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Alisia's lackey
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I arrived in L. A. about a week ago. I was hoping to turn my life around with a big move from the Big Apple to Tinsel Town. Life on the east coast wore me down and things looked brighter already. I was very low on funds but was lucky to land a job on the set of a movie that was being filmed in the desert of Southern California. The set was a little far out of town to commute, so we were all staying in trailers at the location. My trailer was rather small and I had to share it with several other "gofer" type guys. I didn?t care because the rent was free. This job would let me save lots of cash so I could spend the time necessary to land a real job. I was a few pennies from skid row, but I was well educated and hoped to make a splash in my new town. My job on the set was to be available to the young star of the movie. She had recently made a big splash in her first flick and got her picture plastered on the cover of numerous national magazines. She had that innocent, irresistible, pure beauty that graced one person in a hundred million. Unfortunately she knew it, and around the set she was known as the "Bitch." It was always "Get this," or "Get that." Never so much as a "please" or a "thank you." Sometimes she was right next to whatever it was she wanted. Alicia always gave me these condescending looks. I, in turn, had grown to hate the aire of superiority she always carried with her. The long, hot, dusty day of filming in the desert was wrapping up when one of the other guys said there was cold beer waiting for us back at our trailer. That was just to good to pass up. Just as I arrived and grabbed a cold one, someone walked up and said: "Hey Don, bitch is throwing a tantrum. She says she needs a few things." I said I?d be back as soon as I ran her errands and headed off to her plush trailer. I tapped the can on the door. "Get in here!" I heard her shout. I walked in and she was lounging on an easy chair in the sultry outfit from the set. "Where have you been?" Alicia demanded. "It?s been a long hot day. We?ve been filming since just after sunrise and a few of the guys were going to throw a few down and kick back for a while," I said, popping the top to my beer. "Put that beer down, there is no drinking in here, I?m only 21 years old." I felt like really telling her where to go, but bit my tongue and set the can down. I decided to discuss it with her. "Look, Alicia, I?m doing a decent job for you and I think I deserve some respect," I said calmly. "I should have some time of my own as well." "There are a hundred people who could replace you in a flash. So you will work when I say you will work. Furthermore, you will make yourself available to work for me at all times. I will treat you as I see fit, and you will address me as Miss Alicia. If you have a problem with any of that you can leave right now and forget about another job in this industry. If you think you have money problems now, try unemployment. What will it be?" she demanded. Alicia was right. I desperately needed the money this job paid. I should have never discussed the money problems I was having with the other guys on the set. She must have overheard me and was using it to her advantage. "All right, I do need the job, but how about cutting me a little break," I asked, hoping that she might bend a little if I asked kindly. "What!" Alicia said as if shocked. "How did you address me?" "I?m sorry. Miss Alicia. It?s just been a long day and all," I said hoping to curry favor and get back to the beers. "May I go now Miss Alicia?" "I will let you know when you can go. Your priorities are messed up. You shouldn?t even be thinking about leaving. I?m not sure if you are even capable of handling this job. Why do you think you get paid more than the other flunkies out there? I had better see some immediate improvement in your performance or you will be living on the street," Alicia remarked. Now I was beginning to understand why a novice like me had gotten this higher paying job. The others who had been around town for a while knew what was in store if they took it. I resolved to bite the bullet and hang with the job until I had the cash to leave. "Remove my sandals," Alicia said casually as she reclined on the chair. "Hey, that?s not part of the job. You have to do that yourself," I said in disbelief. "You really don?t get it, do you?" she asked incredulously. "If you give me just one more disrespectful reply, or refuse just one more order I give you, you are history. Do you understand me Dummy?" I had a quick decision to make. Part of me knew this was to much crap to put up with. But I was just desperate for the money. Alicia started swinging her foot impatiently. It caught my attention as I did a double take. I looked up her lovely legs. God was she