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Author Topic: Humiliated by the House-Maid  (Read 690 times)

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Humiliated by the House-Maid
« on: August 13, 2013, 01:05:54 AM »
 [size=0pt]Humiliated by the House-Maid – Part 1[/size][size=0pt]
 I was on my visit to India (New Delhi) at my aunt's place to attend my younger cousin’s 18th birthday bash. In India everyone has a house maid. The one at my aunt's place was pretty and hot. She was thin and had a very light complexion. She looked docile, but nevertheless was not weak (being a house maid is very laborious in India). I used to stare at her often and decided to take a step forward one day.
 The house maid did seem to catch me giving her quick glances. But coming from a highly developed country, and the she looking so vulnerable, I confidently decided to use my digital camera to shoot her around my room. I put the camera on video mode, and hid it behind a few books. My aunt (age 34) and her family (2 girl cousins – age 18 and 21(same as me)) was rich and well off. Both my cousins had fancy gadgets and the maid at least knew what they were meant for.
 I was lying on my bed when she entered. The maid studied the camera and quickly realized what it was being used for. After all, as I said, she did seem to know that I ogled at her secretly. She talked to me about it and all I could do was fluster. She threatened to show it to everyone and I decided to bribe her off. But she wouldn’t accept money. What she wanted, took me by surprise.
 “Can I sit down and talk”, she asked. As soon as I said ”ok”, she stepped over me and sat with a thump on my stomach. Though I liked her, I never dreamt of any contact with her. She was just a house maid, and so sweaty after the day’s hard work.
 I glared at her as she moved forward, now positioned on my chest. She clamped my head tightly with her thighs. I could feel how very firm and thin they were. She moved a little bit forward and her crotch was resting on my chin. The maid slid further up and now could only see my shocked eyes as she covered my mouth and my nose. I felt like crying but somehow controlled it.
 She pinned my hands under her feet and rose a little. To my horror she then slowly she started to pull up her saree(an Indian dress, which flows free from the waist to the heels, like a long thin skirt, but wrapped around the body with many folds). She pulled each fold till the saree was up to her waist. I could now completely see her sexy thighs, the long fair thin legs and her undergarment.
 She mounted my face, and sat on it in a squatting position. My nose was pushed into her crotch as I inhaled the smelly sweat of the panties. I was allowed a little air now and then, but she sat on my face till was I was out of both, breath and energy. She got up, but to my dismay turned around, now facing my feet, and sat down on my face, full-weight, and her saree still above the waist. I tried to push her off but was not strong enough. My nose disappeared into her thin, firm sweaty butts, as she started riding my face. She continued doing this faster and harder, till she touched a rhythm. I could here her groan as she came down hard on my face one last time. Now I was crying.
 She turned around one more, facing my face, her fair, bare hot legs bent and placed on either side above my head. “Kiss me and say that you are a pervert”. She ordered. She rose till she was squatting above my face, her pussy hovering above my mouth. I kissed it and said what she had ordered. She made me do this many times till I was practically snogging her. She let go off her saree as it fell on me and my face disappeared under it. She then sat tiptoed, bent forward, her arms resting on her knees and her full weight on me, as if checking like a queen how much weight her throne would take. I was lying down, beaten and embarrassed, being rested on like an inanimate object.
 The maid still was on me in her dominating pose with my hands under her feet and my wet face below her ass. She was catching her breath after the long workout, and this very moment, from under her saree, I heard footsteps enter my bedroom. It was my tall, slender and bronze 21 year old cousin.
 Humiliated by the House-Maid – Part 2

