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The Dominant Nurse
« on: March 30, 2012, 12:33:46 PM »
Sharon Sampson, 24, college educated, medically certified as a home health care specialist, and extremely beautiful. She stands five foot two and possesses the attributes of a sex model. Every inch of her frame moves in such grace that men drool at her sight. She’d always known that she could entice men to fall at her feet and that’s what she did to obtain her sexual satisfaction.

Sharon had such an intense mean streak as it related to men. She’d stopped having intercourse once she fucked her way through college and nursing school. Oh she knew her anatomy and stuff alright, yet fucking old doctors was easier than writing papers. With each tiring and unpleasant encounter her mouth would make lusty sounds, but her mind was thinking how other men would pay dearly for them.

Now Sharon had been with her agency long enough to pick and choose her patients. First she’d accept any assignment and size her potential victim up. She always took older men who could be easily controlled. Other than being extremely lonely and financially well off, these guys were easy prey for the charms and attention of a beautiful young woman’s advances.

One such individual was Shelton Wetherby. He’d retired the CEO of a manufacturing company which he still holds 47% of. He’s a widower who preferred to remain reclusive in his secluded home in the hills. Nothing medically was wrong with him yet he insisted on visits from a nurse to check on him.

Sharon began providing special services that would bring him to the brink of sexual bliss, yet not quite. A sponge bath, a body massage, an extra button opened on her blouse or the sight of her shapely ass when remain bent over before him; these are the sort of things Shelton enjoyed each time she visited. Sharon knew where this was leading. It worked every time. First entice the victim with her womanly charms and frisky smile. Then spring the trap, turning the old bastard into a whimpering fool of a slave, begging to please her.

On her fourth visit Sharon sprung the trap. Shelton was sitting in his huge leather chair in the living room. Sharon came in dressed different this time. She wore her long black hair loosely over her shoulders. The sheer white blouse clearly fought to contain her perfectly round breasts. She’d omitted her bra in order to display the hard nipples she tweaked just before coming into his house. A short black leather skirt barely covered her ass and stopped just above the top of her smooth thighs. She stood just out of his reach with her right bare leg perched on the coffee table. Her six inch heel showed the high arch of her foot. She stared seductively at him. He returned a lusty stare.

“I think I’ve something in my shoe Shelton,” she coly invited. She could see his already hard cock head poking out between his legs beneath his robe. “That’s right you bastard.” she thought to herself. “Come and get it.”

Sweat beaded on his brow. Shelton could not believe himself as he began to stand. His eyes roaming her lewd body, he began to fall to his knees. He crawled to the table and reached for her ankle. Sharon quickly pulled her foot away and laughed at him.

“Do you think it would be that easy idiot? You must learn to beg permission to touch me fool. Beg and humble yourself or I’m leaving and shall never return here again!”

“No please Sharon; I am your worthless slave. Please don’t leave me Goddess. I’ve desired to worship you since you first arrived. Use me Mistress, abuse me please. Let me drink from your shoe and remain prostrate before you my Queen.”

She backed away and he crawled towards her. She rounded the coffee table and took his favorite leather chair. She crossed her sexy legs and allowed her shoe to dangle off her toes. An immediate foul stench fumed from her foot. She’d worn these particular shoes on purpose. They always made her feet stink. Those shoes created a most unpleasant odor. She had her three mile run in her ratty sneakers without socks and not washed her feet before stuffing her feet in them. The aroma nearly caused the pathetic old man to pass out.

“My shoe is dirty boy, prove your worth and clean it dog.”

“Yes my Goddess.” He attempted to use his robe to wipe her shoe.

“With your tongue fool, lick it clean!” she bellowed.

Slowly the former CEO bowed his head to her shoe. The closeness of the stinky aroma burned his nostrils. He had to please her. Perhaps once again he’d feel her soothing touch during one of her massages. It didn’t matter. This beautiful creature was spending time with him. He couldn’t stand the thought of her leaving now. His tongue snaked out and touched the tip of the shoe. Then he licked it like it was candy.

Sharon sat back in triumph amused at the old fool. How easy it was to enslave him. She’d lift her foot above him and he’d rise up on his knees, head bent to stare with begging eyes at the bottom of her shoe. His tongue licked air until she lowered it and permitted him to lick the dirty sole of her shoe.

“From now on slave, this is your duty when I visit.” Sharon produced her cell phone and snapped several photos of him licking her shoes. When she bid him to use his teeth on her spike to remove them, he obeyed with passion. More photos were taken of the agony on his face at the stench of her feet.

“Feed on them slave. Enjoy the taste at the feet of your Goddess.”

She spread her toes and his tongue lapped the toe jam found there. His mouth tasted like dried leather and foot sweat. It should have repulsed him but as she knew it would, he began to crave it. She enjoyed using his face as a foot wipe. His thinning hair served as a towel to wipe his slobber off her feet. He held her ankle as if her foot was fine china. Reverently he paid oral homage to her soiled soles.

His hard throbbing cock hung waving at the floor as the slave sniffed her feet, now savoring the rancid scent. She opened her blouse and began palming her heaving breasts. Men belonged at her feet she mused while tweaking her nipples. Men are so easy to subdue. The all belong to be treated this way. Especially old assholes like this one. She used the sole of her foot to slap his face. Even this didn’t stop his oral devotions.

“Lick harder slave, you know this is where you belong. Make love to my feet old fool.”

He never spoke in return. His hand fondled her left foot gently as his tongue danced the length of her right one. Never had Shelton felt more alive. In such a short time he learned his true worth. It had little to do with money. His true calling was to serve at the feet of this Princess.

“Enough slave” Sharon hissed. She roughly snatched both feet from him. He groaned with displeasure at the loss. “Please,” he begged.

“So, does the slave miss the taste of my feet?” she teased.

“Oh yes Princess please allow me to continue.”

“I see your pathetic little wiener is stiff. Did worshipping my feet do that to you foot boy?”

“Yes Goddess. It’s never happened before. I’ve never kissed anyone’s feet before. I’ve never seen feet as beautiful as you either. I’m so terribly horny Goddess. Please if it’s allowed, may this slave amuse you by relieving his self with your feet on my face?”

“So,” she hissed in disgust. “I’m to be your pleasure am I? Do you think I’m concerned with your pleasure idiot? Very well then foot boy, lie on your back and spread your legs. Let me allow you what you so deeply deserve.”

Shelton did as instructed and awaited expecting to soon have her lovely feet rest on his face as he masturbated. Instead he felt intense pain. Sharon had slipped her shoe back on and kicked him hard in the balls. She loved the sound of his yelps and screams. They continued as the old fool balled up into the fetal position and rolled on the floor.

“I’ll be back early tomorrow morning after my jog foot dog. Be in this room naked on your knees prepared to feast on my filthy feet. Perhaps then you’ll realize the terms of our relationship idiot. Oh and do have your check book handy foot freak. I’ll need some advances on your home health care visits.” She stabbed her spiked heal deeply into his exposed thigh. His yelps echoed in her ears nearly all the way back to her house.

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Re: The Dominant Nurse
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good jop

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Re: The Dominant Nurse
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very very good story

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Re: The Dominant Nurse
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Re: The Dominant Nurse
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nice one


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