beautiful. I caught her eyes and she had this gloating smile on her face as if she knew she won. She had. I needed to get down on my knees to get to the sandals. Her feet were filthy. The long hot day in the dusty desert had caked them in sweat, dust and dirt. I started undoing the strap, and the sight of her fantastic legs was giving me a hard-on. "Stand up!" Alicia ordered. I didn?t want to move. I was sporting this boner and the shorts I was wearing were flimsy and thin. Alicia might notice my erect condition. "Stand up!!!" I got to my feet. I tried to cover the tent in my shorts. "What?s this?" Alicia said grabbing my penis. Her hand caused my cock to harden into steel. I hadn?t been with a woman in quite some time. "That?s it, you?re history you disgusting sex pervert," she said squeezing my cock and digging her nails into it. It was both painful and erotic. I didn?t stop her. She dug her nails in and the pain was excruciating before she let go. Still, I did nothing to prevent her torment. I was being fired. "Get out of here before I call security you sex maniac," Alicia said. "Alicia,...Miss Alicia, please. I need this job. It?s just that I haven?t been with a woman for quite some time and,...and I promise it will never happen again. Please, I?ll do whatever you ask. I?ll be better than anybody you could possibly get to replace me. I?ll dedicate myself to seeing to your every need," I pleaded with her to keep my job, yet she seemed unmoved. "Please Miss Alicia, I promise I?ll do anything you ask. I?m begging you." Alicia turned when I stooped to actually say the word "beg." Perhaps she would reconsider. "Get on your knees," she said. I fell to my knees. "Do you pledge to do absolutely anything I tell you to do no matter how absurd or ridiculous it may seem to you? No matter how you might feel about it?" Alicia asked. "Yes Miss Alicia," I said from my knees. "I don?t believe you," she responded. "Please Miss Alicia, I promise I will. I beg you," I pleaded. "You wouldn?t last a minute. Get out," she said. "Just one more chance, I?m begging you." "Clean my sandal," Alicia ordered. "Yes Miss Alicia," I said picking up the sandal I had removed and heading to the wash room. "Get back here!" she said. "Where are you going?" I returned to my knees before her. "I was going to the wash room to clean the shoe," I said holding up the sandal in my hand. "Clean this one," Alicia said thrusting her sandal clad foot at me. "Shouldn?t I get a damp cloth Miss Alicia?" "No" I stretched out my shirt to wipe the dirt and sweat covered sandal. "Use something moist," she ordered. I sat there not sure what to do. Alicia sighed in annoyance. She raised the sole of the sandal so it was inches from my face. "Lick it. Lick it clean." The sole of the sandal was practically black. I was disgusted at the prospect. Somehow, my body moved forward on its own. I found myself licking the dirt from her shoe. I said to myself?I can?t be doing this. I was performing this act of utter self degradation and couldn?t bring myself to stop. In fact, I started licking with gusto and relishing this sick task. My cock was rock solid again. After a few minutes of devouring every inch of Alicia?s sandal I felt something snaking into my shorts. Alicia?s foot was grazing my cock. The sensations were unreal and I renewed my efforts lapping at the pretty sandal. In short order I had an explosive orgasm, reeling in ecstasy. Alicia removed the shoe and brought out her cum covered foot. The jism was all over it. It was a massive load from the pent up sexual frustrations over the last week. She raised her filthy foot to my lips. Like the true servile sycophant I had become I began cleaning the cum, sweat and dirt from her pretty foot. The lovely pink toenail polish was so sensual I was hard again almost immediately. Alicia noticed and remarked: "You are totally without any self control." She reached for some twine on the table next to the chair. Why was it so readily available I wondered? "Get up," she demanded. I jumped to my feet and she yanked my shorts down to my ankles. I stood naked before this young goddess, completely humiliated, yet doing nothing to prevent it. In fact it was arousing me all the more. Alicia took the twine and separated my balls, tying a tight knot around the top of my sac. I winced from the pain, yet stood passively by. She then tied a very tight knot around the base of my cock designed to cut off any further satisfaction on my part. "There. Now we should be able to continue," she said. My balls stood out like two plumbs in their tight compartments. Alicia?s feet were now on the floor and I would have to get on my belly to continue my degrading chore. I removed her other sandal and began cleaning her fantastic foot. My mouth was dry from all the dirt and salty foot sweat I had eaten. There seemed to be a half inch of grime between each toe. "May I have