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Author Topic: enslaved by stepsisters and stepmother  (Read 570 times)

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enslaved by stepsisters and stepmother
« on: March 30, 2012, 05:05:09 AM »
jake was 15 and lived with his stepmother and step sisters after his father divorced his second wife. jakes mother died when he was little, his stepmother, natalie, good-looking 38 year old not skinny being that she was nearly 5'10 but definitely not fat about 160 lbs. his older stepsister melissa was 17 and looked like a model blond hair, green eyes and 5'8. the younger stepsister jenny was 13 and a miniature version of her sister at 5'2. jake was a strong kid with a strong will and hated his family, he often told his stepmother to "go to hell" when she asked him to do things. though once every so often, it seemed that jakes attitude totally changed he was polite, respectful and even obedient to his stepmother and step sisters.

they all found these moods curious but didnt say anything about it to him fearing it would stop. in truth, these obedient periods were due to jake's one weakness, he had a secret foot fetish. the odor of a woman's feet made him extremely aroused and for some reason that he couldnt explain made him act subservient and obedient. he hated the way his fetish made him but he couldnt control it.

his older sister Melissa was pretty consumed by figuring out what caused his obedience because when he was in one of those moods he was pretty damn convenient, he even did her chores for him when she asked him too. and on the flip side he was rude and aggressive in his normal state, one time she noticed when he was in such a mood that he had a massive hard on, she almost laughed.

she realized that finally she had a clue. she started doing some research online searching for a correlation between unnatural obedience and sexual arousal. she learned about female domination and how sometimes a foot fetish can be a catalyst for submissiveness, as she read more she became more and more excited at the prospects and possibilities of this. melissa couldnt wait to test her theory out. .

that day she wore her black pumps that she knew usually caused massive foot odor if she wore her nylons with them. later that day when they got back from school jake and Melissa were both at the table doing Homework when nellissa slipped off her pumps and began to slowly rub her foot against Jake's leg and the smell of her feet slowly engulfed the room. soon jake became really aroused and cursed his fetish silently, he hated it. and its affects.

he looked up at Melissa when he realized what her foot was doing. she just smiled and said "jake please go get me a cold glass of water.." jake got up to get the the water while thinking to himself "get it yourself bitch!" meanwhile Melissa was smiling from ear to ear figuring out her next move. she decided to get him even more horny in order to make him even more submissive.

when he brought back the water she deliberately spilled and then ordered him to clean up the mess while blaming him for the spill. jake felt so powerless as he was forced to comply with his bratty stepsister's demands. he got a towel and knelt down by her feet and started wiping up the mess. when he was done he started to get up but felt his head being shoved down

Melissa said "uh uh.. your not done yet! my feet still have water on them. she then shoved her feet in his face and forced him to clean them too. being so close to the source of the foot smell jake was so aroused his resistance was futile and he performed the demeaning task. when he got up he looked up at Melissa who smiled evilly at him and he felt utterly humiliated and defeated as he realized that she must have discovered his fetish. "jake, go put away my shoes and fetch me my slippers" Melissa ordered her helpless stepbrother.

jake knelt down once more to pick up her pumps from under the table and he felt a kick in his backside "ouch! what did you do that for?! he exclaimed. "because i can, now go fetch me my slippers like a good little boy " laughed melissa. jake slunk off to to obey Melissa . when he got back holding her fluffy pink slippers, "kneel down and put my slippers on!" she ordered . jake knelt before Melissa's size 8 nylon covered feet and obeyed

"hey! what are you doing?" jake turned around to see his younger step sister, jenny looking on from the door way. he went beet red in humiliation and looked up pleadingly at Melissa to keep this between him and her. "oh hi jenny, jake was just helping me put on my slippers" Melissa sneered ignoring jakes silent request.

"well i want help putting on my slippers too!" jenny replied in her typical bratty fashion. "jake, go fetch me my slippers!" so jake went back to his little sistersbedroom and bent down to pick up her stinky old slippers and brought them back to her.

