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Author Topic: in linda's service (copied)  (Read 694 times)

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in linda's service (copied)
« on: December 31, 2013, 08:52:22 PM »
I ponder how I got here as I am on all fours in front of a couch occasionally being poked by a heel acting as a footrest for Linda, a girl I used to call my friend. It all started as innocent jokes as I would use her dominating personality as fodder for my submissive tendencies. As time evolved I would joke with her and tell her how should rule the world. She would eat up the attention and comment to my delight how she would have people wait in line for the honor of kissing the bottom of her feet that would be propped up on the backs of unwilling slaves that she would torture to pass the time throughout the day. My cock would twitch at these descriptions.
[/size]She wasn’t a dumb girl. It didn’t take her long at all to realize I was a submissive. She was calculating. She would goad me into these conversations and slowly bring out my submissive tendencies. She would joke that I should be honored to hang out with her and when she came over I should bow down and grovel.
[/size]Of course I would pretend that it was a joke. I even had her trample me in high heels, first saying that I needed my back cracked and have her walk up it. One day when she came over in heels, I seized the opportunity saying she was all talk and she would never really hurt a friend. I even laid down in front of her. Grabbing onto my dresser, she happily stood on it my and twisted. It looked like fun in the videos, but let me tell you, it hurt. She laughed sadistically as I screamed in pain.
One night we were hanging out and fighting over what to watch on television. She had wanted to watch this horror movie. She was really into all that. Anything that had to do with anything dark, she relished. I just wasn’t in the mood though. Going back to our old jokes, she simply stated that I should be honored to be in the presence of such greatness and that I should shut my mouth. I instantly went from stubborn to horny. Of course I couldn’t let it go at that. I just had to push it.
“I’m so sorry Linda. How could have I forgotten. Could you ever forgive me?” I laid out the bait and saw if she was in the mood.
“If you are begging for forgiveness, shouldn’t you be on your knees?” Jackpot I thought. I quickly slid off the couch and got on my knees in front of her and put my hands together.“Please forgive me for forgetting how wonderful you are. I am so honored that you are here.”“Nope, not good enough. I think you should be groveling at my feet.” I was hard at this point and had lost all reservations. I went to my stomach and began placing soft kisses on the tips of her shoes while pleading for forgiveness. In the back of my mind I knew that this was going a bit far and she realized I liked it, but I figured I could still laugh it off as only a game. She coaxed me even further. “I’m still not really sure you mean it. I mean, I am supposed to be a goddess and all you do is kiss the tips of my shoes. I just don’t feel the honor of worshipping me.”
That was all I needed to hear. I figured she was getting a kick out of it and I could role-play even more of my fantasies out. I took off her shoes to her laughter and started kissing her socks feverishly. “Oh goddess, I am yours to do whatever you want with. I am so honored that I am even allowed to be in your presence. I am not worthy, but please forgive me and use me anyway you see fit.” With that I put my head to the floor and lifted her foot up and placed it and the back of my head so she could use me as a footrest. She was laughing hysterically. We have had similar scenes like this before, but nothing as dramatic. I was thankful I had jeans on, otherwise I would not have been able to get up in front of her. I figured she would think that it went far enough, and have me sit back and watch the movie with her. To my surprise, she was just beginning.
“If I’m really your Goddess, then I think I deserve to have my bare feet kissed while you beg me to kick you for forgetting your place.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I knew she liked to kick and punch me. In fact she freely admitted she liked causing people pain and got off on it. But she wasn’t into the feet thing too much. As for me I loved feet. The worshipping part too, but I was never too into the pain. I was a big guy so I could take it. I just used it as means to an end with her, having her say a few degrading things to me that I could think about later. I took off her socks. Her toes weren’t painted or manicured, but her feet were still soft and very cute. She wasn’t a girly girl but she did take care of her appearance at least. She wiggled her toes as she felt the air on them. I then starting kissing the tops of her toes begging for her to kick me for my insubordination as she asked. I was hoping she would let this moment last before she kicked me a few times in the side. Her next order surprised the hell out of me though.
“Smile.” I looked up and saw she had videotaped the whole thing. I felt the color drain from my face as I looked at her dumfounded and shocked. “This is going to look great up on the internet. I got some great snaps for facebook. I think you kissing my feet will be my new picture photo.