a drink Miss Alicia?" I asked obsequiously. "Are you thirsty?" "Yes Miss Alicia." She grabbed the back of my head by the hair and viscously pulled it so I was looking up at her beautiful face. "Open," was all she said. I obediently opened my mouth and watched in shocked horror as Alicia let out a large stream of spittle, landing in my gaping mouth. Once again I wanted to close my mouth and prevent this sick act. My mind no longer had full control of my body. What was it that was controlling me? Alicia continued to spit until my mouth was close to overflowing. "That should quench your thirst." I slowly swallowed her spittle, drinking in my complete shame at the same time. Returning to her lovely feet, I continued abasing myself on my belly, prostrate before this beautiful young woman. I would gladly have continued groveling for hours more, but Alicia tired and kicked me away. I could not believe the heightened state of sexual arousal brought about by Alicia?s humiliation of me and the bonds around my cock and balls. I would have cum a dozen times if not for the twine preventing release. She got up and started walking to the back of the trailer. "Come here," she ordered. I was about to get up when Alicia scolded, "Crawl!" I was back on my hands and knees, crawling shamefaced behind her. She entered the bathroom and I stopped just outside the door. Alicia lifted her floral print dress above her waist and I gasped at the incredible sight as she stood there. Her pretty pink cotton panties were slightly dusty from the swirling winds of the desert. Her shapely butt was as fine as any playboy model I?d seen. Her long luscious legs were simply indescribable. She smiled as I knelt there in awe. Alicia sat on the potty and started peeing in her panties. They were soaked through. She obviously had needed to pee for some time as it went on and on. "Come here and take a look," she said innocently. I crawled in and looked into the toilet. "Look closer." I put my head over the bowl and could smell the heavy scent of very concentrated urine. Suddenly, I felt something on the back of my head. I was forced down into the toilet. The trailer toilet was smaller than the average toilet and urine was extremely concentrated, even mixed with the water in the bowl. My whole face and half my head was covered with the foul waste product. I could easily have extricated myself from this hideous position by overpowering Alicia, but I did nothing. I held my breath and hoped she would soon let me up. She finally let me up and I gasped for air. Then she quickly pushed me back in. Alicia did this over and over and I was running out of the ability to hold my breath. Finally I could no longer do it and I had to drink in some of the revolting sewerage. She let me up, choking and gasping for air. "I won?t let you up again," she warned, and in I went. I was about to panic when I heard Alicia say, "Better drink up." Like my life depended on it, which it may have since I couldn?t bring myself to offer resistance against Alicia, I drank the foul liquid. Thankfully I made it to the bottom of the bowl and was able to breath again. Alicia removed her foot and I fell, exhausted on the floor. "Get in the tub." I crawled into the tub. Alicia removed her piss soaked panties and stuffed the into my panting mouth. "Don?t you dare get out unless I give you permission, and don?t get off your back," Alicia admonished. I was left there as Alicia made her way to bed. It would be another long day tomorrow with filming beginning bright and early. I drifted off to sleep. At some point during the night I heard some noises and woke to see Alicia standing over me. I looked up at her naked image in the low light and she began peeing on my face. What a sick individual I?d become, powerless to offer any resistance. Involuntarily I opened my mouth and greedily drank her bodily waste. I was sobbing at my self degradation. My cock was once again hard from the arousal Alicia?s humiliating acts stirred within me. I was yearning for more degradation at her lovely feet with each moment that passed. I was completely entranced by her. She got out to leave. "Miss Alicia," I asked meekly, "May I go to the bathroom?" "Of course you may," she said kindly. I was about to get up but... "I gave you no permission to get out. I will let you move however. Keep your shoulder?s on the tub floor and lift your ass up in the air." I obediently did as I was told. With my semi erect penis, I was looking right at the head of my cock. "You may go now," she said. I didn?t want to go in this absurd position, but as soon as she said it I began peeing all over myself. The position was set up just so, and I was peeing right in my own face. At each turn I thought it was impossible for me to abase myself any lower. I was no longer a man and I feared for what might come next. Yet I never desired anything as much.

Chapter two.