"Now put them on my feet jake" feeling even further humiliated jake knelt down before his little sister and placed her slippers on her feet as she let out a little giggle. he could tell she enjoyed the position he was in. although she didn't really know why, she understood that he was being forced somehow to obey her. melissa looked on with approval. "ok jake, you may go now" melissa said making it very clear who was in charge.

jake went straight to bed and jerked off to finally get rid of his boner which essentially kept him prisoner. the next morning as jake and his sisters were about to leave to school.

came over to jake and held out her bag and told him to carry it for her in addition to his own heavy book bag. "carry it yourself! jake retorted hoping that last night was just a bad dream. melissa looked puzzled for a moment at his disobedience then her smirk remerged as she took off her shoe and quickly shoved it in jake;s face mashing it into his mouth and nose, the stink assaulting his senses. jake got an immediate hard on much to his frustration. "now, ill say it again, carry my. bag my dear brother" melissa said.

jake wordlessly bent down and slung the pink backpack over his shoulder and started walking out. soon followed by a triumphant melissa and a curious jenny. what the all didnt notice was that their mother natalie had witnessed the whole thing and was very intrigued..

melissa spent her day in school daydreaming about the possibilities and potential of her power over jake. at the end of the day, Melissa told jake, that he was better off just listening to her right away before she had to embarrass him in front of the whole school by making him get a boner. and so he did. once jenny saw what was going on she demanded that he carry her bag too.

so jake trailed behind his evil step sisters under the weight of their belongings. "why is he listening to whatever we tell him?" asked jenny once they were out of jake's earshot. "oh simple, all you have to do is make him smell your feet." Melissa replied. "eww... really? why?" said jenny. "i dont know... thats just the way it is"....

later, jenny walked right up to jake who was on the floor watching TV and confidently stuck her feet in jakes face. "now you have to do what i tell you to!" jenny said in her bratty 13 year old voice. jake, gritting his teeth realizing that he once again had a raging hard-on. he found her feet disgusting even though they were pretty cute with red toe nail polish.

in fact he hated most feet but still he could control what they did to him. "help me with my homework jake...now" jenny said very much enjoying the emphasis on the last word displaying her power. jake sighed and shut off the TV... "what exactly do you need help with, jenny?"
"do all of it" jenny ordered and she threw a bunch of papers at him and plopped herself down on the couch in front of him "do it all now, in front of me". so jake submitted to jenny and got to work on her homework'. she started lightly slapping his head with feet looking bored. "look at you, last week you were big man on campus now your like .....my slave" jenny said, enunciating the last part by lightly kicking jake's privates...

jake finished the rest of her homework in silent suffering.. just then he heard melissa call him from the next room. with his head hung low he went to go see what she wanted. she was just finishing up giving herself a pedicure. "blow on my toes" melissa ordered.

jake knelt down and started blowing looking and feeling defeated."you know what jake, from now on i want you to call me mistress melissa, since you ARE sort of my slave so that would make me your mistress" jake was silent. Melissa kicked him viciously in the face. "i told something, slave boy!" Melissa sneered. "yes mistress melissa" jake whispered
. "louder!"
"YES Mistress Melissa!"
"now, thats better. now kiss my feet goodnight"
yes mistress melissa" jake said as he lowered his faced all the way down to her feet and kissed them lightly. he couldn't believe this, he was on all fours with his face lowered to the ground kissing his step sisters feet. he vowed to try to start controlling his hard-ons. "take my slippers to bed with you and keep them on top of your face. then the first thing in the morning, come bring them and kneel by my bed till i wake up" he could tell Melissa was really enjoying this. she was just tormenting him for the fun of it now.

over the next few days jenny and Melissa had him doing all their chores he became their total slave but all the while he was slowly learning to control his boners. Melissa noticed the change, he seemed more confident and she knew it was only a matter of time before he stopped obeying them. she came up with a temporary solution that brought her and her sister much amusement.

