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Author Topic: WHO IS IN CONTROL 1  (Read 721 times)

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In the upper east of New York, lived a wealthy family that had a daughter
named Tiffany.  She lives with her parents in their mansion which is the
biggest one in their neighborhood.  Their mansion is seventy feet tall; the
outside of the mansion is painted ivory white with a hint of teal, the
backyard is very spacious that stretches to the river aka Hudson river, they
had a garage that they parked their five cars which were BMW's which were
the newest models in the market, they had a pool in the backyard, and they
had a garden to grow several plants and also to import several plants from
various countries.   If you thought that outside of the mansion was
exquisite, then you need to check out inside the place.
Inside the place, stand a dining room that has furniture that were import
from Italy and Spain, the house has 4 bathrooms, and a game room that has
three video games from the 1980's.  Tiffany's room is painted pink   and her
bed is a queen size that has gold plated knobs from France and sheets are
silk from Italy.   She refers to her room as "Goddess room" which truly
reflected her values and her traits.   The mansion costs five million
dollars.     Truly this house was the talk of the town and the family loves
Her father, Adam White, is the CEO of a Car company that is worth ten
billion dollars and which is the world leader in the car market.   Her
mother, Joan White, is a CEO of Air Company that has it base in New York
City.    Her parents gave her everything she had growing up including, toys,
expensive clothing, art paintings, two cars, and they set up a savings
account that's worth five million dollars.  The reason why her parents gave
her everything because she was an only child and felt their daughter should
deserve the best    in everything.  In fact when she's was growing up, her
parents made sure that their daughter didn't have to work for anything and
they made Tiffany felt like she was a princess.
Tiffany personality is cockiness,   confidence, and brashness.  She felt the
world revolves around her  and felt it was her right to have things go her
way because as she says; " I'm born rich and people should bow at my feet"
She didn't understand that not everyone can be in the same financial
situation as she is and to her it was unnatural.    In school, she was
popular among her peers and everyone wanted her to be friend to experience
her lifestyle.   Most kids would walk to school or take the bus but not her
she drove in BMW's    to school showing it off to everyone including the
teachers.   Often times in school, she would scoff at the kids and teachers
because they didn't have nice things like her and felt that they were below
her in everyway. She would often say to herself; "God why do I have to talk
to "these people"  "like their not even human beings to her.   However, not
everyone like Tiffany especially the girls because the boys would date her
instead of them which made them obviously angry.   The boys wanted to date
her because she was the most beautiful girl in the school.
Tiffany's body was like a model perfect in shape and being.  She stood 5'4
inches which her weight is 110lbs and her eyes are brown.  Tiffany is
African American and her parents are African Americans.   Her age is 21
years old.   She has ample breasts size which is 36 DD's.  Her legs are
muscular because she jogs every morning because she believes that "every
woman should sexy and have guys drooling over them."  She believes her best
feature was her firm, tight, plum, and juicy ass which made men beg to date
her.  Truly she had everything going for her and felt she was on the top of
the world.   When she graduated from college, she opens a company that sells
designer clothing with the help from her parents.
At the tender of age of twenty-five, she established her company as the
number one company in her industry.  She employed thirty-five people and her
company was worth twenty billion dollars.  She would smile and said; "I'm
the richest girl in the world and I make more money than their parents would
ever dream of in their lifetime"   She would rub her success to her
employees telling them that they" wouldn't be as rich or as pretty as she"
and employees took her degrading remarks because she was the only company in
One day in her office, Tiffany hears a knock on her door and she opens the
door to see two police officers too see what they want.  The police officers
were females and they look to be in good shape as well. The officers grab
her and cuff her and proceeded to drag her out to their car, while her
employees were laughing at her.   Tiffany covers her head to hide the
embarrassment and the shame she's feeling.   They drag her and push her into
the police car taking her to their headquarters in New York.   Looking
confuses and feeling angry, Tiffany asked one of the police officers "why
she is an arrest. The police officer response was; "You're charged with
fraud which includes illegal business transactions, illegal treatment of
employees, and illegal fraud to the government.  While hearing these serious
charges, she thought this had to be some joke saying "my business is very
honest I mean I'm a good girl damnit"   She tried to explain this to the
officers however they ignore and simply drag her to the station.
As she arrives in the station, she notices that there was a smelling
emitting from one of the cells that made her nose gag.  She saw plenty of
cells that were filled with women all women that look that they can hurt
her.  She was obviously scared and angry about the situation.   She thought
this was some kind of joke however, she soon finds out this is very real and
this is no dream.     She tried to reason one of the police officers saying;
"It's a big mistake and I'm sure we can work something out "however the
officers look at her with indifference to her and said "sorry your arrest
and scum like you will pay and that's the law"   Hearing this statement,
Tiffany knew she was doom and her family wasn't there to save her.
The guards grab her by her arms and threw her in a cell with 3 Latin women
that were gang members.   She's scared but she was trying to be tough so the
girls wouldn't' think she was a softie.   The leader of the Latin gang is a
35yr woman named Jennifer Williams.   Jennifer is 6'1 with 36 DD's   , with
brown eyes, and who is a bit on the heavy side weighing around 240lbs.   Her
background she came from a single family that consists of her mother and her
sister.  She grew up in Queens the rough part of the neighborhood where that
80% of the kids her age end up in prisons or on welfare.  Her father left
her when she was born because as he puts it: "I don't want any fucking kids
they annoy me".  She never knew her own father and as she got older and she
didn't care to know because as she says "I don't need no father I'm gonna be