“Come on, I was just joking. What the fuck do you think you are doing? That’s not cool.” I tried to regain some control over the situation. She just laughed and put her phone in her pocket.
“Listen, I know you like worshipping me and stuff and having me treat you like dirt. You know I like it too. But I also know that you would never really give me control. You’re too macho for that. Now, unless you want all of your friends and probably your family to know about how pathetic you are, you don’t really have a choice. You’re my bitch.” She emphasized the last sentence and I heard it echo in my ears. She had me. I liked this as a game, but I didn’t really want her to take it this far. I didn’t have a choice now though and she knew that.
“Know, no more talking unless I allow you to, understood.” I nodded as I remained kneeling in front of her. “Now, you were begging to kick you. I think you should continue, but I want you to show me how much you don’t want that video going anywhere. Beg me to kick your balls. And if you don’t convince me, it going up on youtube.”
I knelt back down and continued kissing her toes. In a low voice I asked her, “Please kick me in the balls.”“That doesn’t sound very convincing. That sounds like someone who wants to be the next internet sensation.” With that I redoubled my efforts. With sincerity I lather the top of her foot with kisses begging to be kicked in the balls. It was one of those rare occasions in life where it was the lesser of two evils.
“”Please Linda, kick me in the balls. It would be the greatest honor in my life to suffer for you in order to

bring you pleasure.” I then continued kissing her feet.
“Are you sure you really want me to?”
“Yes, please kick me. I beg you.”
“Well, if you really want me to, stand up bitch.” I got up from the floor and stood before her for the first time since this “joke” began. She sat there for a moment looking me over making me feel even that more uncomfortable. The way she looked at me it was as if I were no longer a person her eyes, but a thing for her amusement to experiment on.
As she stood up she told me to spread my legs and put my hands behind my back. She then swung her leg a few times to get the distance. When she was sure she had a good shot she told me, “close your eyes. I want it to be a surprise and I don’t want you moving.” I stood there with my legs spread and my eyes closed waiting for her. Without a sound I saw a white pain flash through my closed eyes and crumpled to the floor. This girl less than half my size had crushed my testicles with the top of her dainty foot using a well aimed kick. She stood over me and put one foot on the side of my face stepping down. “That was fun, bitch. We’re going to have to do that more often.” My stomach churned both from the kick as well as the thought of having to endure that pain again. She turned and sat back on the couch. “Crawl over here.” I fought to try to get to my knees. Without warning she shot back up and starting stomping down on my side. “I said get the fuck up.” With her motivation I got up and crawled to her, waiting on my hands and knees. “Now since you didn’t feel like watching the movie you don’t have to. I have something more fitting for my new slave. I have been in those shoes all day and my feet got hot, so you get to clean them with your tongue. And don’t you dare fucking miss a spot or stop until I tell you.” Normally I would have been ready to burst with that command, but with the pain still shooting through my groin and the gravity of that video hanging over my head, I just wanted this game to end. I laid down on my stomach to make it easier for me and started to lick at the tops of her feet.
She giggled a little bit from the sensation of my tongue caressing her skin. I licked from her toes to her ankles on both feet. She then raised her right foot off the ground. “What do you say to me for allowing you the privilege to clean my feet with your tongue.”
“Thank you so much Linda. It is an honor to be able to be of service to you and be allowed to lick the dirt off of your feet.”
“I know it is. It’s the best thing you can hope for in life. Now get back to work bitch.” I then cradled her tiny foot in my hand. I started at the arch and licked to the toes. I did this several times. I then licked the underside of her toes and in between. As much as I was worried, the pain subsided and the worry went away as my erection grew. While this was going on she was alternating from watching the movie to degrading me. I don’t know which was worse. Her reminding me that I was using my tongue to clean the lowest part of her body because she was that great and I was that insignificant, or when she ignored me. I alternated between feet over the next 90 minutes. While I would be licking one, she would have the other on my back using me as her footrest, occasionally kicking me when she was bored. I was on the floor the whole time, with the exception of the one time she let me go get water because my tongue was dry. She made me get a small bowl from my kitchen and put some water in it. She then looked me in the eye and laughed as she spit right into it. Then, to add more insult, she stirred it with the sole of her shoe by the front. Bits of dirt feel off and mixed with the water. She then laughed as I lapped at it like a dog.When the movie was over she took her foot away from my mouth and rested both of them on the side of my face. I felt truly insignificant at that moment. As the floor was replaced by my face, I knew she could hurt me at that moment. Even though we were friends I knew she had a mean streak and that this power had gone to her head. I didn’t know if I was going to get kicked in the face or stood on. Instead she roughly wiped the undersides of her feet on my face and started to explain what would be our new arrangement.
