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Author Topic: SERVANT OF A MOTHER AND DAUGHTER  (Read 1238 times)

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In our culture, whipping and beating is seen as a means of teaching, so it
was not strange for the elders to punish the youngs that way.

Ms Chow is a doctor's widow, she is rich and beautiful, in her late 30. As
being asian, she only looks 25. What impressed me is her silky feet. She has
a 16 year old daughter, Lilla, and also raises a so-called nephew, Phuc, 14,
a poor remote related orphan.

The boy was well fed and allow to go to school, but as soon as he gets home,
he is the house maid, a slave for Ms Chow and her gorgeous daughter.

Growing up in a wealthy family, inheriting the Eastern culture from the
family, Lilla always looks down on her remote cousin Phuc. An example of her
attitude is that when Phuc is cleaning the floor below her, she always rests
her feet, in her shoes or thongs of course, over his head or body. It looked
outrageous to me at first but then I found out, Lilla does that because her
mum always does that.

I was a friend of the late Dr Chow and I had been secretely worshipping
Madame Chow before her husbane passed away. Both mother and daughter have
bad premenstrual tension, which I woud rather call premenstrual tantrum. A
few years ago I witnessed the elegant beauty and power of the Chows.

I came to visit them one evening. As walking pass Lilla's bedroom window, I
heard her yielling. Ms Chow was expected me but her daughter didn't know
that I was coming. The villa gate could be open by guests. It was dark
outside, Lilla didn't see me. In her bedroom, she was sitting on her bed,
holding a slipper in her hand. Phuc, the boy, was half kneeling in front of
her. Lilla pointed the slipper to Phuc's face, after each sentence she
scolded him, a good slipper whack fell on his head. The boy say "I am sorry"
after each whack.

From what I guess, Lilla is out of her tampons, that was why she was cranky.

Moment later, Ms Chow got in the room. She was bothered because of the
noise. The graceful lady said:

- If he needs to be punished, you got to do it properly, or he won't learn
anything. Go and get the cane, stupid.

The boy hurried out, then came back, on his knees, holding the cane with
both hands, raising it up to his forehead, waiting for Ms Chow to grab it.
She wasn't moving, kept on watching the TV with her daughter. It took a good
5 minutes, until the TV went on for the commercial ads, that Ms Chow
leisurely turn to his daughter and said:

- When your grand mother punished her servant, she always make them wait.
The angrier she was, the longer the wait and the harsher the punishment.
But if you cane him, make sure that he is quiet. Uncle Umigo will be here any

I was afraid that they would detect my presence. I ducked my head down,
quietly walked to the front door. I heard Lilla said:

- Hold the slipper between your lips, no teeth, no saliva, and make no
sound. Got it stupid. If I hear a sound, I will make you hold the toilet
brush in your mouth....


Ms Chow is Korean. In Korean culture, it is the norm that the inferior
person kneels in front of the superior, and face slapping is a common way of
punishment, humiliating acts.

I didn't get the chance to see how Lilla punished the boy that time, but I
saw the results. As Phuc served tea later, I saw a red mark on his neck and
one high up on his arm. The boy was still trembling in fear.

I discussed with Ms Chow about the difficulty raising an adolescent boy,
praised her and stressed on disciplines. Ms Chow got more and more relax and
open, dangling the shoe on her right foot. Born in a rich family, her silky
feet never touched the ground. Her feet were so delicate that if she kicked
one's face, all I would mind was whether her foot got hurt or not.

One day, I picked up Phuc and treat him a Mac Donald's. I made friend with
the boy, and finally he told me what happened at home.

When Ms Chow punishes him, she wants him to stay perfectly still, in the
most convenient position for her to administer the punishment. If she is
standing and wants to slap, he must kneel down, face lited up, eyes looking
down, and he should adjust his face just above her waist level.

Lilla is different, when Ms Chow is at home, she always makes him shut
during the discipline act, but when her mother is not home, she loves to
chase Phuc on his knees around the house, with her kicks, her whips, her
shoes, her belt, with whatever she has at the time.

Phuc said but they both seemed to get satisfaction when he begged for mercy,
but sometimes the punishement went on longer because the ladies liked to see
him cry.

He showed me the newest punishing marks, a few bruised spots on the chest
and the whole back with welts.

The boy said the front bruised is from Ms Chow's heels, and the back was the
art piece of Lilla. But the boy said it was all his mistakes. Both of his
mitresses get really strict when their menstruation came.

Two days ago, after a long days of shopping, Ms Chow got home. His task was
to prepare her foot bath, as she liked to bathe her feet in warm water after
a long days on her feet. As usual, the boy took her left shoe off, place her
foot in the water. As he was holding her right foot up to take the shoe off,
he suddenly receive a fast kick from her heel.

The boy got up straight away, in fear. He didn't wuite know what he had done
wrong, but he knew Ms Chow always wants him to knee back up immediately,
ready for the next punishement. His fault was that the water was not warm
enough. Ms Chow rarely kicks the boy with her bare feet, and she always
kicks his chest, abdomen, face. Never kick her butts, Phuc said she told
Lilla that butt is a low part, it doesn't deserve her punishment.

The welts on his back happened that night. He was cleaning Lilla's toilet,
while she was watching TV. On TV, it showed the scene where the man took his
belt off and whipped his wife, who was crawling on the floor. Lilla called
Phuc to come out and watch the scene. She was having her menstruating mood.
She took one of her old leather belt, started to inspect the boy's work and
of course, pratised her whipping skill.

Phuc said he was crawling on his four. Lilla blocked his way so that he
could only crawl around her bathroom. The girl kept on praticing her belting
technique and after all, she cornered him on the side of her toilet bowl.
Lilla suddenly thought of a better position, she made Phuc kneel in front of
the toilet bowl, with his hand wrapping around the bowl, head down in it,
exposing his back.

Lilla said when he beg, his voice sound better with the echo from the
toilet. I asked why he didn't try to get his head out of the toilet bowl. He
said she would put her foot on his head and press it down the water if he
had tried to resist.

After making the welts from his neck to butts, Lilla stopped. She ordered
Phuc to get her waste bin from the toilet out.  There ware some used tissue,
two used pads, a chewing gum wrapped in tissue. Like the man in the TV
movie, the young girl tied his neck to her bed foot. Then she ordered him to
stuff things from the bin into his mouth, piece by piece.

I decided to get closer to Ms Chow family, I envy the boy situation.

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Thank you

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