temples. as if she was trying to relieve the pain from a headache.[/size]
[size=0pt]Shortly after Bob left for work the next morning, Angelina heard a soft knock on the door and as she opened it, Asha stood there in a long, white flowing robe, carrying a small suitcase. She looked almost angelic.[/size]
[size=0pt]“ Follow me and I’ll show you to your room, dear,” the sexy expatriate wife said, and walked to the rear of the spacious apartment to a small cubicle not much bigger than her bathroom had been in the United States. " You may stay here.”[/size]
[size=0pt]Again, the tiny smile played across the beautiful face of the darkly sensual woman. " Have you already forgotten Angelina ?”[/size]
[size=0pt]“ Forgotten what, " she said with some confusion in her voice.[/size]
[size=0pt]“Have you forgotten that ASHA IS YOUR GODDESS ?”[/size]
[size=0pt]A blank stare appeared in the Angelina’s eyes and her hands fell limply to her sides.[/size]
[size=0pt]“Asha is my goddess....I will obey her commands " the blond American dully replied, as she responded to a post hypnotic trigger phrase, immediately she gazed directly into Asha’s eyes.[/size]
[size=0pt]“ I think I’ll be staying in YOUR bedroom and you will be staying here, in the slave’s quarters, from now on, isn’t that right, dear?”[/size]
[size=0pt]“As you command...my goddess.”[/size]
[size=0pt]The sensuous Sri Lankan handed the blond her suitcase and walked to the master bedroom as Angelina followed deferentially, two steps behind.[/size]
[size=0pt]The dark skinned goddess sat on the giant king-sized bed, unusual in Sri Lanka, and smiled up at her still standing servant. Then she patted the bed. " Sit here, my pet.”[/size]
[size=0pt]As the blond sat down Asha’s valise and did as she had been instructed, the sultry sorceress again spoke to her, this time in a low, commanding tone. " Look deeply into my eyes again my dear. You must look deeply into my eyes. Just as you did yesterday .... Deeper... deeper...”[/size]
[size=0pt]Angelina’s gaze was fixed on the dark, hypnotic eyes of the Sri Lankan hypnotist. Every second she looked into those controlling orbs, she grew weaker.[/size]
[size=0pt]“Now, pet... let’s go over what happened yesterday. Do you remember me knocking at your door ?”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Yes , my goddess.”[/size]
[size=0pt]Do you remember me offering to make tea ,as we discussed you hiring me as your maid ?”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Yes, goddess.”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Well, my pet. I placed some special herbs , found only here in Sri Lanka in your tea, and that’s why you felt so weak and compliant as we talked. But that’s not the only reason you have fallen under my control. While the effects of the herb are only short term, the effects of my hypnotic spell will last as long as I desire. And while you were in the drug induced state, I hypnotized you. And you are now totally under my hypnotic spell. Keep looking deeply into my beautiful , mesmerizing eyes and tell me what you are.”[/size]
[size=0pt]“ Hyp .... no ... tized...goddess... totally ... hypnotized...“the words tumbled from her red lips.[/size]
[size=0pt]“Good girl. And you will obey me for other reasons as well. You find me VERY attractive. VERY sensual. In fact, irresistible. You’d do anything I say, just to so I might allow you to serve me.. to kiss me... to touch me... isn’t that right?”[/size]
[size=0pt]A besotted, enraptured, look passed over the blond’s visage. “Oh ...yes goddess... you are SO beautiful.”[/size]
[size=0pt]Asha enjoyed this part of it. She was going to take over this couple, as she had many before, because of their wealth and position. She was, for lack of a better term, a thief. But a thief with extraordinary skills, learned from not only from her years as a student in the psychology department of a prestigious English university, but from the shamans and sorceresses of here in Sri Lanka. While they stayed in Moratowa they would be totally hers, and she would have them deposit money into her “special” account. Then, when they left, she would capture the NEXT couple who came here to run the mines. She would also continue to get her pick of the precious jewels that came from the mine as well.[/size]