I slept that night in a pool of urine and I did nothing to prevent it. Morning came and I was awakened by the incredible sight of Alicia?s naked body. My cock rose to salute her magnificence. "Good morning," she said with a smile. "I have to go real bad, and I can go in the toilet or you can be the toilet. What will it be you worthless piece of dogshit?" Alicia was asking me to be her toilet and calling me dogshit, and I was aroused by it more than I could ever remember. She was giving me a choice and I couldn?t say no. No matter how much I wanted to tell her she couldn?t do this to me, something within me wanted her to use me as a toilet, and it was a powerful force that had complete control over me. "I?ll be your toilet Miss Alicia," I said, hanging my head in shame. "O. K., but it won?t be just this once. You have to be a full time toilet or not at all. So think it over and tell me if you really want it," she said standing over me, looking so radiant. "I want to be your toilet more than I?ve wanted anything in my life, Miss Alicia. Please let me be your toilet," I begged. Alicia produced a funnel and shoved it into my mouth. She squatted over it with her pretty feet on either side of my head. "I hope you?re thirsty," she said giggling. She let go a long hot stream of piss into the funnel. I drank and drank as my cock hardened to the point of near release. When Alicia finished I continued slowly drinking the pee in the funnel, savoring each drop of her fine wine. She let me enjoy my degrading act as she stood over me. When I finished, I looked up to see her smiling face. Alicia knew she controlled me in every way. I couldn?t refuse her any request. She turned around so her backside was facing me. She removed the funnel and squatted over my face. "How about a kiss," Alicia said, swaying her perfect ass inches over my head. I began kissing her magnificent orbs. Tenderly pecking loving kisses as if I were passionately kissing a woman?s lips. I was in heaven even though I was soaked in her piss. "Kiss my rose," Alicia ordered. I kissed her brown hole. The feelings washing over me were indescribable. I started to loose myself in this shameful act. I was making love to her poop shoot, moaning in ecstasy. Alicia began to sink down on my tongue. I snaked it up as far as I could, and she impaled herself on it. After a few minutes I felt something pushing back against my tongue. I tried to turn my head to the side and escape from under Alicia?s ass. She sat down with all her weight and grabbed my balls, squeezing with great force. The agony was pure hell and my screams were muffled by her pretty butt cheeks. "Don?t even think about backing out now," she said easing the pressure on my balls with each probe of my tongue. As soon as my tongue was back in to the hilt, I felt the object pushing back. Alicia looked over her shoulder at me and laughed at the sight of my eyes, wide in shocked horror at the realization of what was about to occur. The turd entered my mouth, moving to the back, and then expanding to fill my cheeks. I was sick at the thought of what I was doing, but I was tingling with a sexual energy I had never experienced before. My mouth was now filled to capacity as I sat under Alicia?s ass. "Oopps, here comes last night?s Mexican food," she said laughing at my utter humiliation. A thick liquid shit made its way out. It had no where to go with the huge turd already filling my mouth. It exploded over my face. Up my nose, in my eyes, dripping into my ears. The sewerage oozed into my hair. I was completely covered in Alicia?s hot shit. Alicia got up and was hysterical as she looked at the revolting sight at her feet. She grabbed a camcorder and started filming my degradation. "Chew your breakfast shiteater," she said. Somehow Alicia had bewitch me. I no longer had a will of my own and I commenced the self abasing act of eating her fecal discharge. On top of it all, my dehumanization was being captured on film for who knows what humiliating purpose. With some effort, I as able to complete my vile task and swallow the "breakfast" so graciously provided by my owner, Alicia. "Lick that slop off the tub so I can shower," she demanded. "Please...Miss Alicia..." She grabbed the twine tied to my balls and yanked viscously. I shrieked in agony. "Don?t you ever question an order I give or I?ll separate your worthless gonads from your body. Now lick that up, and I want to see some enthusiasm." As quickly as I could I began slurping the foul substance like a dog starved for a week. Alicia was once again in hysterics as she filmed the hideous scene. I continued my efforts, retracing every inch of the tub. Finally Alicia tired of the scene. She opened the rear door of the trailer. "Get out and clean up." The liquid shit had dried into a hard caked crust over my head. I began to get up and pull my pants up when Alicia interjected. "Crawl out of here and leave your pants in the waste basket. I want you to crawl into your trailer on your hands and knees and tell everyone there your name is shiteater and you are Miss Alicia?s toilet. Now off you go and be back in an hour," Alicia ordered. As I was crawling out the door, the make-up woman was coming in. My heart pounded from the intense disgrace of the moment. "Say hello," Alicia ordered. With my head hanging in utter humiliation I spoke weakly, "I am shiteater, Miss Alicia?s toilet." The woman burst out in laughter. "It looks like you need practice Shiteater, it?s all over you." "That won?t be a problem. I?m sure the dog will be quite proficient in no time. Now slither along Shiteater," Alicia said. I made my way to the trailer. I thought I would have a heart attack on the way my apprehension was so severe. I crawled up the steps and entered the trailer. "Who the hell are you?" one of the guys asked. "I am Shiteater, Miss Alicia?s Toilet," I mumbled with total lack of any self respect. After the roar of bunch settled down, one of them spoke. "Don, is that you? How could you let her do this to you? Don?t you have any pride? Are you sick, man? That?s inhuman. You gotta tell the boss man. This is insane. Say something man." "I am Shiteater, Miss Alicia?s toilet."

