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Author Topic: My Favorite Babysitter part 2  (Read 203 times)

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My Favorite Babysitter part 2
« on: July 23, 2011, 01:18:25 PM »
Having broken away from under her feet for a second time, she told me that I was now "in BIG trouble." She said that she was going to add another minute since it was the second time that I had moved my face away, and that she was going to take off one of her socks.

My eyes grew big and again I feigned revulsion. I said, "NOOOOOOO! That's not fair! That wasn't part of the deal! I'm NOT doing it!"

She continued in an even more arousing and authoritative manner. "You WILL do it or you WILL go to bed now! If you break away even one more time, you're going right to bed and we will never play another game again until you pay off your debt of smelling and kissing my feet."

I said, "Okay, okay, okay… I'm sorry! I won't break away this time. But they smell so bad!"

Apparently that was the kind of thing that she wanted to hear. I crawled back underneath her feet and probably could have won an academy award for acting so disgusted by the sight and smell of them. She began to lower her right foot onto my face, and I saw that she was grabbing her left foot with her hand as she pulled off her sock. I noticed that it didn't slide right off, which meant that they must have still been a little sweaty.

My level of arousal was off the charts right then and I discreetly slid my hard-on down the leg of my pants so that it wouldn't look too noticeable. In retrospect, I can't see how she could have missed how turned on I was at the time.

As she took off her sock, I saw the most beautiful foot that I have ever seen up to that time. She had fairly big feet, maybe 8 ½ or 9, and her toes were painted purple. I saw some sock fuzz in between her toes as she lowered her unsocked foot right on top of my face. She began to smear her toes right into my nose and I felt all the fuzz rub against my skin. She followed up her bare foot with her socked foot and just rubbed them right in my face.

She was constantly ordering me to smell and to kiss her feet. I was kissing her arch, her toes, and the heels of both of her feet. The smell was overpowering. Her socked foot smelled of sweat combined with the muskiness of a really worn sneaker. But her bare foot smell really captured her true foot odor. I don't like comparing the odor to cheese because that isn't really an image that turns me on, but they smelled intensely good. You all know what I'm talking about.

Throughout the smothering, she was keeping track of time and telling me how much time that I had left. In addition, she kept on telling me how long her practice was and how much running and jumping she had done. I was lying there imagining her doing all these sweaty activities and just getting more and more turned on.

There was some massive pre-cum flowing, and it was getting harder and harder to disguise my arousal. However, I kept on complaining and pretending to simply endure it. I told her that I was going to have my revenge after this was through, and that she would be sorry!

She replied, "You want more of this? OKAY, if you like the smell of my feet that much ..."

Regretably, the two minutes elapsed and she lifted her feet off my now red, damp face that just reeked of the bottom of her feet. She said if she was going to give me a chance at revenge, that she would get to make the stakes. She asked me if I wanted to stay up an extra hour if I won.

I pretended that was the coolest thing in the world (especially since my supposed bed time was in 40 minutes), so I said, "Yeah! But what do you get if you win?"

She said, "You get to stay up an extra hour."

I was surprised of course and said, "Really? So I get to stay up an hour no matter what?"

She answered back, "Yes, but if I win, you have to spend the entire hour at my feet doing whatever I want."

There is no way that she could not have seen my penis jump. I almost exploded right there, but I did the best to keep myself calm. We decided that we were going to play 2 out of 3 games, and winner take all. After pretending to ponder for a few moments (when all I could picture, feel, and smell were her feet), I said, "Let's do
it," and we began the tournament.

We began playing and there was a lot of nervous tension. I was doing a lot of trash talking in hopes that it would fuel her even more. It sure did, and the determination in her face to win spoke volumes. She did step up her game a little bit and it definitely was more challenging if I was trying, but I knew I was going to throw the match anyway and I wanted to make it look good.

The first game, I let her narrowly beat me and she gave me the slyest smile while flexing her feet. She had put her sock back on her one bare foot and paused the game for a moment to do something else. She went to get her sneakers from the edge of the carpet and brought them inside. She put them on and said, "Just in case," as she winked at me.

The second game commenced and I defeated her fairly convincingly just, so I would have an excuse to do some mad trash talking. I completely showed off and rubbed it in, knowing full well that it would come back to haunt me. We got really psyched up for the third game, and it was just a really stimulating feeling knowing how hard she was trying to win just so she could smoosh her feet into my face for over an hour. As we played, I accidentally almost won, but I pretended to get flustered and let her come back and beat me in an extremely close win.

My body went lifeless in apparent disbelief, as she calmly placed my controller and hers' on the floor and turned off the Nintendo and TV. I started blubbering excuses and screaming, "Rematch, rematch!"

But she just said, "There's nothing more that I want to win. You're mine until bed time, which isn't for an hour and a half."

I said, "I can't believe it." (Which is exactly what I was thinking, except that I could believe how lucky I was).

She told me that she first wanted to make herself comfortable and went into my room to grab a couple of my pillows. She threw one to me and told me to make myself comfortable because I wasn't going anywhere for awhile. She told me to put the pillow right next to the couch and that I was to lie down on my back. She ordered me to lay down and to not move at all. If I were to squirm or break away or not comply with her requests, she would tell my parents that I was bad and I would be punished.