 Anita had a hard time grasping what was going on. Meena, the house maid, was perched on the bed, and a limp body was jutting out of under the folds her saree. She was sitting on someone's face, her arms resting on her knees, eyes closed as if she was meditating but breathing fast, her breasts heaving.
 The maid had been on my face for at least 20 minutes. Helpless and humiliated, tears had now dried on my cheeks and I had only wanted to manage breathing, sniffing through her wet panties, and smelling in the sweat of a day's work she had finished. I could clearly feel her pussy on my mouth, and her spasmodic movements once every few seconds.
 Once she regained some perspective, Anita managed to blurt out a feeble and surprised "What's this?". It seemed she was asking no one in particular, but her own self.
 The maid quickly looked around, her pretty eyes wide open, staring into my cousin's for a second. I could feel the weight shifting on my face. She didn't get off off me in a panicked hurry, as I would expect, but just lifted of my face and slid down to my chest, showing that she rightfully wanted to continue riding my face, but stopped only to acknowledge the new company in the room. She planted her ass on my chest and sat on me with some defiance, as if a tigress guarding her prey against another.
 I coughed a little after all of a sudden getting more air that I had been in quite some time, and Anita's voice reached me. "Ajay?! what's happening. Meena get off him!".
 Still astride me, she reached for the camera and handed it to Anita. "Madam, he was shooting me with it. I got angry at him and made him apologize. What if he was going to show it to people? I wanted to fight him" she said, her words carefully picked as if to underline that good had won over evil. I would have ranted about my submission, how she made me kiss her pussy and repeat 'I am a pervert' each time. I could recollect her fair, firm thighs around my face, when she had lifted her saree upto the waist and rested her sweaty crotch on my mouth. How I had cried when my nose disappeared in her smelly butt and she rode my face till she groaned and had come on me. I would have said all that but I had little energy, and even lesser shame in me at that point.
 "Get down Meena!" Anita said sternly. The maid glared down on me, as if wanting me to defend her dominating me, and finally got off after a few seconds as I refused to meet her eyes. "Madam, I was not going to complain to your mother about him……and you don't need to either…" she added with a sly look in her eyes. This maid was a smart one.
 My cousin looked to the floor, as if taking the hint, and the maid left the room. Anita was wearing jeans and a kurta, i.e a long shirt, that reached here hips. "Why Ajay? I am really shocked. You were secretly shooting my maid? Oh god Ajay!…she used your face?! and you were helpless, so submissive!". It seemed as if her admonition towards me had turned into admiration for the maid. "Ok, I won't tell my mom."
 "Thanks" I mumbled.
 She closed the door to my room, locked it and stepped near the bed. She stared at me as if a hungry person would look at a meal. There was a hint of smile on her face as she unhooked her jeans and stared pulling them down, swaying here hips. I was taken aback completely, could not help but look at her bronze legs. Fear took over me, for I knew what to expect.
 "Please don't Anita! You are my cousin please" I begged.
 She straddled my chest and yanked my hair with her fist. She then pulled my face into her crotch and let out a moan."Ahh! Fuck…I am going to use you Ajay, use your face like she did!" She let go of my face, and slid forward till her pussy was on my nose. Then she spread her thighs and rested each of her arms on them and started moving her hips in a circular motion.
 Even though Anita was slender, she was taller and heavier than the maid. I tried to buck her off as I felt her weight on my face. But she caught my arms and continued rotating her hips on my nose. She kept on gyrating and eventually moaning over me, enjoying that I was fighting back weakly and she was physically subduing me, arousing her even more.
 After a while she climaxed and I could taste her juices. I could see thorough her kurta which had turned transparent because of the sweat. She ran her hands thorough here lush hair. "Oh god Ajay! Fuck…" she moaned using her urban tongue. She got off me while I lay here, once again humiliated and scavenging for air. Within a few moments I felt here weight on me and felt here naked ass on my chest. "I won't complain if you stay put Ajay. Telling everyone about this tape would destroy you…" she threatened. "…well, destroy you even more I mean" she added with a chuckle.
 She then turned around and hovered her ass on me as if to tease me. She then sat in a squatting position, using here hands to push her knees wide apart, and carefully placed her butt on my face, so that my lips were aligned with hers. "Eat my pussy Ajay! Eat your sister you pathetic fuck!" She yelled. I suddenly felt a sharp jab on my crotch. "Do it! I am serious" she said, getting up looking backwards into my eyes.
 She sat on me again and punched my dick once more as I opened my mouth. Anita closed here eyes, tilted her head back and starting riding my face. I could taste here wet juices in my mouth and smell her stinky ass hole…Once again tears started rolling down my cheeks as my mind turned blank.
 The video camera has been switched on again. It had captured my submission, it had captured my cousin sister's domination…
 It had been switched on by my maid this time. Meena was looking at what the camera had captured, looking at my sorry destruction, getting turned on by it…looking at my beautiful cousin and how she rode me ruthlessly…the maid looked at the second person she would blackmail…her pretty eyes widened and she smiled. This maid was a smart one.
[size=0pt] [/size]
[size=0pt] [/size]

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Re: Humiliated by the House-Maid
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2013, 01:07:02 AM »
i hope u like it , i have more and more of these stories
it all depends upon ur encourage and karmas :)


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Re: Humiliated by the House-Maid
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2013, 01:12:26 AM »
it s good to copy stories from other sites as a begining
but you should by now write ure own ones

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Re: Humiliated by the House-Maid
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2013, 08:39:04 PM »
thanks 4 sharing

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Re: Humiliated by the House-Maid
« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2013, 07:58:34 AM »
cool,thanks for sharing


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