[size=0pt]But as much as she enjoyed the large profit in what she did, she reveled in the sheer POWER she had over these arrogant expatriates. The men, and more importantly, the women who came to her country, served as her sex slaves. And she LOVED the feeling that their subservience brought her. It was a kind of a pay back for all the expats who treated their Sri Lankan maids so poorly.[/size]
[size=0pt]“ Then , my dear, I’d like to see you naked now. Show me your body.”[/size]
[size=0pt]Quickly the entranced blond stripped and stood naked before the dark hypnotist.[/size]
[size=0pt]The Sri Lankan sorceress smiled. She was pleased with this aquisition. Her white body was as perfect as her freckled face and long blond hair. This would be fun.[/size]
[size=0pt]Asha kicked off her sandals, " Kiss my feet” she commanded lifting her long legs so that her helpless hypno-servant could worship them.[/size]
[size=0pt]Angelina hungrily licked and kissed at the feet of her dark goddess, feet dirty from her morning’s walk in the streets of the crowded city, and she sighed. Her mental conditioning was working, thought Asha, this ones a PERFECT hypnotic subject. She’s ALREADY powerless to resist ANY command.[/size]
[size=0pt]The new maid grabbed Angelina by both ears and drew her face closer to hers, again exerting the power of her hypnotic gaze over the young blond. “My eyes are so compelling my pet ... so controlling .... so hypnotic .. you are defenseless against my power. You feel helpless . incapable of resisting Asha’s will. Your free will is completely gone. You are mine..... mine...”[/size]
[size=0pt]She released the sexy blond from her grasp and pushed her head down.[/size]
[size=0pt]“Under my robe dear, put your head under my robe....” she whispered as she pointed to her own pussy.[/size]
[size=0pt]The hypnotized blond crawled under the long, flowing robe and began, without further commands, to lick, suck, kiss, and worship Asha’s irresistible delta, her sexual excitement growing by the second.[/size]
[size=0pt]“ Remember the fragrance and taste little one. They will be your newest addictions. You will NOT be able to resist my pussy.... do you understand? My pussy OWNS you. ”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Yeff, my goddeff,” she mumbled, still attached by her lips and tongue to the irresistible pussy.[/size]
[size=0pt]As the day went by Asha deepened her hypnotic control over the helpless blond, plunging her deeper and deeper under her hypnotic control. Angelina was hers to command.[/size]
[size=0pt]Early that evening Bob knocked on the apartment door and was met by Asha, now dressed in a traditional maid’s outfit. She curtsied and welcomed him home.[/size]
[size=0pt]“ She looked at the floor in front of him and said in a humble voice, " Miss Angelina is shopping, and instructed me to serve you ... dinner. I have cooked the meal, as Miss instructed and she wants to know if you approve of my cooking.”[/size]
[size=0pt]Bob thought to himself, " This Lankan could work out OK, she is sufficiently submissive and if she can cook, that will put the icing on the cake. And it doesn’t hurt that she is so sexy, maybe when Angie is on home leave, I can get a little pussy from her, too.”[/size]
[size=0pt]Asha led him to the dining room table and Bob was pleased to see that it had been set properly. The dark beauty pulled out his chair and nodded toward it, Master Bob, you would like to sit ?”[/size]
[size=0pt]With a chuckle, he sat in the chair as Asha took his napkin and spread it across his lap. His cock stirred from the closeness of her graceful hand.[/size]
[size=0pt]He LIKED being called Master Bob.[/size]
[size=0pt]The dark haired beauty quickly went to the kitchen and returned with a hot bowl of fragrant soup.[/size]
[size=0pt]“ It’s lobster bisque, Sir, I made it with some special local spices, I hope it is satisfactory to you, Sir.”[/size]
[size=0pt]Bob waved her away from the table, " Please don’t stand there in front of me while I eat, it makes me uncomfortable. Just stand by the kitchen door and I will call you when I need something.”[/size]
[size=0pt]“ Yes Sir,” she responded , but thought to herself, that’s the last order I’ll take from you ,you arrogant prick.[/size]