I muttered the entire time, which made it even all the more better for her. She sat down on the couch and placed both of her feet (which were in her musty, old, sweaty Nike sneakers) right on my chest. She positioned herself so that she was looking at my face the entire time. Her knees were close together and she was leaning forward. With her right foot, she pulled her left sneaker off at the heel. She left the sneaker on my chest, which happened to fall so that the opening of her shoe was facing me, and I could see how torn up and dirty it looked inside.

My cock was a solid rock at this point, with a ring of pre-cum all around. She proceeded to place her left socked foot right on my face, which was warn and damp with sweat and odor. This time the smell was a lot more muskier than the first time that I had smelled her socked feet because she had put her sneakers on air tight. She rubbed her foot all around my face and ordered me to take deep breaths. She was constantly cupping her toes around my nose, but left some air between her toes and my nose so that I could take in the deepest breath possible. The sweat from her socks began moistening my lips.

Even though I couldn't see a thing except for the sweat stains on her left socked foot, which was covering my face, I felt her bring her right foot up to her hands and pull the sneaker off. It wasn't long before I felt her give her legs some more latitude by leaning back and then feeling the warmth of another aromatic foot right over my face. She felt comfortable with both of her feet over my face as she moved them back and forth, up and down, over every inch of facial skin.

The fabric of her sock began irritating my skin a little, but I hardly cared. I wouldn't have cared if she rubbed off every single layer of skin and left me bare-bone to my skull. She was completely dominating me with her socked feet and loving every minute of it.

She was teasing me and taunting me with her vivid language of all the activities that she had done earlier in the day. She was constantly asking me how her feet smelled and all she heard was muffled complaints. Every now and then she would poke her toes between my lips until she broke the surface. I remember the initial taste of her socked sweaty feet as her big toe caressed my tongue inside of my mouth. She responded with a giggle and asked me just how bad it tasted. When I went to open my mouth to respond with phony disgust, she anticipated my opening and stuck 3 or 4 toes into my mouth and rubbed them around my tongue. She was methodical with her punishment for sure.

She must have done this for a good 20 minutes, non stop, before she pulled in one of her feet. She left one foot firmly on my face as she lifted the other to her hands to pull her sock off. I remember how cool the air felt because my face was so dampened by her foot sweat. She pulled off her sock and placed it around my neck. One thing I remember vividly was feeling how damp her sock was too. It was such a good feeling having as much of her feet and feet apparel covering my body. She encased my face with her bare toes and that's where my penis started to throb, inches away from an orgasm.

I fought it with all my might and the feeling subsided. I crossed my legs to disguise my erection, and I'm not sure even to this day if she knew or not. As her bare toes touched my nose, the sweetest, stinkiest odor surrounded my nose. It was simply awesome. She rubbed her smooth, sweaty feet all over my face, which was just picking up more sweat from the residue that her socks left. She then ordered me to begin to lick in between her toes and get all of the sock fuzz out. She placed her big toe and second toe of my lips and I reluctantly stuck out my tongue. She took care of the rest as she moved her foot back and foot causing my tongue to lick in between her toe completely.

I felt all sorts of microscopic sock fuzz cling to my tongue and I purposefully pretended to spit it out. She clearly did not like that and ordered me to swallow everything that touched my tongue. She moved along to her next toe and a big piece of fuzz found it's way to my tongue. She brought back her foot for just a second to watch me swallow it. I sucked on it for awhile and drained out all the sweat as you would from a sponge, and then I swallowed.

She said, "Good boy, that's what I want to see," and continued with the rest of her toes.

While she was doing this, she kept her other socked foot perfectly over my nose so that I could smell her feet while tasting them. After I cleaned between every toe on her one bare foot, she told me that I had to lick her entire foot clean. She told me to stick out my tongue as much as possible. I did, and she placed the heel of her bare foot right on the deepest part of my tongue and slowly moved it downward so that I would get ever piece of fuzz that was on her sole. She must have made me do that at least a dozen times and at every angle so that I licked her entire foot from sole to toe.

She then made me lick her socked foot a few times before she put the toe section into my mouth and told me to bite down at the tip while she slid her foot out. For the next 15 minutes, she placed both feet on my face (one wet with sweat, and the other wet with my saliva), and rubbed both of them all over my face. She rubbed the foot that I licked in my hair a little bit to dry it off. She kept the foot that had just come out of the sock primarily over my nose. I was completely at her disposal and she took every single advantage like she was a trained professional. She then made me lick the other foot entirely clean. That took another 15 or 20 minutes at least, and finally after another 5 or 10 minutes or so of foot smothering, the hour and a half was just about up and she removed her feet from my face.

She told me that it was bed time and that I had to be in bed when my parents returned or we would both get in trouble. Our night of foot domination ended fairly abruptly since I was pretty much speechless and didn't know what to say, and I just said, "Goodnight," and went to bed.

As I was about to jerk off, there was a knock on my door and Michelle came in. She had her socks in her hands and told me that to complete the bet, I had to sleep that night with her socks over my face. She told me that she would check on me randomly until my parents came home, and that if her socks were not on my face, then it would be ten times worse the next time. Just those words alone caused me to jerk off within 15 seconds. My face was so red and somewhat sore, and reeked horribly of her feet. I loved it!

For the next 3 months while my parents used her as my babysitter, we would bet for feet and every time she babysat, my face ended up under her feet. Sometimes she would make it so that her feet would be smelly before she came and tell me all that she had done earlier on. She is definitely my favorite babysitter.  

I now am 21 and have explored my foot fetish with many different people. However, nothing has ever matched this experience.
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