Chapter three.

By Slave Shoelicker I crawled into the bathroom to clean myself up for the new work day. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and started sobbing at my utter disgrace. The tears rolled down my cheeks over the caked on crust of Alicia?s feces. The tears collected on my lips, and I ran my tongue across them, once again tasting her foul waste. I tried to pull myself together and got into the shower. No matter how hard I washed, I still felt "dirty." I shaved and decided to dress as best I could to recover some self respect. I looked down on the twine encircling my balls and cock.. I thought about removing it, but then feared for the reaction I would receive from Alicia when she found out. I finished dressing and walked out through the deathly quiet trailer. I tried to hold my head up as I headed back to Alicia?s trailer. I knocked softly on the door and waited. "Enter," I heard, and my heart jumped as I walked in. "Well don?t we look dapper today," Alicia said sarcastically as she look me over. I offered no response. The make-up lady was just finishing up. She really had an easy job of it since Alicia?s natural beauty required very little attention. Her duties mainly consisted of combing her hair and patting some powder just to justify her job. "You must learn to greet me properly, Shiteater," Alicia remarked as the woman shot me a condescending look as she prepared for another show I was about to put on. I had hoped she would be gone and spare me the public display of some humiliating act Alicia was about to put me through. "How should I greet you Miss Alicia?" I asked. "Oh I?m sure you can think of some way that I would consider proper. Perhaps you might even be able to surprise me," she said. "Try not to be to disappointing though. I?m not in the mood to be patient today." Just what would she consider proper? Perhaps if I did come up with some manner that she felt was appropriate, she would ease up a bit when we got out to the set. After all, the make-up woman had already seen me humiliated. Maybe some extra effort on my part now would spare me some humiliation latter in front of the entire crew. And besides, I needed to get this twine off my nuts. It was becoming very uncomfortable. But how to greet this haughty bitch? I noticed Alicia hit a button on a remote control and heard the camcorder on the tripod whiz into action. Maybe she was going to make me a movie star, I thought as I tried to find some humor in my situation. I sank to my knees and then got down on my belly. Slowly I slithered towards the chair she was sitting in. She was still in her robe with one leg crossed over the other. The robe was loosely tied and almost her entire leg was exposed as it gently swung back and forth. Her lovely feet were bare and my loins stirred as I made my was towards the magnificent beauty seated there. Upon reaching her, I put my forehead to the floor inches from her foot and prepared to greet this Goddess before me. "Miss Alicia, your most unworthy humble servant awaits your command. I will offer you my utmost effort with respect to your every wish. I will endeavor to satisfy your every need without any thought to myself," I said, surprised at the sincerity with which I said it. The woman was laughing quite uncontrollably. "Thank-you Denise," Alicia said dismissing her. "Well well Shiteater that was passable, but lets see if you can live up to your lofty claims before we get too congratulatory," Alicia remarked as she grabbed my hair with her toes and yanked my head from the floor to gaze into my eyes. She let go of my hair and brought her foot around. Her foot gently traced along my lips with her toes. The pale pink toenail polish looked marvelous against the lovely tanned skin of her foot. There was not an imperfection in sight, even on the bottom of her foot. It was clear that Alicia had been catered to from a very early age. Perhaps her attitude towards me was natural. She had been waited on hand and foot for as long as she could remember, and she was perfect in every way. The epitome of pure beauty. It was only natural that she should expect the rest of us to submit to her needs and desires. I might even be considered lucky that she would take the time to recognize my existence at all. Alicia?s foot stopped grazing my lips. It took me a moment to notice as I had become absorbed in the electric sensations that were pulsing through my body. I had been moaning with delight, although I was unaware of it. Alicia was quite aware of what she was doing as she smiled at the ease at which she could send me to a level of sexual arousal which was so intense, I couldn?t focus on reality. My cock was twitching and my orgasm was prevented only by the biting twine wrapped around its base. "Please may I remove the twine Miss Alicia," I begged. "It does look like it was put on rather shabbily, very well." I removed the twine remaining in my prostrate position before her feet. "Kiss it," Alicia ordered as her lovely foot once more appeared inches from my lips. My mouth watered at the thought of it. Reverently I approached her fantastic foot. I closed my eyes and ever so passionately kissed the tip of her toes. I was lost in a state of pure ecstasy as I exploded in the most earth shattering orgasm I?d ever experienced. I have no