“Listen, I know part of you likes this and you know that I like it too. However, I am not going to have this be half-assed by you. From now on you will do as I say. If you don’t follow my orders than you will be punished and I know you won’t like all of them. I really don’t care. If you don’t like it, then tell me now and I will put the pictures and video up.”
I stayed quiet as I felt her toes wiggle on my face.
“Good. From now on, when we hang out, you will follow every order I give you. I won’t embarrass you at parties or anything like that unless you give me a good reason. You can great me as normal, but when I snap my fingers and point to the floor you are to drop down and start kissing my feet. That means you are back to being my bitch. Do you understand?” She punctuated her question by raising one of her feet from the side of my face that had partially covered my ear.
“I understand.”
“Good.” With that she brought her foot unceremoniously back down on my face causing a slapping sound. She laughed, then slapped my face with her feet a few more times for good measure. “Alright bitch, I gotta go. I got work tomorrow morning. Put my socks and shoes back on then say goodbye to me.”
I put them back on. I knew what she was expecting. I kissed both of her shoes and told her “thank you for the honor of letting me serve you tonight.” This brought a laugh from her as she patted my head as you would a dog.
“Alright get up and give me a hug.” Finally we were back to normal. This was just a game to her then. I was relieved. This would just be from time to time when she felt like it. The pit that was in my stomach finally lifted. I stood up and tried to straighten my clothes after being on the floor for the better part of two hours. I went in to give her a hug. Just as I got my arms around her and I felt her on my back, I felt that pain again. She had brought her knee up crashing into my balls crushing them for the second time that night. She stood above me laughing hysterically as I curled up in a ball at her feet. “Bye bitch. Have a nice night.” With that she walked out the front door and got into her car.

The next day I got a text from her. When I opened it, it was a picture of the back of my head right by her feet with a message that read, I’m coming over tomorrow. Make sure you’ll be around. I spent the rest of the day the next day waiting nervously. Part of me was excited about the prospect of serving Linda again. The thought of her dominance sent me into an ecstasy I had not felt before. At the same time I was nervous. I felt trapped. The fact that she told me I wouldn’t like all some of the things she would make me do rang in my ears. I had a foot fetish and liked to be dominated, but I definitely had my limits. I didn’t like pain and I know she got off on it. The more I would suffer, the more I knew she would like it. The thought of being outted to all of my friends and even family also played in my mind. What kind of sick freak would they think I was. I know that my fetish isn’t that unusual, but at the same time she could really make me sound like a pervert. She was smart and manipulative. She knew what she was doing. In one day she turned my whole life upside down.
As I was driving home from work the next day I got a text. “Be waiting in nothing but your underwear and your head touching the floor. Leave the door unlocked.” So much for greeting her normally. As soon as I got in I undressed and waited by the door. I sat on my steps trying to avoid the cold tiles that were on the landing. Every time I heard a car pull past though I jumped into position. I couldn’t have been home more than 20 minutes by the time she got there, but it felt like an eternity. My forehead was pressed to the cold tiles as I heard the door open. In front of me appeared the two small sandaled feet I used to lust over but had learned to fear just the day before.
“There’s my bitch!!”
I leaned in and kissed the tip of her toes. “Hello, Linda.”
“It’s nice to see you remember where you belong. I think I should get a better greeting than that though. Something with respect that shows how grateful you are that I am here. Why don’t you try it again, but this time with more enthusiasm.”
I wasn’t sure what she expected, so I leaned in again and this time kissed her toes a little harder. “Thank you for coming over so I can serve you Linda.” Before I could pick my head up to see her reaction her foot came crashing to the side of my head knocking me over. Her heel must have struck right by my temple and I was seeing stars. Quickly she was over me with her sandal digging right into my throat causing me to gag as she crushed my windpipe. I tried to reach for her ankle but as soon as she saw my head move she pressed down even harder.