real woman holler".   She never went to classes because the teachers never
gave a damn about the students and the students knew it.   She was a hooker
for a pimp for five years and she was abuse by him every day.  Her pimp
would slap her cross the face when she didn't make enough money for him.  As
the years went on, she felt angry and felt she needed to defend her self.
One day as she was giving the money to her pimp, her pimp went to slap her
and she took the knife from her pocket and stab him in the chest saying to
him " Yo don't fuck with me I aint your bitch. I don't take shit from no
one. I'm the boss bitch better recognize"   The cops were right there and
proceeded to arrest her for murder and she is sentenced for fifteen years.
During her time in jail, she began to talk girls that were in similar
situations and they began to form gangs called   "Sisters with fucking
power" which no one in prison mess with them.
She looks at her Tiffany as one of those stuck up people that she hated in
school and feels like beating her behind.  Tiffany scared as the woman
approach with an evil smile on her face.  The woman grabs her by her neck
and picks up and looks in her eyes and says " I see you're the rich girls
that think they   are better than everyone else eh well in this house I own
this shit bitch better believe it."    Tiffany tries to reason with her
saying that I can pay you however Jennifer didn't listen to her.     With a
smirk on her face, she pushes the girl down to the floor like a beast that
is ready to eat their prey.  Her friends held her arms while Jennifer began
to take off her prison shoes that had no socks on.  Her feet are a size 11
and her foot had a bit of dry skin that formed a slight crust on them.   Her
toes were long and chubby that had sweats between from wearing her shoes all
day long.   The smell of her feet is like rotten cheese, sour vinegar, and
popcorn that linger on for days.
Tiffany eyes began to water by the smell of Jennifer's feet. She began to
wonder how someone can keep their feet so horrible however before she can
finish her thought  there was feet that was inches away from her face.
Tiffany said to her in a sly and demanding voice; "Well girls it looks like
we got us a slave to service our feet "   "I love to have rich bitches like
you at my feet licking the dirt and sweat of them" Hearing those words, I
had a chilling affect on her heart and reality that she was realizing that
her money and influence wasn't going to save her.    Jennifer was sitting on
the prison bed as Tiffany was on her knees and she began to put her feet
close to her lips commanding her to kiss it.  Tiffany was a bit reserve to
do it and Jennifer was sensing disobedience swung her foot to Tiffany's face
letting her know "who's in control".    Tiffany began to kiss her feet
starting with her toes and the smell of her toes began to immediately to
attack her nose.  She tried to imagine if she was kissing a sexy guy which
helps her to kiss Jennifer's toes.  The way she kisses her toes was with
torrid passion with her lips sucking the sweat, the grime, and dirt of her
toes made Jennifer squirm with pleasure.  Then her lips began to kiss the
soles of her feet which the skin was crusty, dirty, and just plain stank
like cow urine.   Jennifer was enjoying the pain that she put this girl
through and at times would say to her; " Does my feet stank"  " Poor baby
you wanna smell my feet"     After of forty-five minutes of kissing her
feet,  she orders her to smell her feet and her friends pushing her head
close to those horrid looking beasts of Jennifer's feet.  Her nose was close
to those disgusting looking toes and her stomach almost began to vomit it
was like living in hell.
The more she inhale the funk of Jennifer's feet the more her eyes began to
water she was truly defeated.  In her mind, she was wondering how she could
lower herself to kiss some lower class woman's feet. However she knew that
she must if she was going to live.  Jennifer started to rub her feet all
over her face letting her face smell like her horrid feet.   Her friends
would often made rude comments such as " Look at that bitch smelling
Jennifer's feet"  or  " Hey Jennifer that's right girl make that stuck up
rich girl smell your stank feet "     Jennifer truly for the first time in
her life felt like she was getting what she wanted.   Her toes slip into
Tiffany's mouth forcing her to suck her toes one by one.   Her mouth felt
like it was rob from its dignity which Tiffany felt and knew if any of her
friends and family found out about this they would disown her.   Every time
she sucks Jennifer toes it was like her soul was taken away and her being
was strip one by one.   After thirty-five minutes, Jennifer stood up like a
queen and said to her slave; " Yo bitch you like my feet huh"   " If you do
you gonna have to earn the pleasure of worshipping them"   Thinking the
torture was over , obviously she finds out that she is dead wrong.  That
familiar smirk was on her face knew that she had more in store for Miss
Tiffany.  Jennifer said to her; " Well bitch I got you at my feet but that
aint enough I want you to smell every part of my  body like my butt"   She
took over her pants revealing a firm , tight,  juicy butt which made Tiffany
envy with pleasure.  She commanded her to kiss her butt with her saying
"Thank you Mistress for allowing me to kiss your butt"   She hated to kiss
her butt but Tiffany's pussy got wet and just continue kiss her ass one by
one.  Watching this Jennifer made comments like " Well the rich girl likes
my ghetto booty eh"  or " Miss stuck up is kissing my ass and you like it"
Though she didn't want to admit it , but Tiffany knew she was right . In her
mind, she knew that she must have her at any cost even if it means if she
must serve her.   Jennifer tease her by saying " You want to lick my pussy
" however  she change her mind by saying " Too bad slaves like you don't
deserve to lick my pussy your only good for licking my feet and my ass "
After standing on her feet Jennifer sit down on her bed and told her to
massage feet because she's tired.
Tiffany began to massage Jennifer's feet starting with her toes getting them
to relax. Her hands are smooth like butter and Jennifer just sigh in
pleasure.   Her hands started to go deeper on Jennifer's toes relaxing the
muscle and then it started to move on her soles where they continue to work
their magic.   Then she massages her soles one by one and Jennifer was in
heaven and would say "yeah slave good job that's how you serve your queen"
While she was massaging Jennifer's feet there was two guards that open the
cell and grab Tiffany saying its time to meet the warden.  Will Tiffany be
free? Well find out.


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Thank you veeeeeery much KARMA  k++ lool k+

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 Gp keep on and thx for ur effort

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