idea how long it lasted as time seemed to disappear. It was so emotionally draining that I was sapped of all strength. It took all that I could muster just to say: "Thank you Miss Alicia." I lay there at her feet believing that I may be the luckiest man alive. Just how many men would die to be with this young Goddess. I had experienced the closest thing to heaven there was on this earth. How would I be able to repay the benevolence Alicia just bestowed upon me. This ultimate act of kindness on her part indebted me to her for the rest of my life. "Clean that mess," Alicia ordered. I looked at the huge load I deposited on the floor. Without hesitation I obeyed her command. Alicia got up to get the camcorder as I began lapping my own cum from the filthy floor. "Smile for the camera," she mused as she moved in for a close up. I turned my head to see her giggling face behind the lens, my mouth and lips covered in cum. I went back to my disgusting task amazed at how little shame I felt. Perhaps I had been stripped of all self respect. Perhaps I had no pride left to feel shame. Perhaps Alicia believed no mortal human deserved attention from her and dehumanization was the price I had to pay for the privilege of remaining in her presence. "Put this on," I heard as some leather contraption landed on the floor where I was carefully retracing with my tongue to insure it was thoroughly clean. I looked at the leather device and knew immediately where it was intended to go. Alicia giggled as she saw what must have been a look of sheer disappointment on my face. The device had three loops. Two similar loops for my balls, and one for my penis. I forced a ball through one of the loops and winced in pain, as the opening was quite small and it required a good deal of pressure to force it through. The next one was more difficult, as I not only had to force it through, but I had to stretch it over to get to the other loop opening. To get the third loop around my cock, I had to pull up on the devise. This caused the relatively inflexibly body of the devise to tug my balls up and out in front of my body, stretching the sac to the limit. Maybe I shouldn?t have been so quick to get the twine removed. The third loop was adjustable, and as I was affixing it Alicia came over to "adjust" it properly. She yanked it so that it was very tightly secured around the base of my cock, stretching my balls out even further. I needed to hunch over in order to relieve the pain this wicked device caused to my grossly distended and disfigured scrotum sac. It looked hideously ridiculous as I was made to pose for the camera. Alicia then approached with a five foot length of rawhide cord which had a metal clasp at one end. She attached the clasp to a metal ring on the underside of the cock and ball harness. She took the lead and paraded me around the room as I followed gingerly behind her in my hunched over position. Satisfied with the effectiveness of the leash, Alicia had me put my pants back on while she prepared to go to costume and prepare for filming. The harness produced a huge bulge in the front of my pants. With the rawhide leash hanging out of my fly and my awkward stance, attention was sure to be drawn to the "bulge." This, however, was probably by design. Alicia picked up the leash and set out for the costume set. I hobbled behind her as best I could, careful not to fall back too far given the short length of the lead. Numerous people stopped to stare at the new pet of the young star actress. Several took the time to make wise cracks about my predicament such as: "Hey Alicia, don?t you know the policy about dogs on the set?" Yesterday, I would have died of shame if I was in this position. Today, although I was somewhat embarrassed, Strangely I was also proud of the attention Alicia was devoting towards me. She was devoting a considerable amount of her time and effort, and this I regarded with great joy that she would take such an interest in me. I was so grateful to Alicia for the attention she bestowed upon me, I was able and perhaps even willing to suffer the utter humiliation she was putting me through. Maybe Alicia considered it necessary for someone like me to remain in her presence. For surely, she was a rare and special being. We arrived at the costume trailer and Alicia led me in. She walked me to a corner and ordered me to "Heel!" I dropped to my hands and knees, and Alicia went off to dress. I refused to engage in conversation and sat there ignoring the insults that were hurled at me. A short time later, Alicia reappeared, looking radiant in a short babydoll dress. She had on flat sandals, exposing her pretty feet. She stopped in front of me as I knelt before her. She waited and I knew what she expected. "Miss Alicia, your most unworthy humble servant awaits your command. I will offer you my utmost effort with respect to your every wish. I will endeavor to satisfy your every need without any thought to myself," I said as she slid her foot in front of my downcast head. Reverently I placed my lips to the tips of her exposed toes. I closed my eyes and softly and slowly kissed Alicia?s lovely foot, oblivious to the sounds of the crew as they joked and laughed at my obsequious performance. Alicia raised my face with her foot. Never have I felt so wonderful as I devotedly