“Don’t you dare touch me. I don’t think you realize yet the power I hold over you. You will learn to fear and respect me. When I am over here, we are no longer friends. You are my toy, my plaything, my slave. I will do whatever I want to you and there is nothing you can do about it. Now you better show me the respect that someone with the power I have over you deserves. When I take my foot away, we will try it again, and you better get it right this time.” She left her foot on my neck for a few more seconds before removing it. I gasped for breath. Rolling back over I was afraid what else she would do to me. I knew that I had better please her this time or I was in for a rough night.
I smother her foot with kissing, making sure not to miss a toe. I was feverishly groveling at this point. It is a completely different feeling to be kissing feet out of fear rather than out of lust. “My Goddess, thank you so much for giving me the honor of coming to my house and letting me serve you. I know I am lower than the dirt on your sandals, but knowing that I get to be in your presence and can worship you makes my life worth living.” I stayed with my head by her feet too afraid to move.
“Now that’s better. Goddess, huh? I like that. And you should feel honored, bitch. Now crawl after me.” I followed her on my hands and knees into the living room as she sat on my couch. “You made a good point back there.” My mind quickly raced to try to think of what I said as I groveled before her. “You are lower than the dirt on my sandals.” As she said this she lifted them up to look at the bottom of them and then stuck them out as if to show me. They were dirty on the bottom. There was an accumulation of dirt on the treaded rubber soles. Who knows where she had worn them. “I think that you should show me how much lower you are. I want you to use your tongue to lick my sandals clean.” The thought made my stomach churn. I thought she might have been kidding, but that idea was quickly crushed when she thrust her sandal into my face. I leaned in and flicked my tongue at the bottom hoping that would satisfy her sadistic request. Another kick to the face sent me sprawling to the floor. I felt my lip start to swell. “That’s not going to clean them asshole. I said clean them off with your fucking tongue.” Not wanting to further feel her wrath I leaned back in this time dragging my tongue along the length of her gritty sole. I felt the dirt dislodge onto my tongue. “Good bitch. Keep going until I tell you to stop. And I feel really bad for you if you miss any dirt.” With that she leaned back as I continued to lick her sandal as it was crossed over her leg. I heard the tv click on, but didn’t dare to turn around. I focused on my current task. I starting cleaning sections, first with the heel, then the middle and finally the toes. I then starting licking around the edges for good measure. My neck and back were aching from contorting to find her sandal. When I was sure that I was just licking up my own saliva, she finally pulled her foot away and inspected it.
“Holy shit, its really clean.” She laughed directly in my face about the degrading act she just had me perform. “Let me see your tongue.” I stuck it out and she put her hand to her mouth in surprise. “Oh my god, its almost black.” I put it back into my mouth more aware than ever the grit that I could feel crunching between my teeth. “I can’t use that to clean my other sandal. It’s filthy.” Thank god, I thought. Some reprieve from this. “Open your mouth back up.” I followed her order blindly. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do until I hear her trying to clear her throat and bring up some mucus. She then leaned in and to my horror emptied a wad right into my mouth. Before I even had a chance to react to the disgustingness of the situation, her now clean sandal was over my lips. “Now swish that around really good to get all of that dirt off.” Oddly enough the fact that my mouth was full of her spit wasn’t the worst part of this. Or the fact that my lips were sealed with the bottom of her footwear. It was the fact that she looked me directly in the eye as I swirled it around in my mouth gathering that stayed in my mouth. After about thirty seconds she told me to swallow.
“Let me see your tongue again.” I opened up. “There, that’s much better. Go ahead and do the other one now.” She then crossed her other leg and I got back to work. I never thought I would be happy to be licking dirt off of a shoe, but I was. I was just happy I was being ignored as I slaved away for her. She didn’t make me spend nearly as much time on this on, but it was clean nonetheless. “So how was your dinner?” I wasn’t hungry after this, but the thought that she actually considered that a meal made me feel even more insignificant. It was just another way of breaking me down. As I pondered this, I was knocked back by yet another kick. “I asked you a fucking question.”
“It was wonderful, Goddess. Thank you so much for the honor of letting me eat the dirt from your sandals.”
