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Title: sister foot fetish (part 6)
Post by: mahmoud kareem on August 27, 2017, 04:51:22 AM
So...last night. Incredible. My sister came back from work at about 6 wearing a tight black shortish skirt, a white top, black tights (pantyhose for Americans) and black heels with a strap. My parents were in so couldn't do anything directly with her but she kicked off her heels and sat next to me on the sofa putting her feet across my lap exlaiming that she'd had a long day at work and needed to put her feet up. This was nothing out the ordinary as although she hadn't been doing anything with me since the time she'd sucked me off while kate pumped my cock with her feet for the first time she'd still teased the life out of me.  About an hour later Kate texted me to come round as she had a free house for the remainder of the evening. I told my parents I was going to a friends house and asked my sister for a lift. She knew where I was going. As we got in the car she said 'you did well to hide your boner from mum and dad then' in reference to the tent I has pitched in my pants from having her feet on my lap. I told her I couldn't help it and that her feet still got me more turned on than any to which she replied 'even kates?' Obviously the answer was yes. As we were driving I noticed my sister was going an odd way and asked her what she was doing. 'you'll see in a minute' was her reply. We then found ourselves on top of tesco car park on the very highest story where we had come a few times in the past for footjobs and other things. When we pulled up she but her nylon covered feet up on the dashboard and said 'either sit here and wank over my feet or go to kates and get the full treatment. Your choice' I leant forward to try and get a suck of her sweaty toes and lick on her soles but she clarified that i'd be wanking only and wouldn't be able to touch, sniff or worship her perfect feet. I took her offer anyway it had been a while since she had let me do anything like this remembering that first time round it started like this. I was there jerking my cock rapidly to the sight of her wriggling her toes as she sat in the drivers seat sniffing her own sweat out of her black heels. She was saying things like 'are you glad your sisters sexy feet are back in your life' and 'bet kates feet don't turn you on as much'. Just as i was about to shoot my load all over the car my phone rung and my sister ordered me to answer it and put it on speaker when she was it was kate ringing. She wanted to know where I was and my sister took over explaining exactly what was going on. Kate was fuming telling me she couldn't believe I had taken the option of merely wanking over my sisters feet to getting a footjob off her and thought we were gonna try and get my sister back in to it together. My sister loved telling her how rock hard I was over her feet and took pleasure in telling her what I had said about her feet turning me on more than kates. As the conversation went on Kate told me she was very pissed off and that I owed her big time before turning the phone off. As the call ended my sister passed me her shoes and told me to 'do my worst' as i wanked furiously in to one feeling the warmth of the sweat around my cock while licking the insides of the other. I finihsed after a couple of mins shooting a huge load in to my sisters left heel. She proceeded to put them back on and told me she had missed seeing my penis before driving me to the shopping centre saying 'I couldn't take you home mum and dad think you've gone to a friends house. Buy me some sexy new shoes and i'll model them for you next time we have a free house' before driving off. I bought her some pink flats, and a new pair of orange heels as her old ones were stained with cum. I also bought Kate a pair of open toes blue heels and on the bus home I stopped by to give them her. She took them off me and slammed the door in my face and I proceeded to walk home texting her apology after apology. So far I haven't heard anything from her. I rung my sister to tell her I was at the end of our road and she came 'to pick me up' but instead it was just so I didn't have to walk back in to the house with a box of girls shoes to the bewilderment of my parents. She kept the shoes in her  car and told me she couldn't wait to try them on for her little brother. I'll keep you updated if people are still interested as it seems like things might be back on. Still want to try and work things out with Kate though!

Still grovelling to kate but I'm not sure she's having it to be honest! Told me the shoes i bought her were horrible as well and she's expecting a new pair by the end of today so thats what i've got planned for today. Seen bits of my sister so far this weekend. Hottest thing that has happened with her was when mum and dad were in the kitchen she lifted up her leg (she was wearing leggins) and started sucking on her big toe which was painted red while i was sat across the room maintaining eye contact with me the whole time until she heard mum or dad coming back in to the front room. She's such a fucking turn on