looked into her eyes. It was more than a greeting line that I just uttered. I believed it now with all my heart. I would do anything for her. I would suffer anything for her. Alicia made some snorting sounds like those one makes when sucking snot into the back of the throat. Then she made some hacking noises collecting the snot into her mouth. Most of the cast was now silently watching in the trailer. I looked longingly into her eyes and she into mine. Alicia spit a large mass of phlegm, snot and saliva that splattered all over my face. The thick wad spread out from the force of the impact, covering an eye, my nose and mouth. I didn?t recoil at all. I had no feelings of disgust. I reached out with my tongue and collected as much as I could, savoring the delicious offering from Alicia who was becoming my reason for living. "Thank you for your generous gift, Miss Alicia," I said proudly. "Leash!" she said, and I handed her my lead. She turned to leave, and I followed behind, choosing to crawl on my hands and knees as the snot and spittle oozed down my face. We proceeded to the filming sight, and I took a spot on the ground by Alicia?s chair. Alicia?s performance was superb as the filming commenced. They were quickly taping scenes in one or two takes. The director was so pleased, he decided to take a stab at the big scene. This was the scene which would make or break the film. Everyone was somewhat tense about how their performances would turn out. Alicia walked towards me as I sat awe stuck by her beauty. I put my face to the desert dirt. "Miss Alicia, your most unworthy humble servant awaits your command. I will offer you my utmost effort with respect to your every wish. I will endeavor to satisfy your every need without any thought to myself." Her foot slid under my nose and I lovingly pecked kisses to her dusty toes. "Leash!" she said, which I dutifully handed to her. "On your back." I rolled over and Alicia stood over me with her feet on either side of my head. I was looking right up her fantastic legs to her pretty pale pink cotton panties which were barely covered by the babydoll dress. Alicia looked down at me as she reached under her skirt pulling the cotton panties to one side. Without warning Alicia began peeing on my prone body. I opened my mouth and attempted to catch as much of her precious nectar as possible, but the stream splattered from the top of my head to my neck. I wanted her to continue urinating on me as the feelings washing over me were pure nirvana. Unfortunately, it ended all to quickly and Alicia took a seat in her chair. A tug on my leash and I slithered toward my Goddess. The crew watched in silence, not quite believing what they were witness to. My head was soaked in her urine. I placed my forehead to the ground at her feet. "It looks like me feet and sandals are all wet and dirty," she remarked. "Quite filthy in fact. I wouldn?t suppose you would want to clean them?" "Oh Miss Alicia please. Please grant me the honor and privilege of cleaning your feet and shoes. Please let me do it," I begged as if I would die if she didn?t grant me this task to perform. "Very well," she said. Her feet and sandals were soaked in her piss, and covered in dirt. Many were revolted at what I was doing. I had never felt joy and ecstasy quite this intense. I started at the bottom of her shoes and greedily lapped the pee soaked dirt. When I finished with the sandals, I looked up at Alicia and she nodded slightly. I removed my shirt and laid it down. Gently, I removed the newly cleaned sandals and placed them on the shirt, kissing each lovingly before so. I feasted my eyes on the heavenly sight of Alicia?s soiled feet before me. "Thank you," I uttered with all the feeling I could muster. I placed my lips to her feet. It was as if I was hit by a thousand volts of electricity. My cock twitched with a sexual arousal I did not think humanly possible. I would have cum instantly if not for the cock harness biting quite deeply now into the base of my penis. Nevertheless, I shuddered with feelings far more pleasurable than any orgasm I?d ever had. I licked and slurped every inch of her feet, and every nook and cranny, lost in a world where only Alicia and I existed. Time for the shoot was at hand and Alicia woke me from my trance with a nudge of her pretty foot. Boldly, I took a chance for one last passionate kiss to the tip of her toes, then placed the sandals back on her feet. I knelt there as Alicia walked onto the set and the filming was set to begin. I watched along with everyone else as Alicia gave the performance of a lifetime. The first shoot was absolutely perfect. The producer noted it was better than any Oscar performance he could remember. It was as if Alicia derived a power, strength and confidence from my suffering, subjugation and humiliation. I beamed with pride as she returned from the set. She looked magnificent, and carried an aire of superiority beyond any I?d seen before in her. She knew she was light years beyond anyone else out there, and her extreme arrogance was completely justified. She would be a star of galactic proportions. As she approached, I assumed my servile position and greeted her with all the enthusiasm I could summon. "Miss Alicia, your most unworthy humble servant awaits your command. I will offer you