“I know it was. And there will be plenty more honors for you to come tonight.” With that she put her feet on the floor, snapped her fingers and pointed. I knew what to do and got down like a well trained dog to shower her feet with kisses.
She then stood up without warning knocking me away. “Alright, bitch. Time to show you what it really means to be my slave. Like I said this isn’t going to be all fun and games. I want you to realize how much I own you.” The thought sent a cold shiver down my spine. I had already been kicked and stamped on. Spit on and made to lick her shoes clean. I was still waiting for the fun part. I stayed on my knees as she circled around me.
“I think we may need to go shopping for some toys, but for now, I think we can still make due. She then pulled out a bottle of icy hot. I thought it was odd, but new better than to question her. Then she took out a rubber glove, the kind they use at a doctor’s office. She put it on with a snap and new this wouldn’t be fun. She then produced a travel toothbrush holder from her bag and coated it with the icy hot.
“Now bend over and pull down your underwear.” I looked at her pleadingly. She looked me in the eyes. I could see she saw that I was scared, that maybe she had gone too far. I just stared at her, hoping she wouldn’t make me do it. Unfortunately, while looking up I didn’t see her foot come up and catch me square in the balls. It was followed by kicks into the ribs, stomps down in my spine and pain all over. I spun around to her feet and wrapped my hands around them kissing them. “Please, please. I’m sorry. You’re hurting me.” I then heard a ringing as she stomped on the back of my head a few times finally stopping to put all her weight on one foot as it pinned my head to the ground.
“It’s supposed to hurt. Remember, anything I tell you to do, you do it without question. You are my property. I own you and will do with you whatever I want.” With that she walked behind me and yanked down my underwear. I was still trying to gather my senses when I felt the tube slide into my rectum. It took a minute for the icy hot to set in, but the sensation was indescribable. I lay there feeling abused and violated. “Now, that was going to come out right away, but since you had to be a baby it will stay there.” She then kicked me in the side signaling for me to turn over.
She stood above me with a foot planted on my chest forcing me to look up at her. Even though she was tiny, she seemed huge at the time. It was amazing the fear she was able to instill in me in such a short time. “Who do you belong to?”
“You Goddess.”
“ Who does your ass belong to?”
“Its yours Goddess.” At this point I had to choke back the tears. I was just humiliated and broken.“And from now on will you let me do anything I want to you without question or complaints?”
“Yes Goddess.”
“Good. So, we’re going to play a game. If you can stay still without flinching or saying anything for fifteen full seconds, then I will take the tube out of your ass and we will move on to something else, but the more you move the more I am going to keep the game going. Do you understand the rules?”
“Yes Goddess.”
“Good.” And with that she stepped full weight onto my balls. I thought they would explode. The air escaped my lungs in a gasp and I curled up in a ball.
“You’re not doing very good already.” She then sat down on my stomach. I was still trying to catch my breath. She grabbed my nipples and twisted. I thought they would fall off. I tried my best not to cry out, but a whimper escaped.
“Haha. We’re going to be at this for a while. I think you like things up your ass.” She then got up and put her foot across my throat. She applied pressure. I was able to sit still. It was hard to fight my instinct to try to pull her foot off. She looked down at me and started counting slowly. 1….2….3… I could feel my face turning red. Tears welled up in my eyes. I could easily have over powered her. Took her foot away and got her off of me. But I couldn’t. I was too afraid. She had broken me. 11….12….13….14. With that she took her foot off my throat. I knew better than to move though. I even tried to control my breathing. I remember she said 15 seconds. I just lay there staring at the ceiling. Once again I felt my balls explode in pain. Try as I did, I couldn’t stop myself from curling up again. She then walked over to my head and stood roughly on my face with both her feet. Even though she was light, I though my head would explode.
“You’re lucky. You just made it bitch.” I breathed a sigh of relief. At least as much as I could with someone standing on my head.
“Go in the bathroom and take it out. Wash it off and bring it back to me.” I did as ordered crawling into the bathroom so as not to incite her wrath again. Although it was out, I still felt the icy hot work on my insides. I washed the tube off in the sink and crawled back out.
“Why did I hear the sink running?”
“You told me to wash the tube off.”