one friday night, Melissa and jenny snuck into jake's room. jenny held him down and Melissa took one of her old and smelly pumps and taped it securely over his mouth and nose with packing tape, jenny stifled a giggle because he looked to idiotic but didnt want to wake him. the next morning when jake discovered their treachery he was furious but his raging hard on controlled him and quietly went to his sister's room to make them take it off. when he walked in they both burst into a fit of giggles.totally humiliating jake. "come closer" Melissa said not quite done laughing. "yes miss Melissa" jake said muffled through melissa's shoe they both burst into another fit of laughter.Melissa then lightly squeezed jake's privates which hurt really bad because he was hard for so long. they laughed again at the look of absolute pain on his face. "now go make us some breakfast...shoeface" melissa ordered laughingly.....

Now,jenny and melissa' mother, natalie so far pretended as if she didnt know what was going on but she actually was keeping a close watch on the situation secretly taking pride in her daughters and waiting for the right moment to join in. natalie knew that if she didnt do something soon they would lose control over jake despite Melissa's creative and amusing contraption. jake was being made so miserable that he almost was incapable of being aroused. so on monday night when she knew the girls would be home late because of cheerleading practice she made her move.

when jake got home, he had a huge headache and was looking forward to finally some time alone. natalie saw her opportunity and gave him what she told him was "head tonic" but actually was off brand viagra. then he went to bed only to find a pile of dirty socks on his pillow, then the viagra kicked in and he had a raging hard on from the smell and it would last for hours. "jaaake! come here!" natalie called. jake tried to cover his boner but it was pretty obvious when he walked into the living room and saw his stepmother sitting on the couch dressed almost fully in black latex including a tight a black diamond studded choker on her neck miniskirt and knee high black high heeled boots and fishnet stockings. jake realized what she was doing but was so turned on he gaped at her. Natalie just smirked and extended one of her booted feet towards jake and smiled.

he just stood there. "come here and help your stepmother take off her boots jake" natalie said softly. jake knelt down started to remove his stepmother's boots while she just looked down at him and smirked. soon he found himself facing his stepmother's giant size 10 smelly fishnet covered feet which she was wiggling about an inch from his face. "massage my foot jake" Natalie ordered. as jake was massaging one foot she kept the other on his balls playing around with his boner.

jake couldn't believe what was happening but was powerless to stop it. after about a half an hour of massaging her feet, natalie ordered him to just tilt his head back and she just plopped her feet down on his face and told him not to move. soon the girls came back from practice and this is how they found jake, under their mother's feet. they just all three started laughing. "go get a camera and some wine jenny" natalie said.. as jake smelled and massaged their feet, they sipped wine and took pictures of him. when they were pretty tipsy they commanded him to strip naked and then they started taking really embarrassing pictures. they made him pose on all fours while naked and holding jenny's slippers with his teeth then they did the same thing with Melissa's pink panties. Natalie took a pose with her foot shoved in jake's mouth and one with him kissing her ass.

finally jake;s torturous night was over, when he woke up he finally was so disgusted and miserable by the previous night's events that his foot fetish was finaally gone. even though he was forced to sleep with a dirty sock in his mouth. when he heard his stepmother call him to her room, he went but only to show her that he was in control. however, when she ordered him to his knees and he refused she only smiled. she took out her laptop and showed him all the pictures from last night. "now, unless you want me to post these on facebook and email them to everyone you know, you will get on your knees and kiss my feet!"

Natalie laughed evilly.jake was trapped, he had no choice he slowly knelt and kissed the feet of his evil stepmother."now clean the lint between my toes....with your tongue" ...... "jake, you are now our slave and you'll obey my daughter's and my every command"
"yes mistress natalie"


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Re: enslaved by stepsisters and stepmother
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Re: enslaved by stepsisters and stepmother
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Re: enslaved by stepsisters and stepmother
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