my utmost effort with respect to your every wish. I will endeavor to satisfy your every need without any thought to myself." She extended her foot, and I kissed it. I handed her my leash and we headed off to her trailer. Once inside, I was ordered to strip, and quickly did so. I noticed the purple coloring of my grotesque and painful balls and wondered how long I would be forced to wear this immensely painful harness. Once disrobed, I wormed my way on my belly and supplicated myself at Alicia?s feet. She read through some papers and relaxed after the successful day of filming. After a time she picked up the phone and ordered dinner be sent to her at the trailer. I, on the other hand, had never known such contentment. As I lay on my belly, my head at her feet, Alicia would occasionally run her foot through my hair, putting me in a state of pure bliss. There was a knock on the door and Alicia sent me to answer it. The caterer was stunned when he saw my naked body, and he couldn?t take his eyes off my cock and balls. "The food?" I said. "Oh yes," he replied, "doesn?t that hurt to high heaven?" looking at my purple, distended balls and scrotum sac. I merely took the food and returned to Alicia. "Set the food out for two," she said, disappearing in the back. I set the table and got down on my knees to await Alicia?s return. Shortly, she returned with a Tupperware container and stopped at the camcorder to start it recording. "Would you like to join me for dinner?" she asked nicely. "Yes," I said somewhat flabbergasted. We sat at the table and I waited my cue. Alicia opened the Tupperware and placed it on the ground at her feet. "I?ll release you from the cock harness, and your service to me, and treat you like an equal for the rest of the time we work together, and you can have a formal dinner at the table with me," she said and then paused. "Or you could return to the floor, with the harness remaining in place, and continue to be treated as less than an animal, and have what?s in the bowl for dinner." I looked down and saw her turd in the Tupperware. The decision was easy, and Alicia knew it. I had never experienced one tenth of the joy and ecstasy as I had in the last twenty-four hours supplicating myself to this Goddess. I wanted nothing more than to remain at her feet. I slid off the chair and put my face into the bowl about to eat like the dog I was, when Alicia stopped me. "If you choose what?s in that bowl, you must first agree to cease to exist as a man and become my total and complete slave. You will be nothing more than my property, and I will determine how you live?.and die," she said quite seriously. No matter what might happen, I didn?t care. I couldn?t bear the thought of "living" without Alicia, for I knew that I couldn?t call it life without her. Once graced by her magnificence it was impossible to go on living without. I lowered my face to the bowl and started eating her sewerage, only to me there wasn?t a more succulent meal in the world. I savored each bite, as Alicia was once again behind the camera. "I intend to send this film to all who knew the ?person? who died moments ago. I?m sure his parents and friends will want to know why he disappeared. Say hello to those nice people," Alicia said. It was difficult to tear myself away from Alicia?s most generous treat, and I did not want to hastily swallow the choice piece I was chewing. Alicia moved in for a close up as I finished. "Hello," I said, "i am shiteater, Miss Alicia?s toilet." i said it with no emotion. i didn?t care what i had to give up to be with Alicia. All else was meaningless to me. i returned to my feast which i finished all to quickly. "Would you like some dessert?" Alicia asked. "I didn?t get a chance to wipe my butt. But you?ll do it for me, won?t you shiteater." "Oh yes Miss Alicia," i said not believing my good fortune. Alicia leaned forward against the table and flipped the hem of her short babydoll dress up exposing her perfect naked ass. She swayed her hips side to side and i was mesmerized. i moved towards her glorious ass, drool practically running out of the corners of my mouth. i placed tender kisses to each of her fine orbs. So perfect. An uncontrollable animal lust raged within me. i reached her sacred hole, my shrine, and commenced licking her clean. Lapping up each precious morsel i could find. The rim completely cleaned, i probed into her rosebud. Alicia rocked back and forth as i tongue fucked her poop shoot with every ounce of strength in my being. I shuddered with waves of pleasure not humanly possible. i surely was close to the brink of madness. Alicia rocked back faster and faster, and i renewed my efforts, probing deeper and deeper. Despite the cursed, biting cock harness, i came in an earth shattering orgasm with such force, cum ejaculated its way through the harness threatening to cut through my penis. I was so delirious from my own pleasure, i was unaware that Alicia too had rode my face to multiple orgasms. She fell exhausted into the chair, and i collapsed at her feet.

القصة منقولة ولا تنسون الكارما بليز
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beast talk ia have read in this is fourm is the beast


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برافو عليك يا وحش
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