“Did I say you could use water?” Cold beads of sweat started to form on my head. Surely she didn’t expect me to lick that clean too. I hung my head scared of her next action.   
“No Goddess.”
“I think you suffered enough today, but next time you’re going to be sorry you did that. Now thank me.” Once again I found myself lying on the floor at her feet groveling. She knew I would wash the tube off. She just wanted another reaso to punish me.
“Thank you Goddess. I am not worthy of the honor of serving you.” She stroked the side of my face with her foot as I continued to kiss her other one.
“No you’re not my lucky little bitch.” After a few minutes of kissing her toes, she gave me her next order.“I’m hungry bitch. Go make me something to eat.”
“What would you like Goddess?”
“Surprise me, but it better be something good.” I skulked away with trepidation going upstairs to my kitchen. I knew what she liked, but was still worried. I had some steak defrosted that I planned on cooking for myself. I quickly lit the grill and started cooking. I also put up some French fries. It was amazing how she kept a figure like she had with this kind of diet, but she found a way. It took about fifteen minutes, but I brought her a tray down with her food. She was sitting on the other side of the couch watching television. I quickly kneeled before her and gave her the food.
“You did well bitch. Now get down so I can use you as a footrest while I eat. She started to dig in to the meat with the tray on her lap while she watched tv. I stood still as her legs rested on my back. Even after the abuse I took, my stomach startled to rumble. I knew better than to ask for anything after she already gave me my “dinner.” She must have sensed this though. I did cook her a large steak and a generous portion of fries. Surely she couldn’t eat all of that. I saw her sandals drop off her feet as she was eating on their way down to the floor.
“Are you still hungry bitch?” I wasn’t sure how to answer. I knew she wouldn’t just give me some of her food. I felt it coming that she would make me eat the French fries from between her toes, but I was hungry and that didn’t sound so bad. I liked her feet anyway and they were clean. I had been close enough to them for most of the night.
“Yes I am Goddess.”
“Even after your nice dinner that I prepared?” I knew to be careful here, so I proceeded with caution.“The dinner you made me was wonderful. I couldn’t ask for a better meal. It must be because of the light lunch I had.”
“You couldn’t ask for a better meal? I always liked desert better.” Her voice was playful again. I could tell she wasn’t looking to cause me any pain. I started to feel a bit more at ease.“It was an honor to lick the dirt from your sandals, but I do like desert.” “Fine, bitch, I’ll give you some desert, but you need to get me another footrest in the meantime.” I quickly crawled over and got her the ottoman to prop her feet up and brought it before her. I was salivating at the thought of eating some actual food, especially from her feet. Finally the fun and games she talked about.
Then I saw the bottom of her feet. They were full of dirt and gravel. She must have walked outside while I was making her dinner. They were almost black. I don’t know how she did that in such a short time. “Go ahead, bitch enjoy your desert.”
I knew better than to say anything. Disappointed I leaned in and started to tongue the grime off of her soles. I had to suck on her heels and use my teeth to try and remove some of the filth. The ball of her foot was almost as bad. She wiggled her toes in response to my tongue swirling around them and darting between them. I did the same process for each foot. I tried as hard as I could to swallow down the filth. When she saw me having trouble, she spit in my mouth once again. It barely phased me this time. I thanked her and went back to work. I lapped away at her soles using long strokes on her soles as she ignored me enjoying the food I had cooked and intended to eat and watched a show on the television. Long after she was done eating and her feet were shiny from my saliva she had me continue to lick as like her obedient dog. I knew better that to stop.
After what must have been the better part of the hour, she stretched her legs and kicked me lightly in the face in the process. “Alright, bitch time to go. Put my shoes on and say goodbye.” I grabbed her sandals and slid them back onto her feet. She stood up and I reverently began placing kisses on her toes.
“Thank you so much for letting me serve you tonight Goddess. I will always cherish the dinner and desert that you made for me. It was truly an honor to be in your presence and only hope that some day you will grant me the honor again.” She stepped onto my back and wiped her feet back and forth as she would have on a doormat.
“Don’t worry, bitch. I’ll be back. Remember, I still owe you some punishment from before.” And with that ominous warning she walked out the door

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Re: in linda's service (copied)
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thank you so much

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Re: in linda's service (copied)
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submessive man . dominian girl


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