[size=0pt]Bob spooned the delicious soup into his mouth and attempted to identify the ingredients, butter, lobster, some sort of fish stock, a hint of garlic, lemon grass, and something else he couldn’t identify.[/size]
[size=0pt]He quickly finished the entire bowl.[/size]
[size=0pt]He looked up to see his gorgeous maid standing in front of him and started to admonish her. “I DIDN’T call you,” he attempted to say, but was surprised himself, that it came out. “I....I....I...”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Having a little trouble talking , Bobby ? Asha can help with that... look at me, my beautiful face, look into my dark , dominating eyes. Look into my eyes and feel your mind falling under my control. Lose yourself in my eyes . Feel your will power slipping away from you as you find you must keep looking deeply into my eyes...deeper ....deeper...you can’t look away... deeper...so much relaxation flowing through your mind that you are finding it SO difficult to think about anything other than my eyes... and my voice ... and the thoughts I’m placing in your mind .... thinking of nothing but the thoughts I am placing in your weak, receptive mind ... and quickly learning that you MUST obey all of my commands.”[/size]
[size=0pt]Her soft mesmerizing voice droned on as he continued to be transfixed by her mezmerizing gaze.[/size]
[size=0pt]“You feel yourself falling into my eyes, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You must listen to my words as they penetrate deep into ther depths your mind... my words are quickly becoming your thoughts ... you find it is so easy to surrender to my words... to me... to Goddess Asha... to submit ... to surrender .... just keep looking in my eyes as you feel an overwhrlming feeling of relaxation washing over you ... soft ... warm... relaxation ... now washing over your feet and legs .... now your cock ... so relaxed yet becoming firm and erect ... and your stomach and chest awash in my relaxing voice ... now your chest ... and neck ... and now your head .. your very mind awash and under my control .. so sleepy .... so ready to accept everything I tell you.... ready to obey... obey ... obey your Goddess Asha.[/size]
[size=0pt]As hard as he tried to resist he became more and more relaxed with each word, as he felt her eyes take control of his thoughts. With every passing second he was becoming more pliable, more submissive, more obedient.[/size]
[size=0pt]“Now sleep my little pet... sleep for Asha ..... SLEEP.” She touched his shoulder.[/size]
[size=0pt]Bob’s head fell forward, his eyes closed, and his mouth fell open, a tiny drop of spittle accumulating at the corner. He sighed.[/size]
[size=0pt]“ Good boy, you see how easy it was to obey my commands, and how it made you feel wonderful, so good, to do so. EVERY time you do as I command you will feel just as wonderful, but if you even try to resist my commands... ever...you will have a horrible headache. So you MUST obey my commands. You WILLalways obey my commands . Now I want you visualize an elevator in front of you . Can you see it ?”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Yessss.... elevatorrrr...”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Step into the elevator and seet the lights that indicate the floors. You are now on ten and when Asha presses the control buttons you will descend to the first floor and as you do, your trance will become ten times as deep, a hundred times as deep. So deep you can never even TRY to resist me.”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Yessss .... elevatorrr ... ten ... one... can not resist ...”[/size]
[size=0pt]Asha smiled, " Ten ... so deep in trance yet descending to even deeper hypnotic control ... Nine ... deeper and deeper, unable to stop your descent ... Eight ... going even deeper now under my control and LOVING your submission and surrender ... Seven ... so deeply under my control now and still falling deeper and deeper ... five half way there now .. not able to stop .. not able to turn back now .. not able to resist ... falling deeper ... Four ... almost there... so deeply hypnotized ... so helpless ... three ... under my hypnotic spell ... obedient ... helpless .. powerless before Goddess Asha .... two ... going ten time deeper ... ten time as helpless ... ten times weaker ... totally under my power .. now one .. a hundred times more submissive ... more helpless ... more powerless ... so weak .. and now you are mine. MINE " Again she touched his shoulder to reinforce her hypnotic commands.[/size]
[size=0pt]Had Asha not prevented it with the pressure of her graceful hand he would have fallen forward onto the floor, but she wasn’t done with him yet. " Now my pet, I want you to search the depths of your mind , is there the slightest bit of resistance left ... anywhere ? Any will power... any strength?”[/size]
[size=0pt]Hardly able to even THINK at this point, Bob searched his mind for the last vestiges of his independent thoughts and found a tiny kernel of resistance left. " Yesss ... Yess I...I...I...”[/size]
[size=0pt]“I’m GLAD we found that. Open your eyes Bob and look at your Mistress Asha....you desire her... your cock is SO hard for her...look ... LOOK into my eyes...”[/size]
[size=0pt]His eyes blinked open but were immediately captured by the dark orbs of Asha and their dark, searing heat seemed to burn away his last vestiges of will , his turgid cock straining against his trousers, and still she wasn’t through with him .[/size]
[size=0pt]“ I’m going to kiss you Bob, and I can see you so desperately WANT that.” She gently massaged his prick, " But my kiss is SO seductive, so mesmerizing, SO powerful that the soft touch of my lips will DESTROY that last kernel of resistance. You will be my slave, fucktoy, and plaything the MOMENT our lips meet.[/size]
[size=0pt]With that she leaned down and kissed him a tender, gentle kiss ... and he was totally enslaved.[/size]
[size=0pt]Now her lilting voice became more stern. " Stand up, slave!”[/size]
[size=0pt]And the helpless marionette-man stood.[/size]
[size=0pt]“Follow Me.” She commanded.[/size]
[size=0pt]Bob followed Asha down the long hallway to the maid’s quarters, and there stood his young, blond wife naked, arms at her sides, eyes vacant.[/size]
[size=0pt]“You two will be so happy here in your new home in Sri Lanka. So happy serving me, your Goddess. So happy being my slaves. Nothing matters but Asha now, and I have become your world. You will serve my every wish, my every desire. You will follow my every command. That is all you live for now. To serve me.”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Awake Angelina, awake but STILL my little slave girl .” Angelina blinked and became re animated.[/size]
[size=0pt]“Bob, whenever you are here, in this flat, you will be naked, as ALL slaves are to be for their owners. Just like Slave Angelina.”[/size]
[size=0pt]As commanded, he removed all his clothing and stood next to his wife, facing Asha.[/size]
[size=0pt]“ Now here are the new rules, my little pets. I AM your owner. Tomorrow we will go to my lawyers and draw up the papers signing over your wealth to me. And JUST as importantly, whenever you are here, in the flat, with your goddess, you will both be my helpless fucktoys, doing EXACTLY as I command. Naked and helpless. ”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Yes Goddess Asha, " they replied obediently.[/size]
[size=0pt]“You will BOTH live here in the slave’s, I mean maid’s, quarters, and I will occupy the master, or should I call it The Mistress bedroom.”[/size]
[size=0pt]“Yes Goddess Asha.”[/size]
[size=0pt]Now SHE dropped the various pieces of her maid’s uniform to the floor in her bedroom, and smiled as her two sluts obediently picked up her clothing as she pointed at the discarded clothing.[/size]
[size=0pt]She fell naked into the huge bed and again fixed her hypnotic gaze on her two helpless puppets. She pointed to her breasts, “You...BOB ... here.” Then she touched her pussy, " YOU ... Angelina... HERE.” Then she groaned as they erotically attacked her.[/size]
[size=0pt] even if it's copied
i also deserve karmas for that .
thanks in advance .

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Re: sri lankan maid
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yes you do :).... thanks and k+ :)..

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Re: sri lankan maid
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yes you do :).... thanks and k+ :)..
thanks so much , appreciated :)

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Re: sri lankan maid
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i love lesbian affairs


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